The Fedele

The most faithful of the three cultures and the most balanced. At a young age, they are taught how to debate with others and be open to other opinions to emphasize talk before violence. Practice of loving your enemy and treating them as human is one of their founding values. Their military is a formidable size and specializes in backup plans and traps. For self-defense, they are taught simple how to use basic knives, swords, and bows, but where they’re different from other cultures in their fighting ability is their focus on using counters and agility to their advantage. With their agility, they can climb and traverse man made buildings as well as trees and even mountains. Their technologies are sometimes on par with the Cuchillos with their most notable and used gear being a pair of gloves and boots that allow them to climb and move faster.

They are the most religious people as stated before and as such they are able to tap into healing miracles which has healed many, but doesn’t work on the extremely sinful (in fact miracles are deadly to them) and those who are about to die a natural death. They can also use the power of miracles to strength their weapons and bodies. Yet another gift of their faith, is their ability to perform exorcisms. They have created their own division of demon hunters on top of this, which makes them the go to race in times of demonic invasions. Their government primarily consists of well-educated people though there have been corrupted individuals every now and then. God is on their side, however, the same cannot be said for those who do harm to them.

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