Benedetto Vuoto (Main Character)

He was born in the lower class of The Fedele with the eyes of humantiy and a simple family who worshipped God and practiced the ways of battle that is unique to The Fedele. As such, he grew up with an adapt knowledge on dual wielding knives and using bows. Other families did the same with their children especially since it is rumored that the world is going to end. Benedetto was also taught how to climb and traverse buildings and the forest. Sometimes he and his friends will play games on top of high buildings and forests, but when someone fell Benedetto was there to catch them. Whenever they got in trouble for being out for too long or stealing something they shouldn’t of, Benedetto took the blame even if it wasn’t his idea.

Yes, he was a good boy and an even better man. On one day, he and his family were ambushed by a bandit who was high on the most wanted list. The bandit put his knives to the throats of his family and was about to force Benedetto to decide which lives but Benedetto was one step ahead and killed the bandit with one throwing knife to the head. He was very fond of finding the third option in a situation and this helped him help others and himself in many sticky situations. This put him in the eyes of Tunc Messorem who intends to see what Benedetto will do with the blessing of time alteration. What third option or sly openings will Benedetto find when his responsibility comes to being another hero that will decide the fate of humanity?

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