Tale of a Boy Who Lived and Died in Pain

            There was a boy who lived in the first few years of humanity. He suffered at the hands of others because of his innate artistic abilities and to see beauty in all things even things like vermin and disgust and they exiled him. Every couple of days, he would sit under a fig tree with God to discuss his findings and God would tell the boy what elements He used to make it which fascinated the boy. The boy would then use this knowledge to make farms, gardens, and domesticate several species of animals. Demons would try to destroy his creations, but when they encountered him, he would make them his friends and they would defend his farms and gardens even against other demons. Several people saw this boy as the devil with his demons and creations by his side. When the boy visited the town to share his knowledge and fruits of labor, they tied him up, tortured him to the boy where he died of his injuries. As the boy went to Heaven, the demons of Hell cursed him to have the same dirtied and bloodied appearance that he had when he died and as he entered Heaven, the citizens were uneased by him. He wandered through the streets and went to the place in Heaven that God told him to go when he died. God had grown the same fig tree that was on Terra and the boy found God waiting for him there with open arms.
God asked the boy if he understood why He wasn’t there to help him in his time of need and the boy said, “I know and you brought me here with you. I care not about the past so do you want to talk about the birds? I’ve seen ones that can turn their heads all the way around and ones that caw. Those ones are pretty like the rest, but these ones are unique. Can you tell me more about them?”
God then shed a single tear of joy for the boy’s understanding, which the boy tried to wipe away with his dirtied and bloody hand but was then stabbed in this hand by a guardian angel who didn’t want this disgusting looking hand to touch the face of God. This angel was thrown down to Hell by God Himself and became the Demon of Jealousy. The boy, on the other hand, now takes one of the highest seats in Heaven that a human can obtain with the hand that was stabbed becoming the hand that helps those abandoned by humanity, healing their wounds, and pains caused by others. God wiped away the curse on him and is now one of the most beautiful humans in existence. On special days, he’ll sit underneath a fig tree with God and talk about the beauties of the universe and be told its secrets.

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