Those with Cursed Breath

Legends say that there was a tribe of people whose breath is cursed meaning they breath out fire, ice, poison, or various other dangerous elements when they speak. The story goes that the devil, in his human form, taught them how to live in their own way that was slightly different than the norm. He taught them to pray to a certain archangel to pray for them to God and they did so and lived in peace for a time. They experienced a sense of freedom never been felt before, but were never practiced by others so they never got much attention when they existed. This all came to an end when some of them started to breath fire then the rest of them breathed poison, ice, muck, vermin, etc. It is rumored that they turned in various monsters afterwards and spread out through the world in small groups. The ways they practiced is said to be the first version of Satanism. It gave them freedom from the normal rules, but freedom from rule is just following another set of rules. This cursed the very words they spoke. Some might say that they were innocent and didn’t deserve their fate, but they didn’t care to think about what they were doing. They only followed their simple human feelings and this lead them to their doom.

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