Deo Infinito

The uncreated God of the universe. He existed at the beginning of time and created everything that exists within a matter of days. Good, animals, the elements, nature, humanity, and various other things as well. Though He tries to be peaceful in all His dealings, there are occasions when force is necessary when His mercy and restraint reach their limit. His angels and archangels follow His will without question though one archangel or rather a close friend did disobey Him and take a third of the angels with him. Nevertheless, He tries to make His greatest creation, humanity, follow His ways to spread good in the world. Humanity was made in His image, their souls made out of the same elements as His, their minds able to comprehend His ways, but humans lack same the power He possesses.
To show His devotion to humanity, He became fully human while still being fully God and walked among them in their time of need. The generation at the time disagreed with His ways and brutally killed Him, but in three days, he rose from the dead in front of everyone and made believers out of all men. Though some still doubt His existence and question His ways, He will still love and try to save them until death for you can only try to save someone for so long until it becomes a useless effort.  Every now and then, He'll come down from Heaven in the form of a poor human being and test certain humans by asking for help since the one helps the least of humanity helps Him and is rewarded greatly in Heaven. He will do this until the end and forever for truth can never truly die or be rewritten.

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