Tunc Messorem - Inanis Lucet – The One who gives the Gift of Time Alteration

A human being trapped between life and death. His body is spilt between a skeleton and a normal human. He wields a scythe and round clock shield. He also gives the main character the ability to change events in the past. In the beginning, he was a simple boy whose name was Inanis Lucet. When he was a boy, he was one of the first humans who constantly got unlucky with accidents destroying his family, his house, his life, but he never lost faith in God and so God gave him the ability to go to the past to change it. He did so and gave himself and everybody around him a better life. After doing this with his own people, he went into the past of other people and changed their pasts to give everybody a better life. Inais felt like a God that made everything and anything possible for humanity. but through his constant use of power, humanity became lazy since there were no obstacles to face or challenges to overcome.
            God punished him for this by undoing all of his actions and reset time so all the events that happened before were now set in stone. Another part of his punishments, is to give others the ability to change time until they naturally die or make mistakes like he did. Some of these people were there when dragons ruled the world, when demons fought humanity, and other cataclysmic events that shook the world. The next person he gives his powers to will decide what happens when the old world ends and the new one is reborn.

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