The Blighted

A culture of people stepped in the old ways of humanity. They consist mostly of knights, archers, and hunters. Their technology is not on par with the other cultures but they one field they excel in is armor. At a young age, they are forced to kill a dragon, skin it, and replace their skin with the skin of the dragon. Their arms are cut off and are available to be replace with sword, shields, and various other weapons and tools. This process is highly painful, but most survive and are made into formidable warriors.
            They worship God in a traditional sense with only a handful of them in the position of government. They only have a small government so they can interact and negotiate with other cultures. They also rarely study the sciences and focused more on survival and morality than anything else. An important value of theirs is the value of family or of kin inside the culture. They are taught to respect each other even if one does something evil. Attacks or betrayal at them is met with resentment and aggression from most of them, which makes them a deadly people to mess with.

            These dragon slaying people have the strongest military in the land. Tradition runs deeper than the blood they spill and the spilling of blood is what they’re best at.

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