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Choice and Consequence of Saving Lives: Facelifted - Prologue - A Different Kind of Guardian Angel

Prologue – A Different Kind of Guardian Angel
Every person has a reason for being a doctor. To save lives, because they’ve witnessed suffering, or maybe because it pays well. Morgan is a doctor who became a doctor because she wanted to fight against death itself. Because of how medical technology was slowly advancing, she thought that if she could keep her patients alive for long enough then they would be alive when the time came when the cure to most major diseases would be abolished. This was wishful thinking indeed as this never happened nor did a hint of it ever exist. Morgan just kept it to herself and only told it to her friend Matthew when they were out drinking, so if he heard it, he would think it was just her acting drunk. The two have been friends since Morgan’s college years, but Matthew became a security guard while Morgan became a doctor.
When they both moved to Hillside City, they experienced suffering never seen before in a city notorious for craziness. Morgan quickly became one of the best doctors because of her skills and dedication in fighting against the fading of life. She became friends with Harley, the chief of police, along with several other police officers who taught her how to defend herself. They would take her out on assignments as a field medic and again, she gained prestige for her skills. She gained dozens of awards, but she never accomplished her true goal. People still died around her and in her care. Matthew’s always been there for her, but she’s never been able to tell him her true feelings. She thinks to herself that he wouldn’t like to be with her since she’s ten years older than him with her being thirty-five years old and him being twenty-five. Besides that, she also has a condition that she keeps secret from everyone she knows. A condition that’s not uncommon for people who are stressed out as she is.
Even though she lives by herself on a doctor’s salary, she lives in a moderate apartment not too far from the hospital she works at. The hospital managers offered her a high-end apartment room only a block away from it, but she refused it after trying it out for a week. While she lived there, she swore she could hear groaning and the screams of pain from the patients in the hospital. Of course, she didn’t tell the hospital managers that this was the reason why and just said she liked to live humbler, which is partially true. As she gets ready for the day, an odd noise catches her attention though she ignores it at first.
“It’s probably the sound of the morning rush hour,” she thinks to herself.
Once she exits her room, the noise gets louder and slanted.
“Ha, maybe it’s the neighbors having fun in the morning,” she jokes to herself.
But something about the noise disturbs her. Morgan leaves her apartment building in time to see an ambulance pass by it. People around her talk about how there was a shooting in the area and that nobody on either side survived. They talk about how it would’ve ended differently if a doctor had been there to save them. For some reason, Morgan feels guilty and can almost hear the Angel of Death laughing at her. This kicks her into high gear and she’s at the hospital just in time to see the place littered with injured patients who appear to be on the verge of death. The hospital walls are covered with smears of blood. There are family members who are crying over the bodies of the people who they lost.
Matthew catches her attention and says, “Morgan, we need your help now!”
Morgan gets to an operating room in time to save a patient, but then two other ones die in the meantime.
“You could’ve saved them!” Morgan screams at the two doctors who turn to look at her.
Both of them look exactly like her and they say, “I’m sorry…I’m so sorry,” while crying.
“They didn’t have enough time to save them, Morgan! Don’t chastise them for something they couldn’t do and help these other people!” another doctor says.
Morgan goes over to a woman who is giving birth to a child. The woman is crying out in agony and has to be strapped to the gurney because of how she’s spazzing out. The fetus then births itself by carving its way out of its mother’s chest.
It says to Morgan, “You couldn’t save either of us and you expect to save people like us?”
The fetus then turns into maggots that fill the room. A doctor moves Morgan to help other patients, but the maggots eat them alive. A dark angel claims the lives of other patients while the maggots form one singular snake-like being. Morgan tries to stop the dark angel, but her body grows old until she can no longer walk. She lies on the ground unable to move as death and decay claim the lives of other patients until they claim hers.
She then wakes up at her desk in her office.
A doctor walks in and says, “You ready for another big day?”

Morgan pops a few headache pills then says, “I’m ready.”

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New, old book

I've been thinking of making a remake of the first book I published. Here's the cover for the remake. It'll take a different path from the original. Instead of Morgan's guilt being her enemy, it's going to be death and decay itself. I'm not sure if I should make this part free then publish this together with the original story. Even though both have similar characters and setting, this one deals with different themes. Also the other story that was originally put with this one will have its separate remake.

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Decaying Kingdom, Everlasting Love - Final Chapter - An Act of True Love + download link to full story

Chapter 10 – An Act of True Love
The couple approaches the earth’s core. A small flame in a humongous cavern designed to hold it and keep it burning. The figure sitting by it stands by it and reveals itself to them. The name of the entity is a man who is called Impietas. He betrayed Sanctor, betrayed Senium, and betrayed humanity. There was no man, animal, or spirit whose name and being he didn’t blaspheme. Because of that, he was cursed by all of creation with a crown with a finger from the seven kings of the earth from his time. His skirt is made from a single piece of bone and a single blood drop from his victims. The triangles on his six hands curse the name of Sanctor and Senium at the same time. His entire being is evil and decay. He is truly the most sinful being man has ever made.
Impietas says to the two, “Are you two the next heirs to the flame or are you mere ash?”
Cinis and Favilla stand back to back with their weapons pointed at Impietas.
They say together, “We’re the flame that burns greater than the sun. For Sanctor, for our family, and for the human race.”
“Then let me feel your heat.”
Cinis and Favilla clash with Impietas. His arms are like steel like the devil man’s, but they’re quicker and hit harder. They’re fast enough to deflect Favilla’s arrows then quickly block Cinis’ slashes. Impietas’ experience has defeated many experienced heroes, beasts, and demons, which makes him an incredibly hard foe to face. Impietas goes on the attack and manages to counterattack Cinis then throws him at Favilla. He then unleashes a barrage of punches on the couple before backing away when the two counterattack.
Getting back on their feet, they attack again and manage to get in a few hits before Impietas counters again by hitting Cinis with all six of his fists then quickly smacks away Favilla so that they collide into each other. Impietas then slams both of them into the ground and gets some distance to avoid being hit.
Their resolve builds in their soul so much so that it spread to their body.
“I love you,” they say together as they rise.
Their bodies and weapons are glowing a radiant life. Embers dance around them and a fire burns in their eyes.
They say together, “Actus amoris summa. The greatest act of all is true love. This is the proverb of Fornax. Love is how we live. Love is why we live.”
With light flowing through their veins, they unleash an assault of overwhelming attacks on Impietas. He no longer can counterattack as the couple’s attacks are too much for him. Cinis and Favilla’s attacks break through his defenses and they continuously beat him until they finish with one combined attack. Cinis gives Favilla one of his swords then the two slice right through Impietas who bursts into light.

Cinis and Favilla walk to the earth’s core and put their hands over it. The energy in their souls resonates with the core and starts to burn them a little, but they’ve been burned enough by life for it not to bother them. The earth’s core then bursts into fire, which rids the earth of rot and decay and lights up the sun as well. Sanctor gives Cinis and Favilla two crowns as they are the new king and queen of flame. Their lives are extended by three hundred years along with their youth. In that span of time, they rebuild Fornax back to its former glory. Even though their parents raised them to do something they were too afraid of doing, they honor their memory with a statue in the kingdom. All of this is done out of love. True love, which is the greatest act of all.

Download link to full story -

Decaying Kingdom, Everlasting Love - Chapter 9 - The Result of a Self-Made god

Chapter 9 – The Result of a Self-Made god
The continuous descent into the earth’s core is taking a toll not so much on the couple’s energy, but mental energy. They never got to mourn for their family and friends nor have they had much of a break. What keeps them moving is each other, their faith, and their hope for a better tomorrow.
“Hey, do you see that person ahead of us or have I gone crazy?” Cinis asks.
“I see them too,” Favilla answers, “Maybe they’re trying to light the fire at the center of the earth like us.”
The man turns around to reveal a demon wearing the skin of a human who’s wearing a sackcloth with four tendrils coming out of its body.
“Oh heck, do you know who that is?” Cinis says as he pulls out his swords.
“I know. The threats we’re going to face are going to worse as we get closer to our destination.”
What they are speaking of is the devil man that is spoken of in legends. He was a man who tried to make his own set of rules. He didn’t follow the ways of Sanctor nor the rule of Senium and tried to make up his own. Be his own god in other words. Instead, he fell into the same darkness and decay Senium did and just became a freak of nature. A devil. He was then cursed to wear his old skin and the sackcloth he killed his own children and in.
The devil man charges at the couple with his tendrils. Cinis tries to cut off his tendrils, but he can’t slice through them as if they were made of steel. Favilla arrows are deflected by the devil man’s tail, so she can only do so much.
“Cursed devil! We will pass you and light the fires at the center of the earth!” Cinis exclaims as his rage grows.
He unleashes an onslaught of slashes, stabs, and blows and finishes with a leaping spin attack, which breaks apart the devil man’s tendrils and tail. The devil man falls to the ground with an arm out.
He says, “Have mercy on me then! I am here to do the same thing.”
Cinis points one of his swords at the devil man’s throat while Favilla has an arrow aimed for his head.
“And why should we believe you, devil man? We know what you did,” Cinis says.
“Because Sanctor will redeem me as I show my devotion to him! I’ve had a change of heart, I swear it! Kill me if you don’t believe me.”
“I’ll believe you if you explain yourself.”
“I’m still alive because of Him and He’s shielded me from dangers when I protected other people from decay. He told me that He still loved me, so I’m going to repay my debt in full by relighting the world and the sun.”
“…Fine. I believe you.”
Cinis helps the devil man up and the group travels together.
“Thank you so much. Now when we get down to the earth’s core, there will be a man worse than two of me. He will be a challenge, so prepare yourselves.”
“We’ve already been through much,” Favilla says.
“Oh, I believe you. Just one look at your faces tells me your entire story.”
“Who told you about the lighting of the earth’s core?”
“It’s known throughout the world in all kingdoms. Where are you kids from?”
“Oh, that place is where they train people to relight the earth and the sun.”
“Relight? This has happened more than once?”
“Yes, ever since man’s first sin. I roughly recall it happening five times already. They mustn’t have told you yet because you two were trained to be heirs of fire. King and queen of the flame. Now that’s something that hasn’t happened. That should make the fire last longer.”
“It’s usually one person that does this?”
“It’s usually one person, but it can’t be the same person who did it last time.”
“So we’ll survive this lighting process then?”
“Of course, but I can’t promise it’ll be pleasant.”
“How many years does the fire last?”
“Around ten thousand if someone does it.”
“The man at the core says if you sacrifice your most treasured loved one then you can light the fire without experiencing the burning process, though the fire will only last five thousand years. You can tell the difference between the people if you see embers flickering around them. I’m still surprised that they sent you two here.”
“Fornax has fallen.”
“That’s a shame, but I’m sure you’ll resurrect it. Were your parents nobles by any chance?”
“Yes, they got that position through hard work.”
“Fornax nobles are usually better than any other nobles in the world, but nobles like the ones your parents were sound like great people who could’ve relit the earth and sun.”
“They trained us instead though and no one ever mentioned it to us.”
“That must mean that they were chosen by Fornax to relight the fire but chose to make you do it instead.”
Cinis and Favilla look at each other.
“Oh, well I’m sure they still loved you!”
“We know, but…”
The earth’s core is in sight in a huge cavern with a single figure sitting by it. The three eagerly walk towards it but are stopped by Senium himself who appears out of a portal. A rotting devil that barely resembles the angel he once was.
Senium says, “You will not take this victory from me.”
“Do not interfere with us devil!” the devil man says.
“Speak for yourself devil man.”
“You two will have to relight the fire by yourselves. I’ll hold him off.”
“I don’t think so!”
The devil man pushes Senium back into the portal.
Senium cries out, “Close it!”
The portal slowly closes by an unseen force.
“Thank you…I’ll be seeing You soon,” the devil man can be heard saying before the portal closes.
“Are you ready Favilla?”
“I don’t know Cinis. That man over there might be too tough for us to defeat.”
“Don’t lose hope Favilla! I know we can do this.”
“I don’t know…”
“…Do you remember that battle song our parents used to sing us?”
“Sing it with me.”
“Trust me. It’ll help you.”
Wake up!
Get up!

Wake up!
Get up!

Hurry up!
Let's go!
The enemy is behind us
They show no mercy
They leave no prisoners
They intimate you with their presence

Listen to the beating of my heart
Trust me
I will defend you with my life
And dedicate myself to you as I carry you across the battlefield

Come on!
Grab my hand!
I know you're stronger than this
You've always been able to overcome your weakness
Now crawl through this next one with me
I have faith that you'll make it through

Look at my face
I will always care about you
I will stand by your side
And face the pain with you

If you can't walk, crawl
Whatever you do, keep moving!
I will always be with you
Hold onto me and you'll make it through

Hold on!
Hold on!
Hold on!
Now breathe...we're safe...I knew you could do it”
“Better now?”
Favilla kisses Cinis.

The couple embraces one more time before facing their final challenge.

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Decaying Kingdom, Everlasting Love - Chapter 8 - Pulse of the Maggots

Chapter 8 – Pulse of the Maggots
The inner parts of the earth rot and decay as everything on and in it slowly dies. Maggots of decay and other rotting bugs crawl within the dirt and eat the dying body of the earth. Cinis brings out the glow and burning light of one of his swords to dispel the insects around him. There’s a disgusting smell in the air as they continue further down. It smells like decay and rot itself. The smell is even strong enough to kill some of the insects in the earth. Cinis and Favilla cover their noses and mouths with fabric from Favilla’s dress.
“Man, this thing stinks more than the air,” Cinis comments.
Favilla hits Cinis on his back then says, “Then suffocate you, idiot! It’s not like I had time to spray it with perfume with everything going on.”
“I’m just kidding. Your sweaty dress actually smells kind of nice.”
“I’m not sure if I should feel better or hit you because that sounded creepy.”
“How about you just love me?”
“I already do, but I’m still going to beat you after this.”
“Ha! I’d like to see you try.”
Cinis and Favilla eventually come across the source of the maggots and insects of decay. It’s a large fly with warts and decay all over its body. The tail end is where all of the insects are coming out of. In legends, this fly is known as the Earth Eater. It eats rotted and decayed earth and is also know to eat the bodies of evil humans. They are born out of the ground when humanity has committed too many mistakes. Just like when too many mistakes are made, the problems multiple like the Earth Eater and harm other people as well. These flies continuously multiple until someone fixes what was broken.
The fly notices Cinis and Favilla and retreats while other flies come out of the earth and attack them. They fall apart easily, but there are many of them, something that the couple should be used to by now. Since there seems to be no end to them, Cinis and Favilla push forward through the disgusting caves that the Earth Eaters have made. The flies have even made sticky traps to trap prey along the way, which have already claimed some victims.
Pushing their way through it all, the two eventually reach a cave full of Earth Eaters. The insects have built a nest here where more are born.
“I’m so sick of this all!” Favilla says as she shoots the nest down.
It causes the ground to collapse underneath them. Cinis and Favilla work independently, but together as they slow their fall by leaping between the giant insects and killing them. When there are none left, Favilla leaps onto Cinis who uses his swords on the walls to slow their fall until they reach solid ground. They then quickly run away as the giant hive falls to the ground and breaks open only to turn to dust.
The two then catch their breath in a tunnel and sit down in it.
“Now we really smell,” Cinis says.
“We do,” Favilla admits, “but you smell worse.”
“No, you do.”
“No, you do.”
Cinis helps Favilla up, but they keep going back and forth until Cinis says, “I may smell the worst, but you look the best right now. I look like trash.”
“No, it’s me who looks like trash.”
“No, it’s me.”
“No, it’s me.”

The couple go back and forth while smiling. Even though they may both smell and be dirty, they still stay close to one another without being bothered by the way they look or smell.

Ya'll (Explicit) - Parody Rap Song (Song/Poem Attempt #30)


What the fuck's up?
I'm here to fuck ya'll's shit up!
I won't stop, won't fall back
I fight against all you hacks
Put all you pawns in your place
And all of your garbage lives will be erased

None of ya'll will survive
Victory is my sex drive
Your mom is my backseat driver
After I'm finished, she'll be the only survivor

I'm so sick of ya'll fake ass bitches!

Succ toes
Fuck hoes
I'm here to take names and take your girls
Give them diamond and pearls
They'll leave your ass in the dust
So kill yourself now if you must

None of ya'll will survive
Victory is my sex drive
Your mom is my backseat driver
After I'm finished, she'll be the only survivor

Sit the fuck down niggas, ya'll have to listen!

I've been there, I've done that
All of your raps are nothing but fat and scat
I pull up with my Mustang while going ninety-five
Pull out my forty-five
And show you who's your daddy
Then feed you to my dogs that eat you as if you were candy

Once I start rapping, your suffering is endless

Smoke some dope, drink a lot you think you're cool?
Ya'll are nothing but a bunch of fucking fools
I don't need no college, don't need no degree
I just rap like I'm going on a killing spree
You think I'm fucking lying, you think I'm wrong?
Then ya'll can suck my 20-foot dong

Now death calls
As I fall
But I'll rise again and that's a fact
As I give death the middle finger and say, "Yo fuck that!"

Decaying Kingdom, Everlasting Love - Chapter 7 - The Long Fall Down

Chapter 7 – The Long Fall Down
After the long fall, Cinis and Favilla wake up underneath the earth. Without saying a word to each other, they know they must continue on no matter how they feel. They descend down into the earth to find a small, forgotten city that spirals down further into the earth. Its inhabitants are dirty, meager, and don’t appear to be aware of what is happening on the surface. The couple has heard legends of this place when they were younger. This place is simply called the Spiral City where the lost and forgotten go to live out the rest of their days. It is said that kings of kingdoms across the earth sent their most vile criminals here to be exiled. Other legends say that this is where one of the first heroes emerged from and that everyone here is trying to be like them. Of course, it is no easy task, so no one really comes out of this city a hero.
Wanting to ignore this place like many do Cinis and Favilla walk through the city without paying attention to anyone. Their wounded appearance gives them camouflage to walk through without attracting attention until one previous agent of decay tracks them down. She infects the city with decay and they go after Cinis and Favilla though due to their previous experience this is a cake walk. After exhausting everyone in the city, she reveals herself and attacks the couple directly.
Her true name is Jezebel. A woman from times long past who had all the men of her town under her fingertips. On one day, three different men disappointed her, so she cursed them with the power Senium and the men turned into dogs. Sanctor dispensed justice on the woman by sending a simple man into the city to push her off her balcony. After she fell, the three men who were cursed, took three parts of her body and left her to die. Jezebel then gave her soul to Senium who gave her eternal youth as long as she served him in Hell every five years to be the mother of rot and decay.
As such, she uses her children as tools to defeat Cinis and Favilla while hanging back and throwing knives at them. Favilla shoots at Jezebel to throw off her aim while Cinis turns all of her children to dust. Since Jezebel is incapable of defending herself without help, Cinis is able to easily defeat her once he gets close to her. Her beautiful face fades away and is revealed to be an eerie white mask with a smile carved into it with makeup on it. The mask falls off to reveal an ugly face as beauty never lasts forever. It has long since decayed like her soul.
Cinis says to Favilla, “I remember this woman from before.”
“So they’ve been in the kingdom without us noticing,” Favilla says.
“It’s a shame the people here were used as her pawns.”
“It is, but we shouldn’t let that bother us. There are still people out there that need our help.”
“Then let’s speed this up a bit, shall we? Hold onto my back.”
Favilla climbs onto Cinis’ back.
“What exactly are you planning?”
“Trust me, babe. I got this.”
Cinis jumps down the hole in the center of the city and uses his swords on the walls to slow their fall. He jumps between walls until they come to a long wall where they rapidly fall down. Cinis laughs in enjoyment as Favilla clings to Cinis as she screams in fear and slight enjoyment. Regardless, it’s a rush for the both of them. They ultimately reach the bottom, but Favilla refuses to let go.
“Whew! Wasn’t that fun?” Cinis asks with a smile on his face.
“N-n-n…did you even know if that would work?” Favilla says while shaking.
“Nope. It was just a thought I just came up with.”
Favilla hits him on the head.
“Ow! But it gave you a rush didn’t it?”
“I…I guess so.”
“Then it was fun!”
“I guess it was.”
“Let’s go again!”
“Don’t you dare!”
Favilla gets off Cinis’ back and the two continue their way to the center of the earth.
“I’m still not sure of our chances,” Favilla says.
“We can do this Favilla. We are the best of the best,” Cinis reassures her.
“Yeah, but…I don’t know.”
“Do you want to sing another song?”
“Are you going to be truthful about my singing talent?”
“What song should we sing?”
“Do you remember that one song about Sanctor?”
“I do.”
“We’ll need His blessings so let’s sing it.”
“Despite my flaws
Despite my hypocrisy
Despite my hate
You open your arms for me with a smile

You wipe away my tears
You take away my guilt
When I'm with you, I am a person that shares in your joy
Your happiness
Your infinite love

When I stray away, you wait for me
You may let me get hurt, but you always heal me when I need it
I may think I know best, but you always know the truth
When I come back, you forgive because you know my honest mistakes

You help the weak
The lame, the sinful, the people that are thrown away like trash
When we're with you, we follow your example and do the same for others like us
We share your nature
Your wisdom
Your unending love

They spread their ever-changing lies about you
But we stand firm
They hate and mock us
But we are wiser
They think they can win
But we are already victorious

You forgive every sin
We follow you
You give help to those who never receive it
We follow you
Your love is a greater gift than anything conceivable
We follow you in your ever-forgiving love”
Strength fills both their bodies and a strange energy heals them.
“That was beautiful singing, Favilla.”
“I think you sang well too, Cinis.”

Both of them wait for the other to insult them, but it never happens. They then smile at each other and hold hands as they continue their journey.