The Cuchillos

People who culturally focus on science and the advancement of humanity. These people have the most advance technology with their city built on an ocean. During their childhood, they are extensively taught in academia with little self-defense training. Once they become young adults, they can have one of their arms replaced with a mechanical one, a tool, or a weapon. Another special tool they have are simple masks that improve their vision. Most wear festive or showy masks while few wear intimidating ones. These people have a strong government with an average sized army though it is rumored that they have a special shadow division. On top of that, there is another division that is said to be trying to harness the powers of nature to make someone into the first mage. Their time is spent more on analyzing the natural world than on faith and are not too concerned with it though some try to study it.

Politics, science, and secrecy give this culture a unique power that the other cultures don’t have. New inventions in medication and tools give allow them to be a huge force in the commercial scene and push the other cultures to do better. They may not have God on their side, but they do have a new invention that may become their enemies’ newest nightmare.

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