The First Hero - Almeda Vanitas

Almeda was always an adventurous and virtuous girl. She tried to do good for others, sacrifice her belongings if needed, and do acts without asking for a reward. This got the attention of God and He ordered Tunc Messorem to give her the honor of being the first one to receive the time alteration blessing. With it, she changed various events in the past in moderation though this was easier said than done as she was just a simple sword and shield fighter with a backup bow and arrow. Almeda was not used to the kinds of combat the past presented her with, with demon knights, dragons, trolls, and various other intimidating warriors and creatures. Due to this, she died many deaths and messed up many times while trying to change the past. One bad end in particular, had her stuck as breeder for a year until Tunc Messorem had to intervene to save her. This broke her down and almost made her give up her time alteration blessing.
            “I’m not as strong as the hero you want me to be,” she said, “I can’t do it!”
            Tunc Messorem tells her of the time when he was as weak as she was and said, “No one starts life strong. You have to make yourself strong through mistakes and training. Everyone who is strong was once pitifully weak, but their determination and effort to become strong is what made them strong in the end. You can be better than the weak person I was before. I know you can.”
            This gave Almeda strength to keep trying and though she kept failing, she never stopped trying and eventually changed the events she wanted changed. Her actions made her into the world’s first human hero, but she gave that credit to Tunc Messorem and put his story into humanity’s history books. Though people debate whether or not Tunc Messorem was morally good or not, Almeda regards him as the real first hero. He didn’t want to take this honor from her, but deep inside he felt comfort and love, a feeling that was dead for a long time for him. Eventually she pasted away naturally and her time alternation blessing was taken away. Tunc Messorem promised himself that he’ll treat other people he gives the blessing to the same as she did for him in honor of Almeda and to become that person she looked up to.

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