Sunday, January 21, 2018

New Choice and Consequence books!

Choice and Consequence: Behind the Flesh is free on Smashwords! Get a behind the scenes look at the Choice and Consequence series. Its setting, stories, monsters, and quirks.

Choice and Consequence of Caring for Another, the last Choice and Consequence story, is available on Amazon.
Francesco and his wife Abby have gotten the Human Mirror, a condition that causes you to face your worst side and make you do things without knowing. They fear that they will be dangerous to their daughter, Mabel, if they do not get rid of this condition soon. The family will face various challenges that will test their love for each other. They will show what true love and dedication means.

Choice and Consequence: The Final Breaths has the last six entries in the series so check that out if you want to get the last half of the series that wasn't included with the Original Thrillers.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Choice and Consequence song: "Normality"

Just another girl
Just another person in the world
Though she does have her quirks
One being her nightmares

They test her every time she sleeps
It shows her a mirror in the form of monsters
One, in particular, is a different version of herself
When she wakes up, she lives in the nightmare of everyday life

Just be normal
Ignore the pain
Just be normal
You are not insane

A past worth forgetting
A life ruled by the mundane
There's little relief and little value to it
Her life decays away like a corpse

Her nightmares only challenge her further
While she break?
While she become a better person?
While she become something vile?

Just keep going
Ignore eventual death
Just bare with it
Ignore it because it's getting worse

And worse
And worse
And worse

Stop it
Stop it
Stop it!

Execute this nightmare!
Erase this madding life!
If I don't kill either one, then
Kill me!

For Lance, My Other Brother (Song attempt #17)

My brother from another mother
My bro from another hoe as you would joke
You were always the funniest of us

You were better looking,
And generally better than me
I'm still surprised that I got a girlfriend years before you did

My brother
My fellow soldier
My best friend

Brothers in arms
Two troublemaking idiots
Inseparable and always devoted

You were stupid at times
But so was I
Two monsters brought back to life because we turned our life around

A killer
But also a redeemed person
Just like me

I forgave you for your betrayal
Can you forgive me for a mistake we both committed?
You were my brother when my blood-related brother wasn't there
We are separated, but I still think highly of you

Would you think the same if you remembered the past?

Friday, January 19, 2018

For Temptation, My Temptation (Song attempt #16)

That was the nickname we gave you
That is the only name I remember you by and for good reason
You were my temptation and a good one at that

I did not give in to you despite your constant efforts
You were a handful, but I still liked you
You were cute, dazzling at times
I was the only person who mattered to you and you showed it

My Temptation
My close friend

You never mistreated me
You always gave me everything you could and only asked for my love in return
A love that you tried to seduce me in to a multitude of nights
I pushed you away every time, but you never gave up

Your tenacidy was your greatest flaw and strength
In moments of grief when no one else was around, you were always there
You clung to me because I meant everything to you
And you were uniquely valued in my heart

Always smiling
Always strong

You may not remember it, but I was your husband in our first life
It was forced, but nevertheless we were together
I'm sorry that happened to you
I'm sorry that I'm one of the reasons everything has to be this way
I'm sorry you had to sacrifice yourself for me
You might actually be happier without me, I hope you are

Please forgive me

For Alicia, My Hero (Song attempt #15)

The one who pushed me to be the best
The one who stole my heart
Saved my life
Who can compare to you?

Your ways are gentle and honest
You give happiness and love to those around you without asking
You always do your best and push others to the same
What woman is as dedicated and as beautiful as you?

My wife
My inspiration
My everything

There were times when you were weak
You wanted a break, praise, and rewards for your efforts
You didn't always get it, but you didn't let it bother you that much
I hope this will satisfy you

I hope our time together was worth it
I hope I made you as happy as you made me
You were able to do things I could never
You sacrificed your life for me and I will never stop thanking you

My rose
My mistress
My guiding light

I never told you, "Thank you, Alicia. You're my hero."
So let's this be the time I tell you
I'm sorry I was part of the reason for our suffering
Of the deaths of our family and friends
Of separating us from them and our children
If I saw you again and you knew what I did, I'm not sure I could look you in your gorgeous face

Please forgive me, my love

Forgivable? (Song attempt #14)

Can you ever forgive me?
My actions are reprehensible
No person enjoys my company
If there is one good thing about me, will you accept it?
Can you accept it?

I will give you everything
I will change for the better
Throw away I did and was before
Please just forgive me and allow me another chance

I am slow and unwise
An insect is more human in terms of intelligence
Without your hand, I cannot do anything
I am sorry I cannot do everything on my own
Only you can make me a valuable person

I will give you everything
I will change for the better
Throw away I did and was before
Please just forgive me and allow me another chance

Another chance among many
I often stumble and fall
And yet, there is always your hand
Reaching out to me with a smiling face to accompany it

Am I really worth it?
Am I really forgivable?
You seem to think so
And that's all that matters

Incompetent (Song attempt #13)


These are the adjectives people and myself use to describe myself
My actions have no effect
My words mean nothing
What is the point to me living?

Tell me why I should continue on
Is there any good that can come out of me?
Anything worthwhile?
Anything positive?

A nobody

These are the words you could use to describe me
People take advantage of me, tell me what to do, and I just go along with it and get stepped on without a complaint

Tell me why I should continue on
Is there any good that can come out of me?

Incompetent is the best word you could use to describe me
There is nothing I can do to fix myself
Nothing I can do to change my life

End me
End me!
Just end it all now!