Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Update and Free Will Experiment

Hello! If you didn't notice, I put Elephanty from C&C 1 as my background for my blog so it's not so bright and easier on the eyes.

After I get the review for my latest book, I'll put them on the back of my next book pictured above, which is a collection of the first five Choice and Consequence stories not including Saving Lives and Redemption. These two other stories will be included in the next collection which will have the last couple of Choice and Consequence stories plus the spin-offs. I'll be writing the 8th Choice and Consequence story in the meantime that parodies and criticizes things in my books for fun. I also changed my politics section to just recommending certain YouTubers who have the right information on current events.

Now you must be wondering about the Free Will Experiment I have cooked up. This is for those who don't believe that there's free will. The experiment goes like this.
Grab a knife and use the blunt/not sharp edge of it and slowly cut your own throat or the throat of someone close by to you, but they should not know why you are doing this.

Outcome 1 - You don't do it and prove that you can choose.
Outcome 2 - You pretend cut your or the other person's throat (somehow without them stopping you and asking you questions) and show how gullible you are and easy to manipulate.
Outcome 3 - You for some reason cut yourself with the sharp edge of the knife and show that you don't know how to use your free will.

Tell me what you think if you think this is interesting. I came up with it not too long ago and it might not be perfect but it sounds good at least in theory.

Improving Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

 This character was created solely to push Islam as a religion of peace even though it isn't. I haven't read these yet and I will review the second book later, but check out these books by Robert Spencer, who is an expert on Islam; The Truth about Muhammad and The Complete Infidel's guide to the Koran. All of these contain truths about Islam and the hateful ideology that it actually is. With that out of the way, we'll obviously take the Muslim part of this character as a defining trait or at least start her out as religiously neutral. We'll take both of these premises to try to make an interesting character that most people can like.

Religious origin 1 - Muslim Family
Kamala is a girl caught between Western values and Islamic ones. Her family pushes their faith onto her for "her own good", but because of the things she hears happening in the Middle East, she researches deeper into her faith, filters through the misinformation and facts and finds that her faith is rooted in a pedophile and warlord. Once she gets her powers, she goes over to the Islamic states and see's that she's correct as she witnesses the oppression and killing of non-Muslims such as Christians who are always under attack. She shows her family this and they either lose their faith or become one of her villains she has to face. From here, her faith switches to; Christian, Jew, or just spiritually neutral and later learns how to bridge gaps between the faiths while filtering out the bad ones.

Religious origin 2 - Neutral
Being brought up in a world where religion is being confused, misrepresented, and thought to be the source of violence and logical stagnation, Kamala get interested in faith. She does her own research, but she's still somewhat confused so when she gets her powers, so once she gets her power, she observes the actions of the people of every faith to see which is correct. She'll even get to talk to heroes who have faith like Captain America, Daredevil, and Ghost Rider and other heroes who have lost faith, but still have some sort of it like the Punisher. After doing all this, she does the same thing as the previous state in the end.

How she got her powers is the same and one of the reasons why she looks for a faith to believe in since the reason she got her powers is unexplained and is like a miracle to her. Her fan girl personality can stay the same and so can her outfit, however, she thinks about morality differently. Morality to her is objective since it has to be grounded in a solid foundation so that it can never change and because morals are discovered not made up. This would also be a reason for her to believe in a God.

As far as her heroics go, she tries to team up with her favorite heroes in at least her first arc while imitating them with her disguise power. This gets her into trouble with each heroes biggest villain(s) and she gets beaten every time. She later learns the value of being your own person and fighting her own unique villains to help in places that her favorite heroes cannot help in. This would be at least a little more than half of the series' content despite the religious themes that re integral to her character.

The reason she is a faith based character is to talk about real world religions (as was the original intention) while also delivering a fun and thoughtful comic book experience. Her series could do both and become a great comic book series because of it.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Review of Silk comics + Hawkeye Kate Bishop

4/5 for the entire series

Yeah, I didn't expect to like it this much either. The Silk series is about Silk aka Cindy Moon is another Spider-woman who has her own difficulties like being a unique hero, dealing with her job, and finding her family. Her unique spider powers are a less accurate spider sense, being able to spin clothes and webs from her fingertips, claws, being able to swing from webs, enhanced strength, and durability. Not exactly an exciting arsenal but she makes the most of it. As far as personality goes, I like how she plays both good and bad guy in vo1 1 and how she balances her normal life and her external goals. She really puts in the work to do what she wants and doesn't just win because she's the main character. Her two lesbian interracial friends are sort of just there to fill the SJW Marvel quota and Silk saying sexist at least once. Both friends don't really have any other personality other than "nice lesbian" and don't do anything plot-relevant other than cheerleader friends. They could've just been one boy and one girl or even gay guys and nothing would've changed. Cindy's family and ex/not so ex-boyfriend are pretty much the same except the ex-boyfriend at least gets ghost powers later like Gwenpool's friend. I do wish they gave Silk's dragon friend (whatever his name was) from vol 0 more showtime since he was like Silk in vol 1 where he had to do bad sometimes to support his daughter and because he was a single father. It is cool that they give J Jonah Jameson a nice personality when it comes to dealing with Silk instead of making him act the way he does with Peter Parker. They even show him dealing with his own struggle in the clone mini-arc when he gets his wife and daughter back.

The arcs that happen in this series don't really stand out except for vol 1, but they work in introducing Silk to the Marvel universe and showing off her skills and personality against decent challenges that are interesting enough. Below are the art styles in Silk.

*art styles in vol 0*

*art style changes to Tana Ford in the last issue in vol 0 and stays this way until vol 3*

*art style changes to Irene Strychalski in vol 3 who goes for a Gwenpool style*

*art style goes back to Tana Ford who goes back and forth in being mediocre to good in the last two issues*

In my opinion, the second switch in art style presented in a single issue in vol 0 is the best art style while Tana Ford's style is mediocre or decent enough, but at least she gets better in the end.
All in all, this is a good series that you should check out if you like fun comic stories and are looking for actually good comics in Marvel besides Gwenpool, Ghost Rider, Venom, or a few others that I previously mentioned in earlier posts.

Extra - Hawkeye Kate Bishop vol 1 - 2.5/5

Now we get to the less interesting book. This book has the same lesbian couple from Silk LITERALLY the same white girl and black girl and girl power. There might've been mentions of sexism, but I could've forgotten it or missed it when I was reading through the book faster because I got bored after the first couple issues. Oh yeah, and what's this with Kate Bishop being the best Hawkeye? It says it on the back of the book and Gwenpool says it in her vol 3. Kate Bishop was apparently in Hawkeye's comics, but I don't get how she could be cooler when his first comic vol is called My Life as a Weapon and her first comic is called Anchor Points. The OG Hawkeye was a villain first then became a hero which is more interesting than Kate who became a hero because she wanted to be a hero (at least to my knowledge). Don't pick this up unless you want to try SJW comics, but I recommend Silk instead or the other comics I've mentioned.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

New Book Out!

Choice and Consequence: Present and Past Nightmares is out as an eBook on Amazon for $0.99. The physical version will be out later for $5.99. Both editions contain edits and extras that should make it worth it! Check out the unedited version here on this blog if you wish to get a taste of the stories before you buy it.
I'm also putting together a collection of Choice and Consequence stories called Choice and Consequence: The Original Thrillers, which are the first five stories in this series that were originally imagined as video games. This collection contains all of the extras for each book except for the extra story that is included with Romance, Mistera, and the Short paper on the Human Mirror. You can see both of those on this blog for free.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Improving Miles Morales

Miles Morales, in my opinion, isn't that interesting of a character or a spider-man. To fix this, all we have to do is change his origin story and the rest will follow. Here's my idea of a revamped origin story.
Miles Morales is teenage criminal whose been put in jail multiple times by spider-man. He has a burning hatred for the hero since doing crimes is how Miles supports his poor family and himself. On one day that spider-man is facing multiple villains (could be the sinister six), Miles sees an opportunity to take revenge on him. As spider-man is dodging and evading so many attacks, Miles takes his gun at and gets that one lucky shot that spider-man doesn't see coming. Miles goes over to spider-man and gloats about his revenge and talks about how spider-man is a hypocrite for claiming to help others while severally damaging Miles' family. Spider-man then tells Miles that he's happy to finally help his family and dies. The villains congratulate Miles and reward him handsomely for his services. After using his rewards to get his family and him a nice house and gifts, they are robbed and his family is killed while he is out. Miles' actions has thrown the city of New York into chaos since its most famous defender is dead and now he sees why spider-man was so dedicated to stopping crime. Because of this, he decides it's his responsibility to fix things so he gets himself bitten by a radioactive spider and becomes spider-man.
He can have the same powers he does in the normal comics, but the struggles he goes through are different. Miles has to struggle with; coping with the loss of his family, getting to know other people, being responsible for the crimes he's committed, seeing the good in him as he tries to fix things, and trying not to kill.
This would make him the best spider-man since not only did he kill the original, but he also has the most to make up for, the most to learn (which can lead to a lot of moral lessons), and the greatest responsibility. In my opinion, this is a better and more interesting Miles Morales. I call this spider-man, Venom Stinger Spider-Man or Venom Spider in reference to one of his abilities (name could probably use work). Tell me what you think if you have any opinions about this and if you think this is interesting.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Almost done my newest book

The next Choice and Consequence book is almost done. You can read the unedited version of the two stories here on my blog. The paid version is edited and has tons of extras that should make it worth the price.
I also read the female Hawkeye's first volume so I'll review that along with the entire Silk comic series when I get the third volume in the mail.
I might even review comics like Zombie Tramp, Dollface, and other female character centered comics like Vampirella, Witchblade, and Lady Death.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Detailing the messed up parts of my books (Spoilers)

There are many defining "messed up" moments that happen in my books. Here are just a handful of them;

Trapped Body and Soul in a video game - Corpse party inspired part where people are cut up and continue to feel the pain of death after dying until they are revived.

Society's Monsters - Michael killing his whole family including his child.

Kyle the Cosmic Comic Hero - Kyle killing all of his past friends because they won't stop being villains.

Deception and Despair - The brutal executions of the teenage characters who killed their own friends.

C&C of Following Orders - The main character realizing she had sex with the corpse of her dead husband who she thought was alive.

They don't know - The reveal of the main child character's disfigured face.

These are just a few examples of the things that happen in my stories. If these events interest you, then you can find samples to my work on the side. I also have free short stories on the side as well if that peaks your interest.