Saturday, December 31, 2016

Next book - One of the 1st books

The next story I'm going to publish is actually one of the 1st stories I wrote as a video game, the third one to be more accurate. I fixed and edited parts to make it more book worthy and I put in some of my video game designs as extras in the story itself. Also to note, Saving Lives and Redemption are the 6th and 7th installments in the Choice and Consequence stories and this is actually 1st.

Dreamless: Writing on the road

I wrote almost half of Dreamless while leaving Disney world. I started writing the story in a small diary/book thing I got there and my main inspiration for doing so, is the idea of Walt Disney and achieving your dreams. This is also the first book story I wrote as I started my writings by writing video game stories.

Book extras

I'll be publishing extras that'll be in my books so you'll see them here first before seeing them in the published books.

Choice and Consequence: two books in one

Development trivia

These two stories were going to be published separately, but after seeing the page count, I decided to put both together to give added value to the book. It is also noteworthy that both stories weren't made to be together though they share a certain plot points that connect them together.