The End

The battlefields were littered with the bodies of humans, demons, and monsters alike. The hero of this time who had the blessing of time alteration was gathering survivors and looking for help.
            He isolated himself and asked God, “I’ve changed all I can and still humanity barely managed to survive. Is there anything else I can do?”
            “There is no need to change anything for I tell you this is the best ending,” God responded, “This generation of humanity is the first strong one and will begin an age of knowledge and truth. The first time humanity ended was when it committed the first sin and humanity had the capability to be like me. I tell you to put your faith into these people like you have mine and humanity will flourish more than it has before.”
            The hero did this and humanity became stronger than it had ever been before. People were wiser, stronger, and more knowledgeable like God than ever before. The names of these groups of people fade and mix into the ones they do currently and are lost to all libraries except for the library in Heaven that records all. The next time the world ends will test humanity again and will evolve it again as it does now until forever. The only thing that is not known, however, is how much of humanity will be lost during this end and how much suffering and bloodshed will happen.

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