The Lowest Member of Heaven

There was once was man who was more monster than man. His name is Marcello and he killed droves of men and women of varying ages and cultures. He started out as a poor homeless boy who couldn’t get any help from anyone. They wouldn’t even bother to listen to him as he cried in the mud and rain. To get attention, to get some semblance of power or control in his life, he killed people which finally got people to turn their heads his way. He then grew up to kill different kinds of people ranging from skilled fighters to unborn children. He had to kill every type of human for a reason he had not thought of. This man wore a goat’s head and skirt that had the design of every sin a man could commit. His weapon of choice, a single curved sword with edges and curves to it that made it an incredibly dangerous weapon. He met his match with a group of vigilantes who took him down though he killed fifteen of them before he was brought down. They tied him up and brought him to their camp site.
            “If you’re going to kill me then do it now,” he said in the mud he found himself in again, “I have finally been defeated by warriors more skilled than I.”
            The woman who struck him down knelt down and said, “We have no reason to kill you. You will be one of our friends.”
            “What are you talking about? I’ve killed thousands of men, women, children, and even your friends. What reason do you have not to hate me?”
            “We are better than that. We love our enemies.”
            “Love your enemies? What insanity is this?”
            “This is one of the commands given to us by our Lord.”
            “Your Lord is a fool. Who loves their enemies?”
            “Those able to forgive and be strong as Him. Sinners and people without wisdom love those who do good to them and hate their enemies. The two are not so different from each other therefore we follow our Lord’s words and do good to our enemies and treat them like people and not as animals.”
            “You fools are too late to save an animal such as I and turn me into a saint if that is your intention.”
            “Death is the only time when it is too late. You still have plenty of time.”
            The vigilantes treated him like a friend while they had him. They fed him, shared stories of adventure, and let him sleep in their tents during which the man was surprised beyond words to even do anything as he tried to comprehend their mercy and forgiveness.
            One day he asked the woman he talked to, “Who is your Lord? I must talk to him to understand his philosophies.”
            “Our Lord is God who created what you see before you. He created everything good and all of the beauties of the world.”
            “He must’ve not created me for I am evil.”
            “Nothing in this world is created to be evil. You were unjustly treated by those around you and I apologize on their behalf. Human nature can be weak and easily corruptible.”
            “But what about all that which is not human like disease and the various monsters that roam the world?”
            “What makes them evil? They are only performing the actions they were planned to.”
            “But what God would create things that would make others suffer?”
            “These things are not created to make us suffer, rather, they were created to keep humanity moving, active, and wise. Humanity would be docile and lazy if there was nothing to challenge us.”
            Amazed by her knowledge, he says, “Then I must meet your God to truly understand what you are saying. Is there any way to meet him?”
            “Prayer and observing all that is around you is the only way to contact him. There’s also death but He would deny seeing you because of what you have done.”
            Marcello then devoted his life to finding God in the world and through the years, he slowly got an understanding of Him through his new friends and the beauty of the world that laid before him. He became a better man and helped others like how his friends helped him. Unfortunately, others didn’t like this group of man changing vigilantes and formed an army to kill them all and so they did with Marcello the only survivor. As the battle raged, the woman who helped him and who became his lover died in his arms with a smile on her face and hope in her eyes and through these eyes, he saw the eyes of God.
            “Yes Lord. I’ve finally found you and I will carry out Your will as a loyal soldier.”
            He then took his sword and cut down the entire army. It is said that there were hundred, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of corpses at the battle. The man is told to be a devil among men with his fighting capabilities though He fought in God’s name. Though he triumphed, he died from his wounds and approached Heaven’s gates where he knelt before God.
            “I am not worthy to enter your kingdom Lord. Let me defend your walls instead and be at my rightful place as the lowest of all your people.”

            God granted his request and he is now one of the only guards to defend the gates of Heaven. Every now and then, his past friends and lover will exit Heaven just to talk and act like how they used to and this is enough to keep him satisfied. The Lowest Member of Heaven is a man who can cut down hundreds of thousands of men single handily. What does that say about those in its walls and those lower than those who reside in Hell?

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