Sunday, July 30, 2017

Stupid ideologies and short reasons why

Get ready for quick fire ranting on several ideologies (and maybe other things) and why I believe they're stupid. (Trigger warning) Ready...Go!

Leftism/Socialism - Constricts more freedoms than it gives since it has to use laws and the government it's so against.

Skeptic - It's a way of thinking of a topic or argument at first not a constant state of being.

Communism - Your starving countries and mass executions say it all.

Fascism - Nazis. That's all I can say. (Not many exist today if any at all so don't listen to the left)

Racial supremacy - KKK and Black Lives Matter are on the side of the same coin.
Modern day Feminism - Sex supremacy of the above.

Islam - More like the religion of extremism and reproducing so much that you overwhelm your enemies with pure numbers than the religion of peace.

Social justice warriors - Mix and match several of the above for a more lethal cancer under the disguise of being good people.

More than 2 sexes - There are only 2 *sexes*. No mayonnaise is not a gender.
*Don't use gender as much since it's term coined by a pedophile (John Money) who experimented on kids who later committed suicide.

Atheism - Willful ignorance at it's finest. For trying to disbelieve God you sure are very lazy about it and put a lot of faith into your sciences and the make believe parts of it.
*P.S. you make a religion of science and whatever else you believe in as your foundation i.e. you make yourself and humanity into gods.

Oh and by the way agnostics, make up your mind on whether you believe in God or not. You look indecisive and lazy if you don't pick a side.

Satanism - Why would you side with the devil who is said to be evil by pretty much everyone?

"Alt-right"/Extreme Conservatism - Nothing more than people who have become leftists except they don't hide the fact they want to control you through the government.

People with titles not being challenged unless you have the same title - A normal person can educate themselves to a great level of intelligence on a certain subject and be just as smart as professionals. These people should be allowed to challenge others so titles aren't used as a form of power. Examples are; scientists, priests, writers, artists, teachers, even parents.

Papal supremacy - God has power over the entire Church and human race not a selected person or even people. They should only be used as experts on the subject of faith, but they should also be able to be questioned. This applies to the previous one, just switch a few words.

Monarchists - I don't think another monarchy is going to happen again. Let it go.

Moral relativism - If you believe that certain morals are absolutes and humans have special value, then you believe that this line of thinking is stupid.

The End. I hope you had fun. Have a good day friends! :)

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Update 7/29/17 and new free eBook

The free eBook version of Kyle the Cosmic Comic Hero is out on Smashwords so go download it if you want a downloaded version of the two stories I have here along with some neat extras. I'll have my next book story out, So Good, but So Evil, later since I have to edit it and draw the pictures for it. I hope the free eBook will hold you over until then. It will be included with the paid book to give it more value.

Also the free eBook sale on Smashwords is ending soon so if you still want to get some of my paid eBooks for free, then get there soon!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Sudden song inspiration: Attempt #1

*This is my first attempt at writing a song. I hope you like it and leave your thoughts about it.

There's a terrible monster you might know
It hangs over you like a crow
I'll warn you once to keep you from pain
For it will drive you insane

It knows everything you love
It knows everything you hate
Give it awhile and it will show you its face
Its always with you, its always stalking
Stop stalling or your life will be the one its stomping

There's a terrible monster you might know
It hangs over you like a crow
I'll warn you once to keep you from pain
For it will drive you insane

It might bring you to Heaven
It might bring you to Hell
But there is one thing for sure, it knows you very well
So listen closely to me and find it and put it to sleep
Or it will be your soul it reaps

There's a terrible monster you might know
It hangs over you like a crow
I'll warn you once to keep you from the pain
For it will drive you insane

Have you seen it?
Felt it?
Of course you have it!

You've seen a mirror before
Maybe you've been acting?
Because you're the one I've been describing!

You're the only one who could stop it!
Follow the truth
Be right and just
Or your soul will damned in that you can trust!

Two free stories for you!

Below are two free short stories that I will make as a free eBook later and as extras in my upcoming book, So Good, but So Evil. Before they were written, these were comics that I drew. This is a reward for you for all the positive feedback I get on my books that I feel like I barely deserve. I hope you enjoy them!

A Short Time in a Mad Man's Mind (Written Form)

* = Narration or events happening.
Unknown – Put your hand on this book and you’ll be in my next story.
Kat – Eh, ok.
Dylan – Alright, just don’t put me in anything weird, ok?
Hector – Sure, why not.
Isaiah – Fine. You should probably kill Hector first if this is a survival book.
William – Ok, but you better make me look good. Haha.
*Everyone who put their hand on the book get sucks into the book.
Everyone – WOAH!
Kat – Woah, what happened?
Dylan – I don’t know, but it looks like we’re in a completely white space.
Hector – Yeah, what lazy motherfucker leaves the background completely white?
Kat – Wait, did you notice that we’re drawn?
William – I did. Why don’t I look right and where’s my nose?!
Isaiah – Did your shape just change or did you just get uglier?
Dylan – No I didn’t, but your bitch ass did!
*Hector points his head out from the edge of the panel while pointing at something.
Hector – Uh, guys. Look over there.
Dylan – What is…
*Everyone looks at the towering person with a weird mask and only half of their body showing.
Dylan – Oh shit.
Unknown – Hai there!
Isaiah – Who the fuck are you?
Unknown – I will be the one overseeing you as you go through my tests.
Kat – And why should we do what you want?
*The unknown man spawns a man with a large white reaper cloak and an Italian doctor’s mask with his hand.
Unknown – Because if you don’t my friend here will make sure you regret doing that.
Unknown – So what will it be?
William – Naw. Thanks bitches, I’m out!
*William tries to run away but a hole appears out of nowhere and he falls down it.
Unknown – Not so fast fuckboy.
William – Dammit!
Hector – Yay! I’m not the first to die!
*The unknown man makes other holes appear where everyone else is standing.
Unknown – Don’t worry. You’ll die soon enough. You all will! Hahahahahaha!
Dylan – Damn it Hector! You had to say something!
Hector – I’m sorry!
*Hector falls on his face someone separated from everyone.
Hector – Ow…Where am I? And where is everyone?
*He finds a mysterious door.
Hector – What’s this big door doing here? I wonder where it leads too…
*The only thing in the room is another door.
Hector – What the? Another empty room with a door?
*The next room is the same except it has the words, “Keep ‘er going to find the exit” written on it with a smiley face and big arrow.
Hector – What the? Ok I guess…
*In the next room, there’s different writing on the wall that says, “This totally isn’t a trap” with a winky face continued with, “Trust me or this kitten” with a drawn kitty face and an arrow pointing to the black cat meowing.
Hector – What the?
*Going into the next room, Hector finds a mirror image of himself with what he says.
Hector – What the?
*The next room is covered with the question he keeps asking “What the?”. In the next room, Hector becomes the door and the cat from before enters from the opposite side meowing and walking in his body.
Hector – What the?
*The kitty cat walks through him and now he’s in a room that has the words, “Exit Yay!” written on it with an arrow pointing to the door and a smiling face.
Hector – Finally!
*And yet, the next room is the same as the others except it has the words, “Isn’t an exit” written with an arrow and an xD face.
Hector – Fuck this shit! I ain’t going through this anymore!
*The cloaked man walks through the empty space at the bottom of the comic and presses a red button on the bottom of the panel which blows up Hector then walks out the opposite side. Hector’s glasses fly away from the explosion as well as the “n’t” from the isn’t so the words now say, “Is an exit”. We now move to William.
William – Uck, I’ve been wandering this place for a while now and still haven’t found anything. Oh!
*William finds a woman in a white dress and one green and one brown eye.
William – Hey gurl, waz sup?
Woman – Oh nothing, just wandering around here.
William – We should stick together. You know, for safety.
*The woman now visibly has a knife behind her back.
Woman – Yes, we should stay close together.
*She then stabs him in the dick.
Woman – Really close.
*Note: The rest of the death scene was cut out because it was “too weird” and “fucked up” even for one of these books. I now fast forward you to the aftermath.
*Isaiah finds a door.
Isaiah – Finally! A way out of here!
*He goes through it and finds William cut up into pieces with guts and blood everywhere.
Isaiah – HOLY SHIT!
*Fearful, he exits the room and slams the door behind him.
Isaiah – Fuck that shit man!
*The cloaked man appears out of nowhere.
Cloak – You have to go there. The exit lies ahead.
Isaiah – You! Did you kill that person?! Was it one of my friends?!
Cloak – Maybe…What are you going to do about it-
Cloak – BITCH?
*Isaiah launches a punch at the man.
Isaiah – Fuck you asshole!
*The two collide punches, but the cloaked man’s punch blows off Isaiah’s arm. Isaiah screams in pain, but then looks up to see the man’s hand in front of his face.
Cloak – Act like a bitch…
*The cloak then blows off Isaiah’s head.
Cloak – Die like a bitch.
*Rejoining Dylan and Kat, who are together…
Dylan – Oh shit. I heard someone get fucked.
Kat – We should probably go check it out.
Disembodied voice – Not so fast.
Dylan – Who said that?
*Chains pop out of the ground and chain Dylan’s and Kat’s arms to the ground.
Dylan – What the hell?!
Kat – Uck! I can’t get free!
*The unknown man appears out of nowhere.
Unknown – That’s kind of the point of them.
Kat – You!
Unknown – Me!
Lynn – And me!
*A friend of theirs named Lynn is in a bird cage in the hand of the unknown man.
Dylan – Lynn?!
Kat – Let her go asshole!
Unknown – Stories like this aren’t complete without a tragic death. One of you will have to sacrifice yourself for the pretty princess in captivity.
Lynn - *gasp* I’m a pretty princess guys!
Dylan – I’ll be the one.
Kat – Dylan, no!
Dylan – Trust me. This is how it should be and hey, maybe my death won’t be that bad.
*The cloak blows through the side of the next panel and does a flying kick that breaks Dylan in half. He then exits by the other side of the panel. This sacrifice frees Lynn and Kat.
Lynn – Yay! I’m free!
Kat – Lynn! Are you okay?!
Lynn – Of I am. Why?
Kat – Because we’re going to make this guy pay for killing Dylan!
Lynn – But none of this is real!
Kat – What are you talking about? Of course this is real and we have to kill this guy!
Unknown – It’s a shame that you think that way.
*The cloak stomps through the top of the next panel and squishes Kat, killing her.
Lynn – Uh, this isn’t real…right?
Unknown – Of course not! So since you’re the last one here, you get an extra special prize!
*The cloak gives Lynn the black cat from before.
Lynn - *gasp* A kitty!
*Lynn hugs the kitty.
Lynn – Oh my God, he is so cute I could just explode!
*The cat meows before Lynn literally explodes from cuteness in a pink puff of smoke.
Unknown – Hahaha! They’re all dead! Hahahaha!
*The next page of panels reveal that the unknown man and cloak was Albert (author) and Kyle the Cosmic Comic Hero.
Albert – Man, I’m fucked up.
Kyle – What makes you say that?
Albert – I just wrote a comic about my college friends being killed and me laughing about it.
Kyle – Eh, that wasn’t so bad. I had fun.
Kyle – I’m going to get my reward by the next comic you write, right?
Albert – Definitely, why?
Kyle – Just asking. There’s no rush.
Kyle – I’ll be going back now. Bye!
Albert – See you next time!
Albert - *sighs* I need to get my head together.

  •  Thanks to; Hector Torres, Dylan-Michael Bechtal, Katerina Tice, Isaiah Baez, William Taz Colon, and Lynn Vo for being in this short story!

Kyle the Cosmic Comic Hero (Written form)

* = narration or events
*One day, a mystical purple comet came down from space and gave five friends…
*But five of them decided to use their powers for Evil!
*They destroyed and stole for the fun of it without thinking about the innocent people they were hurting.
*But one of them became a hero…
*Kyle, who would become the Cosmic Hero! A young man who grew up with in a wonderful and loving family.
*With the power to use fire, ice, super strength, super endurance as well as-
*the ability to run incredibly fast and leap tremendously high.
*He uses these powers to fight powers to fight his evil enemies for justice!
*Kyle has just put one of his villains, whose name is Ashley, under arrest with heavy golden cuffs made especially for her. She can turn anything she touches into gold as long as she wills it.
Ashley – Free me Kyle! And together, we can turn this world into a kingdom of gold with you as the king and me as your queen!
Kyle – Not a chance Ashley. I’m not a gold digger like you are and I won’t let everyone and everything turn into gold.
*Kyle’s phone buzzes and he picks it up.
Kyle – Hello this is Kyle.
Caller – It’s the fire causing flamer Flint causing trouble in the city again!
Kyle – Ok, I’m on it.
*Kyle comes to a building that’s on fire with the firefighters trying to put out the fire. The top of the building explodes and Flint comes out of it while floating in a beam of fire.
Flint – So we meet again, Kyle!
Kyle – Well it isn’t hard to find your fires!
Flint – I’ll try to be more subtle next time.
Flint – But there won’t be a next time because I’ll defeat you! Here and now!
*The two clash powers as Flint uses his fire beam on Kyle and Kyle fires back with an ice beam.
Kyle – Not a chance Flint!
Flint – Urgh! Damn you!
*Kyle’s ice beam overpowers Flint and freezes him in a column of ice.
Kyle – Flint, you better CHILL out next time before you get HEATED up!
*The various police officers and firemen laugh along with Kyle.
Kyle – I trust that you’ve saved everyone?
Fireman – Of course!
Police officer – Kyle! We’ve got calls coming in about Linda the Lustful and the Terror Twins Terry and Tim!
Kyle – Just point me in the direction and I’ll deal with those no good troublemakers!
*Kyle runs at mach speed to the villains’ location and screeches to a halt when he gets there.
Kyle – Up to no good again I see!
*The Terror Twins and Linda have a group of civilians under their control that guards them.
Terror Twins – Yes, but this time you won’t defeat us!
Terry – You see, these people are our shield thanks to my brother’s ingenious plan!
Tim – With the help of Linda, these people will defend us with their lives and since you won’t hurt the innocent-
Kyle – But without her…
*Kyle says as he throws an ice ball at Linda that freezes her completely and frees the people.
Kyle – You’re wide open!
*With one uppercut, Kyle knocks out the Terror Twins. POW!
People – Our hero!
People – You’re Awesome!
People – Thank you Kyle the Cosmic Hero!
*To be continued in Issue #2 in the action-packed adventures of Kyle the Cosmic Comic Hero!

Issue 2
Kyle – Hmmm, well the mayor said I should change my outfit to something different and this is definitely different.
Kyle – I ditched the cape after I got it caught in a jet engine. My friends always did say, “No cape!”
Kyle – I don’t even see the point of it anyways besides the look. It always gets thrown away at the start of the fight.
*He throws the side cape on top of a spinning chair.
Kyle – Things are also starting to get weird, like people and villains acting differently.
Kyle – I’ve also been seeing these bubbles appear and have what people are saying on them. There’s also these squares that I see every so often that have certain events on them.
Kyle – There it goes again!
*He says as he points at the previous panel. The page is turned and the panel is now gone from his sight.
Kyle – Huh, it’s gone. This is weird, it’s like I can see into the past or the future when I look at them.
*Kyle’s phone buzzes.
Kyle – Hello.
Police officer – Linda is at it again at Main Street!
Kyle – Ok, I’m on my way.
Police officer – Hurry! People are dying out here!
*Kyle goes to open his door.
Kyle – Man the police and fire departments haven’t been saving as many people as they used to.
*He slams his door open.
Kyle – But that doesn’t matter, because I will save this city no matter what!
*He then leaps up into the air.
Kyle – Because I am Kyle The Cos-
*He sees what happens on the next panel.
Kyle – Hey, there goes more of those squares! Oh my God! I’d better get there now!
*When he gets there, he sees that Linda is sitting on top a pile of dead bodies with others who are under her control through her pink mist that allows her to mind control people from a distance.
Linda – You’re too late Kyle! I’ve won before you got here!
*He points up to her.
Kyle – Did you make these people kill each other?!
Linda – Why yes I did and I did it for an important purpose. To make the city hate you!
*Kyle speeds up to Linda, grabs her by her shirt, and readies his fist.
Kyle – Why would you do that?
Linda – So they would push you away and in turn make you hate them!
Linda – You will join us. Think about it Kyle! We could all be friends again, united to take control of this city. We-
*Kyle knocks out Linda with a fiery punch.
Kyle – I’ll pass.
*An explosion is made in a nearby building, setting it ablaze.
Kyle – Dang it. I don’t get a break, do I?
*Flint flies out of the building and stands on a pillar of fire.
Kyle – Back for another one on one rematch Flint?
Flint – Yeah, but this time, I’ve got upgraded powers and looks!
*They partake in another beam struggle with Flint using fire and Kyle using ice.
Kyle – Urgh!
Flint – Ha! Your ice power won’t work against me anymore!
Flint – You have to use your fire power against me, but if you do that, you’ll kill the people inside this building!
Flint – So what’s it gonna be? The hero or a few people?
*An explosion is made and Kyle’s decision is clear with his hand that uses fire out.
Kyle - *heavy breaking* I’m sorry.
*He falls to his knees.
Kyle – I’m sorry I couldn’t save even one of you, but at least it’s over and your sacrifices weren’t in vain.
Terry – Oh I wouldn’t end it so quickly.
*The Terror Twins are behind Kyle so he turns around to look at them.
Kyle – Are you looking to fight too?
Tim – No, we aren’t. I’m sure Linda has told you our plan so what’s it going to be?
Kyle – You planned all this?
Tim – Yes, and it went down exactly as we predicted with you standing in this square full of death and destruction.
Terry – Linda, made everyone kill each other and Flint gave you a tough decision with an answer that we’d knew you’d answer correctly because we’re your friends Kyle.
Tim – Yes, and despite our previous fights we still think that you should join us. Otherwise, this will keep happening until the entire city hates you.
Kyle – It won’t happen if they keep you in prison!
*Kyle tries to punch them, but Ashley comes from behind him and turns his arm to gold.
Ashley – You aren’t putting us back in jail.
*Both of Kyle’s arms are turned to gold as well as his chest as she holds him so he is unable to move.
Ashley – Not until you agree to join us. Just give in, for me?
Kyle – Ashley?! Let me go!
Ashley – Remember all the good times we had with each other? Remember when you said that you loved me?
Ashley – We can be together forever just like we said years ago. Just say yes.
Tim – Ashley was the one who convinced us to not hurt you for this plan. She really does love you and so do we, but not in the way she does.
Terry – You may also be wondering why we want to take over the city and the answer is simple. Its leaders are unfit to run it so we will.
Tim – We will make this a better town through our own way of rule. So we say again…
Ashley, Terry, Tim – Join us.
*Kyle uses his fire power to explode to free himself from Ashley. The explosion engulfs all three people. After this, Kyle falls to his knees.
Police officer – Kyle! Are you okay?
Kyle – I’m alright, but are my friends okay?
Police officer – Surprisingly yes. They’re being sent back to their special jail now.
Kyle – Good.
*He gets up and walks away while holding his arm.
Kyle – I’m going home to rest.
Police officer – Hey Kyle, on behalf of the entire city, I thank you for all that you’ve done and even if some of us turn against you, you will still have most of us standing behind you.
Kyle – Thank you. I needed that. Hey, can you tell that person to stop staring at us.
Police officer – Who?
*Kyle takes up most of the panel with his face of the officer in the lower end.
Kyle – This person right here.
*He touches the panel and stretches it outwards.
Police officer – Kyle, there’s no one there. What are you even touching?
Kyle – The invisible wall blocking me from the person. Don’t you see them?
Police officer – Are your powers mutating to give you some sort of extra sense or are you going crazy?
*Find out what happens next in the final issue of Kyle the Cosmic Comic Hero!
*Kyle pops out of the bottom of the book and points at the above text.
Kyle – Look at this! They even know my name and what does it mean by final issue?

Issue #3
Kyle – Whew! Finally, a new outfit that both the mayor and I could agree on.
Kyle – Though I still wonder why I have to wear a mask since the villains know who I am. Well there is…
*There’s a knock at Kyle’s door and he goes to open it to see the police officer he usually sees in each issue.
Kyle – Hey man what’s up.
P.O. – Your friends broke out of jail again.
Kyle – What?! Again?! Why didn’t you just call me?
P.O. – I wasn’t too far away from you when I heard.
Kyle – I thought you had them in special cells.
P.O. – We do, but they’re not perfect.
Kyle – Then what’s the point of them?!
P.O. – To keep them until, uh-
Kyle – Until what? Are you hiding something from me?
P.O. – Ah shit.
Kyle – Every time they break out tons of people die so tell me your damn secrets!
P.O. - *sigh* They’re kept until people come to see you guys fight.
Kyle – What?!
P.O. – You’re a popular icon Kyle. Haven’t you seen all the comics, movies, and video games? The city makes a lot of money off of you.
*Kyle takes off his mask while hiding his face.
Kyle – You used me to sell things and make crappy products…
*The entire page reveals Kyle’s eyes or lack there of since there is only darkness where his eyes should be.
Kyle – Are you fucking kidding me?!
P.O. – Kyle what’s up with your eyes?!
Kyle – This is one of the reasons I keep my mask on. The comet did this to me and – hey don’t change the subject!
Kyle – That’s it! I’m going to kill them and end this. No more deaths and no more shitty books!
P.O. – Wait, don’t kill them! Aren’t they still your friends?
Kyle – You’re right. I’ll try to get them to stop being villains, but if they can’t change, I’ll kill them.
Kyle – Oh and one more thing…
P.O. – What is it?
Kyle – They were right to try to take over this city.
Kyle – And to you on the other side of this barrier, cover your eyes. This might get disturbing.
*Once Kyle gets to the location of his friends, which is a large empty building, he stands outside of it and looks at it before entering.
Kyle – Huh, now this isn’t a trap at all. An empty building near the shore isn’t suspicious.
Kyle – And of course it’s a trap made by the twins and their boyfriend.
Tim – You know us so well and we assume you know our plan?
Kyle – I do and I know the real reason why you want to take over now.
Terry – Do you now?
Kyle – Yes and we don’t have to fight them to fix things. Just give up these schemes and focus on exposing them peacefully, it’s that simple. It’s easy for people with powers like ours.
Tim – So you do know about how they sell us as entertainment but what you don’t know is that they will find another way to make us fight or profit off us in experiments or war.
Kyle – Trust me, we can work something out. Don’t fight me or I’ll be forced to kill you.
Tim – You can’t even get the chance to kill us because we’ve upgraded Flint’s powers.
Kyle – Death it is then. Give me your best shot!
Flint – You got it!
*Flint unleashes a huge burst of flames more powerful than anything he’d done previously, but Kyle uses a new ability he has. He backs out of the comic panel he’s in to dodge the blast.
Kyle – Let’s see how they handle my new trick.
*With his new ability, he climbs and drops through the next panel, where his friends are.
Terry – Where did he go?
*Which also goes through Flint’s arms which completely shatters them in the next panel he lands in. Now behind them, he catches them by surprise with Flint’s arms breaking in agonizing pain.
Terry – Huh?!
*Kyle grabs the twins by where they’re separated and begins to tear them apart.
Tim – Kyle don’t!
*He doesn’t listen to them and separates them, which kills them.
Flint – Holy shit Kyle! What the fuck is wrong with you?!
*Kyle is now covered in body with a creepy smile on his face.
Kyle – I figured out what I was supposed to do and man is it fun! Hahahaha! Give up yet?!
*Flint stands up despite his pain.
Flint – No…
Flint – I! Huh?
*Kyle is ready for him and blasts his face off.
Kyle – BOOM! Hahahahahaha!
Kyle – Who knew that this would be so much fun and next up is the two girls.
Kyle – See? Didn’t I warn you about something like this was going to happen? Now let’s see what exciting events happen next!
*He breaks through to the next page.
Kyle – Ah! I made it. Oh. What are they talking about?
*Kyle climbs through the panels and the books while watching Ashley and Linda sit and talk on top of a rooftop.
Linda – Why did you take your mask off?
Ashley – Because I want to stop wearing this mask and show Kyle my real face.
*Ashley’s eyes are the same as Kyle’s.
Linda – What’s the point? He already knows what you look like.
Ashley – Yeah, but we haven’t exactly seen each other like this in a while.
Linda – Oh come on, we both know that you love him. You want me to use my powers so he’ll be all over you.
Ashley – No, I want him to love me of his free will.
Linda – I doubt he will since he’s so dedicated to protecting this city. That’s why the twins and Flint are going to knock him out and bring him here.
Ashley – What? That wasn’t what they told me.
Linda – What did they tell you? That they’ll talk to him? Oh please, do you really think that they would convince Kyle to join us?
Ashley – Call them and tell them not to hurt Kyle! NOW!
Linda – Or what?
Ashley – Or I’ll turn you into gold and shatter you into pieces!
Linda – Oh really? Just try it!
Kyle – Better get in there before Ashley gets hurt.
*Kyle leaps off the book and into the panel. He is now between Linda and Ashley.
Kyle – There’s no need to fight over me ladies!
Linda – Kyle? Where did you come from?
Ashley – Is that blood?! Are you okay?!
Kyle – Me? I’ve never felt better which is more than I could say for the other guys!
Linda – Wait, what are you saying?
Linda – What?! Why?!
Ashley – I don’t believe you.
Kyle – It’s true. I killed them because they didn’t give up their villainous ways that lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands and the city’s exploitation of us.
Kyle – But you don’t have to share their fate. Give up now and I’ll work out a deal with the city, maybe even cut your jail time.
Linda – No way Kyle! The city won’t listen to us. Our way is the only right way!
Kyle – Ok then, you’ve decided your fate!
Linda -Then let’s see how you fight while under my control!
Ashley – Stop it!
*Linda shoots out her mind control beam, but Kyle backs out of the panel.
Kyle – You can’t fight what isn’t on the panel!
*Kyle then uses the panel to climb his way to the next page.
Kyle – Onto the next page!
*On the next page, Kyle climbs through the panels to get to the top one.
Linda – Where did he go?
Ashley – I don’t know.
*While climbing up, he sees the individual hims that act out his actions.
Kyle – Hey me.
Kyle – Hi!
Kyle – Hey there!
*He then kicks Linda’s head off in the first panel. Ashley doesn’t see Kyle do this but she does see it fly off.
Ashley – WHOA!
*Coming back around, Kyle crushes Linda’s head in the ground with her blood flying onto Ashley. She falls to the ground in surprise.
Ashley – Kyle?!
*He turns to her with a satisfied smile.
Kyle – So what about you Ashley? What’s your answer?
Ashley – Kyle, what’s wrong with you?!
*The next large panel shows Kyle’s bloodied, smiling face.
Kyle – I’m perfectly fine. Hahahaha! Never better as a matter of fact. Why is something wrong?
Ashley – You’ve changed. You’re someone I don’t know!
Kyle – Well that’s what happens when you find out that you’ve been used and the reason behind the deaths of innocents. But you didn’t answer my question, so what is it?
Ashley – No, I can’t. You aren’t the Kyle I know.
Kyle – Oh well. It’s a shame really, but don’t worry, I’ll make this quick.
Ashley – No! Don’t you love me?!
Kyle – How could I love someone who tries to force them against others he cares about and doesn’t listen to them when they have a solution to their problems?
*These words bring tears to Ashley’s face.
Ashley – What about all those times we had together?! Don’t they mean anything?!
Kyle – No, they’re all lies and meaningless now because of what you’ve done.
Ashley – Stop it Kyle! You’re breaking my heart!
Kyle – That’s exactly what I plan to do.
*Kyle then punches through Ashley’s chest, killing her. He calms down and looks over what he’s done.
Kyle – Things had to end this way for people to be saved. I hope you understand that.
*He closes her eyes.
Kyle – But there’s still one thing I have to do.
*Kyle breaks through the comic in the next panel.
Kyle – YOU!
Albert (author) – Me?
Kyle – Yes you, you ugly motherfucker!
Albert – What do you want me to do?
Kyle – I want you to make sure no one continues this comic series and/or reboots it!
Albert – Ok, that’s fine. That’s what I was going to do anyway.
Kyle - *Sighs* Good, my work here is finished.
Albert – Uh, before you disappear for good, you have to *whispers*
Kyle – Well that sounds like fun, but why should I do that?
Albert - *whispers*
Kyle – Hahaha, I’ll get what?
Albert - *whispers*
Kyle – You got yourself a deal my man! But I must ask you, what are those bloody tears on your face for?
Albert – Oh, that’s just something personal. It’s a really long story for that.
Kyle – I understand.
*Kyle goes back into the comic.
Kyle – Welp. I should be going back now. Bye!
Albert – Bye!
Albert – Next time will be…special. Hahahaha.