Friday, August 18, 2017

Life without purpose - Man made gods part 2

Another killer, a different start.
Life has no purpose to Seth. No meaning. All of the good that is done in the world is for nothing since evil is still prominent and seems to be unending. No reason to live just survival and good moments and events just keep you going to suffer more and for what? Seth can't find a reason and thinks what he thinks is true. Who really gives humanity any value if you can just say it's all relative?Who are you to tell him what's write and wrong?  If what makes him feel good only matters, then why not take everything he wants. He takes a sharp knife from his kitchen and goes out to kill and steal from his neighbor. Seth does so successfully and takes everything they own and he goes on a shopping spree to buy everything that he could ever want. The satisfaction of getting everything and wasting all of his and his neighbor's money lasts only a day so he has to be satisfied in another way. He rapes a woman then a man then a child then a dog, each one of his victims he kills after he's done with them. These things only give him satisfaction for only so long and he goes for one more buzz. He takes a ton of drugs, drinks bottles of alcohol, and buys a bunch of weapons and goes on a killing spree in town. He gets taken down by the police and vigilante civilians, but not after taking forty or so people with him.
A different story sees a woman giving up on life, spending all of her money, and maxing out all her credit cards for one last shopping spree on everything that she enjoys. She enjoys it for a couple days then ends her life with a noose. What a life to live when you make it about making it all about feeling good.

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My new book in eBook form is being given away with 23 copies available. Check out my newest story in the Choice and Consequence series that's a romance story with a psychological horror edge to it.

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Judge, Jury, and Executioner - Man made gods

Just going to write a few free short stories that deal here since these can't be made into full ones and so I can stay in practice while I take a break. I might publish a collection of them if I write enough like I did with Hopeless.

In a gunfight in the middle of the city, Damian's family gets killed in the crossfire. Though Damian gets shoot as well, he survives, but his sanity doesn't survive. The cops couldn't arrest the shooters since they got away and they aren't going after them as they have other crimes to deal with. Since Damian is a high ranking military officer, he gets the police to give him access to their database and he uses this to finds his family's killers. After secretly taking ammo and weapons from the police station, he goes out to kill. He ends up killing over twenty people in one day as they were associated with the people who killed his family. This gave him a special kind of satisfaction unlike any other. He wants to feel it again so he accesses the police database again and prints up a huge list of criminals and their known locations. With his full arsonal that he took from the military, he goes after each and every single criminal and kills them all including those associated with them. This feeling that he has is now insatiable so he steps up his targets. He takes a jet from an airfield and bombs a prison. After this, he knows that the military is onto him that he goes around killing people so he goes under the radar, but there are plenty of people left to kill who harm the innocent. There are governments who harm the people they govern and other countries they come in contact to so he goes after them next. He gets rid of one set of governors, but when he gets rid of another and comes back another leader has taken the previous' place. The people of the country are the ones to blame for the country's state which is clear to Damian. He sneaks into a military base and launches several nukes at the country which completely annihilates it. It also starts a nuclear war between several countries. Now there's another target who kills the innocent, him. So he takes a pistol. And shoots himself.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Short Writing Break

Since I've published 20 books in a year since my first book came out, I'll be taking a short break where I won't exactly be writing. I'll be drawing designs for the next book(s) and organizing which ones to publish first and how the story goes. One of them I already have planned to be a free eBook in October. I'll start a giveaway for Choice and Consequence of Romance (eBook) on Friday when I get paid and 20 or more copies will be available. I'll also have a giveaway for So Good, but So Evil (eBook) later though with fewer copies since some people that I gave it to said that "it was of a particular taste" and I totally agree with them. If you look at my Patreon, I've updated it a bit so the rewards are better so check that out if it interests you. Every bit helps so I can do more giveaways and write more stories. Thank you!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A short paper on Speculum Humanae - Human mirror - The reason behind the psychological occurences in the Choice and Consequence series

This paper is written to give a summary of the human condition that has been going on for years and yet, we still know little about it. We've dubbed the condition Speculum Humanae or the Human Mirror as it appears to show people who have it themselves or the worst parts of themselves in most if not all scenarios. Thanks to the people of Hillside city, we've had more people to interview and study so we can nail down the cause and effect of the Human Mirror.

  • A human being will obtain the condition once they hit a point in their life where the stress of life on them is at their highest.
  • Some people won't get this condition in their life if they don't hit this point in their life or don't attempt to test themselves.
  • There are other people who will have this condition, but write it off as nightmares or bad day dreaming.
  • This condition appears to be testing who has it so the person can define themselves for the rest of their life with various "puzzles" and situations that test the person's particular skill set.
  • The condition itself has apparently existed since the beginning of human existence as ancient stories perfectly parallel the stories these patients tell and has only been started to be studied in the early 1900s.
  • Monsters based on the person's personality manifest in the person's mind. Some attack, some help, and some don't do anything.

  • Another entity that appears person in the person's mind, is a being known as the other him/her, which is a person like the original person except they're more honest about themselves according to the patients. They always have a black scar on their front that looks like the symbols for male and female. On the back, they have the same symbol which might be the symbol for humanity.
  • Transsexuals will always see their original sex on the other him/her entity no matter what their sex they is currently.
  • Paranormal and spiritual occurances might happen (50/50 chance).

Physical effects
  • The brain's condition doesn't appear to change even when the person is actively experiencing the condition save for the stress of the situations which the condition presents.
  • Scars and physical injuries will appear on the patient's body if are attacked by their personality monsters even if the patient is wearing clothes or protective clothing.
  • A person might be controlled by the condition to do certain things or go certain places, but not extreme things such as violence (sexual or brutal) or suicide unless the person allows it.

Unknown effects
  • A person might mysteriously appear in a different location (even if the person is in solitary) when they're not watched (rare).
  • Spirtual occurances will make the person see God as they say along with two other individuals who also claim to be God.
  • A person might encounter the devil or Satan and will spiritually be in Hell (rare).
  • A "fake out death" might occur when the condition "kills" the person, but actually doesn't. It appears to do this to prove a point or to give the person another chance.
  • The condition always puts the person who has it on a path that it plans so that they do not encounter any challenges that the person cannot overcome.

Final results
  • There are various ending results when the person completes the "game" the condition presents; suicide, insanity, vigilantism, becoming normal/self healed, being better than they used to be, a need to help others or change the world.
  • After that, the condition will completely disappear from them.
We still have much to learn about the Human Mirror though what we've learned appears to be all we can know as if we're blocked by outside forces to learn more about it. As we are now, we can help the people with this condition as best we can, but it appears that what happens to them is up to them.

Smashwords results

If you were wondering about the results of my little Smashwords sale in July, then here they are.
- 39 copies of my paid books were downloaded with They Don't Know being the most popular one for some reason.
- 109 copies of my regular free books were downloaded.
To anybody who did this as well or thinks of putting out their work for free, then do this as well to get people to take a look at your work though whether or not they like it and/or talk about to others to completely up to the customer.

Story writing help: Finding influences

A video where I talk about finding story influences in a very nearby place.

I've just submitted the files for my next book so it should be out by this week. I've released twenty books in at least a year. That's how many books I've had under wraps since my senior year of highschool. By next year, I'll probably have 40 or more. Pretty cool right? Support my work on Patreon if you want cool rewards including having story samples sent to you and even full books for free.