Socia Agmina

            The governing order over all the cultures of the land. They started out as a small group of individuals who wanted to unite everyone under common laws and morality. Eventually after growing their group in other cultures and having their members in several seats of the government, they were allowed to build their main government in the crossroads between the three main cultures and establish their army and rule. Some didn’t like this change while others liked that this allowed people to find common ground with other cultures. Their leader, Franco Favella, made sure to keep things peaceful in the world at any cost and was praised for his efforts, philosophies, and leadership skills.

            Later in time, the Socia Agmina grew more controlling of the cultures under its rule with stricter rules, regulations, and harsher punishments. Corruption began to take root in its military force and political departments so the people begin to plan a rebellion while others plan reforms from the inside. Whatever path is chosen will change the world they live in and humanity itself.

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