Thursday, January 5, 2017

Youtubers: (Insert Title Here)Sins channels

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If you've been on YouTube for a good amount of time and look for reviews or thoughts on your favorite pieces of entertainment like movies, anime, or video games, then you've probably come across a Sins channel. It all started with CinemaSins doing videos where they nitpicked movies to find mostly bad things in them as a form of reviewing and comedy. A high sin count doesn't necessarily mean that you can't enjoy the movie (in some cases it means you'll enjoy it more), but it really doesn't mean much. This format gained popularity until people started making other channels inspired by it like AniSins, several GamingSins channels, and even CinemaSins did an off shoot sins channel called Brand Sins where they sinned/nitpicked/made fun of the respective forms of entertainment or brands.
I don't really watch CinemaSins that much as I only watch the ones where I know the movie and I watch AniSins since they have few videos and they actually went through SAO, slowly picking out mistakes, which makes the series look worse then it actually is.
Now do channels like these really need to exist and be as wide spread as they are? I think so. They go through what we love and show the mistakes and little details that we sometimes fail to notice and these things can affect our overall enjoyment of a product. It is important that we know these details so we can make the distinction between products that have a lot of love and detail in them and those that don't. Some of these channels may not be founded on this idea and I may be overthinking it, but I think this is the case for most Sins channel.

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