Friday, October 20, 2017

Saw Movies and Games short review

Saw - 4/5
A good film that was made on a small budget. I love the tension and mystery surrounding the story. This small film starts the craze for this gory and plot twisty series.

2 - 4/5
A nice sequel that adds onto the lore of the original story and gives us more of what we liked from the original.

3 - 3.5/5
A decent Saw movie that probably should've ended the series. I would've preferred less moral characters that needed to change rather than tragic ones, but this is fine as well.

4 - 3.5/5
A decent movie with its twist and turns. It's obvious that they were running out of ideas by now and just needed excuses to keep the films going.

5 - 4/5
A better movie than the last one, but they all meld together in your mind by this point.

6 - 3.5/5
A film that tries to be anti-corporate and continue its gray morality villain but doesn't really work in my opinion. The series just keeps going on at this point and gives its audience more of the same but slightly different.

3D - 3.5/5
Besides the great bro moment in the opening, there's not much to this "final" chapter. It tries to clear up all the questions during the series, but leaves a few unanswered and not even in the way where we can guess an answer.

The Game - 4/5
Even though this is published by Konami, it isn't made by the same people who made Silent Hill unfortunately, but it does give that vibe. Even though I do hate the circuit puzzles, the rest of them are interesting to do and the story is decent. I even heard somewhere that it's canon.

Flesh and Blood - 3.5/5
A lesser quality sequel that makes combat simpler and boring but it being a quick time event. The circuit puzzles are improved though I would've liked them to not be in the game. What's weird is that the game is less dark so it's less scary than the first.

Most of them honestly since they're fun to watch to pass time if you don't mind the gore. The series reminds me of the Friday the 13th movies with how many they are, but these movies are less memorable. Also get the first game if you can. You don't need to get the second game if you want.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Halloween Movies short review

Halloween - 4/5
Definitely one of the most memorable slasher films of all time. I like the setup of the killer as a normal kid who's born evil and kills his family. It gives the impression that anyone you meet could be this killer.

Part 2 - 4.5/5
A good natural continuation of the first movie. Though it takes a little while to get to the real action, it's worth it for the satisfying ending.

Season of the Witch - 2.5/5
An average horror movie with the Halloween name stapled to it. I heard that it's literally involved with the Halloween series because of this reason. This movie is more akin to a below average episode of book of Goosebumps than what was a great slasher series.

The Return of Michael Myers - 2.5/5
Even though I complained about Myers not being in the third entry, the series just should've ended with two entries. It's an ok-ish movie with the only interesting thing being the ending.

The Revenge of Michael Myers - 2.5/5
The most disappointing part of this movie is that it doesn't take advantage of the twist ending and just the same thing the previous film did more or less.

The Curse of Michael Myers - 2/5
An over complicated movie plot mixed with an average movie. Quite the unmemorable movie.

20 Years Later - 4/5
A better sequel to Halloween 2 than the other ones especially since you don't need to have watched the previous four. It follows a similar quality to the 2nd one and has a satisfying ending to boot.

Resurrection - 2.5/5
With Myers' popularity literally being cashed in, this movie tries to be self aware and funny like Friday the 13th Part 6, but fails. The only funny part is where Busta Rhymes kung fu kicks Michael.

2007 - 2.5/5
Just rehashes the first movie while making the main character more bitchy and Myers a more stereotypical killer. He's shown as being more sympathetic, but it doesn't work out especially since he kills a nice Danny Trejo. The remake honestly should've been given to Michael Bay's studio.

2009 - 2/5
More original than the previous, but also makes the main character more unlikable. You root for Michael for most of the film while the main character becomes more and more ugly personality wise. The psychic connection between them is interesting, but that's about it.

Recommended movies:
20 years later

The Halloween franchise isn't that entertaining in my opinion and the only good ones star Jamie Lee Curtis.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movies short review

Texas Chainsaw Massacre - 5/5
One of the best movies ever made and the best slasher movie in my opinion. Since it was made on a low budget, most of the props and scenery is real. The final girl was even cut for real during the dinner scene, at least that's what I heard. The movie looks so real and is so visceral that it's actually scary to watch. I've watched this several times and I never watch movies several times nowadays.

2 - 3.5/5
How do you make a sequel to the best slasher movie ever? Put the seriousness in complete reverse and make a dark comedy/horror movie. People love this movie despite it going in the complete opposite direction of the first and I can see why. The effort the people who made it shows in the actors and set design. For me, I didn't like it as much since the comedy wasn't that funny to me and it seems a bit much for me since it's a direct sequel to the first.

III - 4/5
More or less on par with a high quality Friday the 13th movie. A decent movie to watch, but skippable.

Next Generation - 3.5/5
Though I can see why people dislike this one, I honestly like it. Just like the 2nd entry, this one goes for a more dark comedy/horror vibe and succeeds in my opinion with it's over-the-top nature. The only weird part to me is the last minute connection to the first entry during the ending.

2003 - 4.5/5
The first of Michael Bay's horror movie remakes and the best of them. It takes what makes the original work while being it's own unique film with updated visuals though updated doesn't mean better or worse.

The Beginning - 3.5/5
A sequel with an obvious ending since this happens before the original remake, which is its only major flaw. It tells a decent origin story some tense scenes that stay tense until you remember that this is an origin story.

3D - 3/5
It's ambitious in trying to be a sequel to the first one, but it fails. Not too hard mind you as the movie still tries to have fun with a decent level of quality. You, however, cannot make Leatherface into an anti-hero sort of character in this film or series no matter how hard you try, which is what this film tries to do. I didn't hate it as much as other people did and wouldn't mind watching it another time.

I recommend watching all of these if you're a fan of horror or slashers. The series is my favorite slasher series and I hope to see more of it in the future.

Friday the 13th Movies and Game short review

Friday the 13th - 4.5/5
Back when Friday the 13th wasn't associated with Jason, this movie instead focuses only on his mom trying to get revenge for him. Jason sort of/sort of doesn't pop up at the end to hint at a sequel, but it's clear that this was made with a lot of effort and care in contrast to some other slasher movies made for money. One of the best parts is that you don't know who the killer is until the end fight.

Part 2 - 4/5
The first movie that Jason stars in and he doesn't even have his mask yet. Definitely a good movie to watch during October.

Part 3 - 3.5/5
An average Friday the 13th movie in 3D or not in 3D if you care about your eye sight. The movie suffers a bit because of its forced 3D moments.

Final Chapter - 4/5
This was actually supposed to be the final Friday, but other people clearly thought differently. It shows that this was intended to be the last entry with the amount of effort and polish that went into the movie.

A New Beginning - 3/5
So much for the final chapter right? The only thing that separates this from the others is the two twists, the last of which doesn't carry over to the next movie. Decent, but skippable.

Jason Lives - 4.5/5
The more comedic of the Friday the 13th movies and some even consider this one of the best. It has actually good characters in the form of Tommy Jarvis and his girlfriend. Since we care for the characters, this has actual tension even though the movie breaks the 4th wall and gets you to laugh.

The New Blood - 3/5
Just adding Carrie to the series, but still a decent movie to watch. At this point of watching the series, watching each one was like eating popcorn with the occasional corn kernel.

Jason takes Manhattan - 3/5
A cock tease of a movie that promises Jason in NY but we only get that near the end of the movie. Most of it happens on a boat until then. The only thing that makes this movie okay is when a boxing champ tries to beat up Jason and he ends up getting his head punched off.

The Final Friday - 2.5/5
Jason isn't even Jason for most of this movie and instead just hops between bodies for most of the film until he gets his body back during the last 10 minutes. This isn't even really the final Friday as the ending sets up the Freddy vs Jason crossover.

Jason X - 4/5
The people who made this movie obviously didn't take it seriously and it shows, but it's actually one of the things that makes it fun. This horror/action/comedy/sci-fi movie that is a fun watch if you just want to watch something stupid and entertaining.

Freddy vs Jason - 4/5
It's Freddy from A Nightmare on Elm Street versus Jason. What's not to love?

2009 - 3.5/5
A film that presents itself as more serious, but is just as over-the-top as the rest of them. The only thing that makes this film better than some of the others is the improved special effects and the generally decent story.

The Game - 4/5
A game meant more for the fans than people who casually know the franchise. There's a bunch of references to the movies and the overall tone of the game is like the movies. A little scary, but enjoyable. There are a bunch of bugs in the game that decrease its quality, but they don't matter much to a fan like me.

Recommended watches in no particular order:
Final Chapter
Jason Lives
Freddy vs Jason

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Disproving Islam

This is more difficult or easier than disproving atheism depending on your point of view. David Wood on YouTube plus books by Robert Spencer are great sources to debunk Islam. Pictured and linked below is the single book, in my opinion, you can use to disprove Islam.

Image result for the complete infidel's guide to the koran

If you don't want to buy anything, then check out David Wood's videos on Islam especially his Countering Muslim Claims series. Below is one his videos and I've linked his channel in the recommended YouTubers to Follow section on the side and where his name appears on the post.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Storyline Dreams

I've had tons of dreams that follow a certain story or series of events that connect together and refer to each other. I got them in a sort of random order, but I managed to put them in what I think to be in correct order in my books Society's Monsters and Society's Monsters Reborn. If you're wondering, I first got these dreams in 7th grade starting with the second part of Reborn then I think two or three dreams which make the first Society's Monsters. After that, the rest of the dreams jump all over the timeline in the Reborn story. The way I connect them is by remembering the memories associated with them, my age at the time, what year of school I was in, and other memories that reference them.
I haven't included all the dreams and details I had in the Reborn story since some dreams came after I wrote the book and a lot of them are just normal everyday events. Definitely pick up these books if you're interested or if you're interested in the themes and morals that are in them. There's also the samples of the books in my free book samples on the side if you want to get a small taste of the stories.

Monday, October 9, 2017

My Worst Nightmares and How I Got Rid of Them

The worst kind of nightmare for me is something that I haven’t heard from anyone else. It started out on an odd morning with my nonna, bro, dad, and mom giving me the cold shoulder and responses that have a hint of anger towards me. Didn’t know what that was about, but it didn’t bother me that much. I went to high school and tried talking to my friends and other people, but they do the same, but more negative. At first, I thought it was a joke or I might’ve done something wrong to them before and they’re just getting back at me, but that didn’t appear to be the case. They were incredibly mean and degrading towards me which was unlike them. Even at home, my family turned on me for no reason. Maybe I really messed up? Maybe this is all part of an elaborate prank or surprise? I didn’t know. I went out to where I knew my friends were at night. Maybe I would get an answer.
The marketplace that I was at was filled with people, lights, and good will like how it always was until I arrived. People got quiet around me as I approached them and started talking to themselves. It sounded like they were talking about me. Once I was able to find my friends, they were disgusted by my appearance and everyone started mocking me. Pathetic, ugly, worthless, disgusting, a mistake, less than nothing, and many other evil words were throw at me. As I started to cry on the spot, they started to laugh at so I ran away. I ran until I tripped in front of an alleyway where a trash can fell on top of me. My tears couldn’t stop falling from my face and I didn’t want to go anywhere as I felt like the trash that was thrown away. Without any friends or family to help me, I can’t do anything and I didn’t know what to do. I found a sharp piece of glass in the trash and was going to kill myself, but I couldn’t. I had several dreams like this with different people in different situations. In other nightmares, I always kill the monster or I am the monster, but not in this one. The thing that this monster fears the most is not being able to be loved.
The way I stopped having this nightmare happened in the same nightmare. It started out on an odd morning with my nonna, bro, dad, and mom giving me the cold shoulder and responses that have a hint of anger towards me. Didn’t know what that was about, but it didn’t bother me that much. I went to high school and tried talking to my friends and other people, but they do the same, but more negative.
I then remembered all the nightmares I had and told them, “You people aren’t my friends! You aren’t my family!”
A girl I knew said, “Are you sure about that?”
“They would never treat me this way! What are you doing in their bodies?! You don’t deserve to have their faces!”

I then tore the faces off each and every one of them, which killed them. I don’t know what they were. The words, ‘masquerade demons that appear in your mind and pretend to be corrupt versions of people you love’ spoke in my mind, but that doesn’t matter too much to me. I screamed out in victory knowing that I killed the pretenders. It’s been at least a year or two since I’ve had a dream like this so it’s safe to say I’m free of them and nightmare free.