Sample of: Society's Monsters Reborn (Chapter 1, 2, part of 3)

Part 1: The Life of a Monster Reborn
Chapter 1 – Reborn but still Haunted by the Past
            Uh…my mommy said I should start conversations with new people by telling you my name so…Heyo my name is Michael. I’m four years old and I go to pre-school. I don’t have any friends, but I do talk to a girl named Alicia. She’s pretty, but I’m too shy to tell her that. She’s always happy and is very popular in school since she talks and hangs out with everyone. For some reason, I feel sad all the time and I should probably find a quick way to get better since I hear that kids my age have been killing themselves. I remember two of their names, Shawn and Michele, who just recently died. Their mommy and daddies are really sad because they don’t know why they did it. I love my parents, but for some reason I don’t feel thankful for what they do. I know I should be and I try to show my appreciation, but I can’t feel thankful.
I don’t know what it is about today, but I go to the basement, a dark and scary place in the house.
            “Do you know where Michael is?” says mommy.
            “No,” says daddy, “Did you check the basement?”
            “He’s afraid of the basement so why would he be there? Check outside and hurry, his friend will be over soon.”
            I feel like I’m possessed by a ghost being here and I walk further into the basement until I’m in some never-ending hallway. I can’t go back and forward is the only way to go in this dark and cold place. I hear someone groaning so I slowly walk further into the hallway and see the kid who is making all the noise. He has blond hair, brown eyes, and is missing his arms.
He looks up at me and says, “Run away! Get out of here!”
            He then gets dragged further into the hallway kicking and screaming by a giant red hand. Even though I’m really scarred, I can’t help but keep moving. I continue down the hallway and hear more groaning this time it sounds like a girl’s voice. I see her and she has pink hair, blue eyes, and is missing her legs. She looks up at me and says, “Hurry! Don’t worry about me and save yourself!”
            She then gets dragged further down the hallway, flailing and screaming, by the same red hand. The two kids I saw then appear me on platforms, and they have spikes through their bodies.
            A huge monster then appears, who I think is the devil, walks up to me with a smile on his face, and says, “Oh Michael, Michael, Michael. Why has He chosen you children to be reborn in this new world after you’ve done? No matter, you will soon be where you truly belong.”
            He gives me a kitchen knife and I don’t know why, but I can’t control my hands as I take the knife and point it at my heart. The devil laughs and the other two scream as I try to resist whatever’s controlling me, but I can’t do anything. I’m too weak. I close my eyes, waiting to die, but then the knife is taken by someone and they’re saying something that I can’t really hear. I open my eyes and snap out of whatever was happening and I see Alicia with me, holding my hands.
            She looks at me straight in the eyes and says, “Michael! You can’t die now! I know that you’re a really nice person even though you don’t say much. I also know that you’re sad most of the time despite having a smile on your face when I see you, so I promise you that I’ll help you become happy and I also promise you that,” she gets closer to me, “I won’t leave you.”
            She hugs me with a smile on her face and I hug her with tears in my eyes.
            I say to her, “Thank you.”
            But what I really want to say is, thank you Alicia, you’re my hero. She makes me feel so unbelievably happy, so I will return the feeling a zillion times over. I promise you that, Alicia.

Chapter 2 – Friends and Education
            I’m eight years old now and I’m apparently learning college level stuff. In the past, colleges would have these courses before you did the real classes that you need for whatever you wanted to be, but for some reason, they teach us the pre-requs in grade school, “so we can more easily decide what we want to be and have more intelligent people in our world” is what they say. Our world is called Novam Domum and the entirety of humanity, no matter what country we live in, revolves around criticism. The way this works is that you will receive criticism then you figure out what to do with it. Ask yourself, is the criticism right? Is it coming from someone with a valid point? You will also have to criticize yourself and be self-aware so you don’t make yourself look like a hypocrite and you can be able to take jokes. This applies to everything we do so we can continue an everlasting cycle of criticize -> analyze criticism -> change or stay accordingly -> repeat and become a world of constant improvement. It’s apparently worked for centuries and continues to the present day (2004) and with it, scientists say that we will be able to colonize nearby planets and confirm other civilizations in the universe.
            Speaking about other planets, it seems that our scientists have found a planet like ours. It has a parallel layout of land, oceans, and even planets like La Luna are like ours. The surface has what look to be man-made buildings, but most of them look destroyed. I hear that even the planet itself looks demolished with lava bursting out of the surface every now in different places so it’s definitely not a hospitable planet. This, however, does support one of the theories we have that all the creatures and man came from a different planet. Theorists say that everything here was teleported from somewhere since everything seems to stay relatively the same and not change or evolve like on other planets. We can’t find any unique bones in our planet and stories from our ancestors, who knew how to farm, build simple buildings, create a language, and make a society since the beginning of humanity’s existence really make this seem true. There are even world leaders who say they stop deciding on an issue because of deja vu and they end up doing something good for their country because of it.
            “Jeez this is a lot of information to take in,” says someone.
            I know right? And we’re supposed to learn this twice, once in grade school and once in high school. I don’t even get the point of high school anyways if we’re just going to learn the same thing over again except with a little more detail. Alicia doesn’t mind it though, she loves learning. She’s probably the top student in our class and she’s the most well behaved out of everyone. She’ll help people in need by; giving people things they need without wanting anything back, tutoring dumb people in class, like me, and even cheering up the school staff and parents when they need it.
            “Well isn’t she just a Mary Sue.”
            But there’s a catch! Since everyone thinks she’s a perfect angel, she uses this to get away with her own schemes. When the ice cream is missing, no one suspects Alicia even though she was the only one who was close to it. If someone’s project/paper looks like Alicia, they’ll keep an eye on the other person for cheating. When we’re playing a game like dodgeball and the other team is at a disadvantage (there is an uneven number of inflated balls on one side), no one thinks Alicia did a thing. Another think you wouldn’t expect her to do is for her to get revenge in the worst way.
            “Michael,” she said, “If you want to enact your revenge on someone then you have to make sure it hits them so hard that they’ll always feel afraid while being around you.”
            Her smile and look in her eyes were terrifying when said this to me. I really like her, but man can she be scary.
            “So what’s the worst thing she’s ever done?”
            Ummm, well there was this one time she was bullied all day by this trio of girls who were jealous of how smart and pretty Alicia is. Sure, the teacher got the girls to apologize, but that wasn’t enough for her. Throughout the day, she had this dead serious look on her face and her voice was very monotone. I tried to help to her and because of that, she got me involved in her “evil plan”. Together we made fake notes that look like they wrote it so they looked like terrible people. We also cut up some of their possessions and by the time a teacher found all this, we were nowhere near “the scene of the crime”. The girls were sent to detention for weeks and Alicia gave me a kiss on the cheek as payment for helping her out.
            “Thank you. You’re my bestest friend,” she said.
            Three words. Totally worth it.
            “Aww look at the little guy getting the girl.”
            Oh shut up.
            I’ve actually made a couple of friends in the past few years. Lance is a guy who is my age, has blond, slicked back hair, and like to wear red and black like me. He didn’t really talk to anyone and no one was friends with him despite the fact that he is one of the best looking guys in the class (no homo) so I tried to talk to him after school.
            “Hey man, what’s up?” I said to him.
            “-T’s up man, hey.”
            Lance realize what he said and there was awkward silence. I chuckled a bit and so did he.
            “You wanna be friends?” I asked.
            “Because you look like you need one.”
            “You hitting on me?”
            We laugh at the idea.
            “I just thought that you looked lonely and that you need a best friend.”
            “You are hitting on me.”
            “Ok, that’s it!”
            I tackled him to ground and we started to play fight while laughing at each other. We eventually got tired and I helped him up and because of that, we became best friends.
            Another friend I made, is a girl named Angelina. She has black hair, really white skin despite being mostly Japanese, and likes to wear white and brown for some reason. Her parents are strict with her and she really doesn’t have any friends besides us now, but back then she had tons of people making fun of her because of her weirdness so I had to help her. She was bullied by the same three girls that bullied Alicia.
When I saw her being bullied into a corner that were bullying her because of who she is, I said, “So what if she’s weird? I think she’s fine the way she is.”
They move away because they recognized me.
“You didn’t have to do that,” Angelina said, “I’m not worth it.”
I held her hands and said to her, “Yes, you are. It doesn’t matter if you’re weird, I think you’re awesome!”
She blushed.
“But no one likes me and wants to be my friend.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll be your friend. Your bestest friend, and I promise you that, you won’t be alone ever again.”
She smiled and hugged me really tight. Since then, she’s been attached to me and always like to stick around me.
“Aww look who found another girlfriend!”
Shut up! It’s not like that! She’s just one of my best friends.
“Sure she is.”
Tch. Anyways, that’s my life so far and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Chapter 3 – Growing up
            Life is really great for me as of today. In the summer of 2006, my friends, my family, and I went to the shore for summer vacation. Since Alicia and I have been best friends for so long that I thought it would be a good time to ask her The Big Question. I planned on taking her out to the beach, just the two of us to ask her. It isn’t far from our shore house so it doesn’t sound unreasonable.
            I nervously walked up to her and asked her, “Do you want to walk on the beach?”
            “Sure. Is anyone coming with us?”
            “No, I…I just want it to be you and me.”
            She blushed a little and smiled at me.
            “Ok then.”
            We were about to leave the shore house, but then Lance ran up to me and said, “Where are you two going?”
            “We’re just going to the beach. It’s just going to be the two of us.”
            “What are you going to-”
            I nod to try to hint as to my intentions and his eyes widens and he smiles as he seems to understand as if we were speaking some sort of bro language that only best friends could understand. He goes back to whisper to everyone and I leave as to not make my intentions seem obvious to Alicia, but as I left I caught Angelina’s odd expression as she heard the news, which was strange.
            We then made our way to beach and we made it there in time to catch the beautiful sunset and ocean itself was calm which was the perfect scenario to ask her.
            Alicia then said to me, “So what do you want to do here?”
            “Alicia, I uh.”
            I slowly gained the courage to ask what needed to be asked.
            “We’ve been best friends-”
            “The bestest of friends.”
            “Yes, the bestest of friends and I want to ask you,” I held her hands and looked her in her eyes, “Will you be my girlfriend?”
            She gave me the brightest smile that I’ve ever seen on her face as she said, “Yes!”
            I held back tears of joy as we kissed and held each other for what I wanted to be forever until we went back to the shore house where everyone already set up a small celebration. Everyone including Alicia’s parents were overjoyed with what happened as statistically people who begin their relationships early end up together forever.
This day completely overshadows every single day in the year to the point where I barely remember what happened before then.

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