Queen of the Bandits

Donna Travolgenta was a girl born in a family full of bandit men without any women to relate to. They found her in the mud near a crashed carriage with her dead parents and horses. They took her in out of pity and the possible future of her being their loyal prostitute, but after she grew up, this thought disappeared from their minds. The men taught her how to be strong like men typically were in this age and because of it she grew to be like them. She even grew taller and became more muscular than most or even all women of this time period. This also affected her looks as most of her feminine features are gone to the point where some would call her ugly. Her strength was on par with the strongest bandits and this resulted in her becoming their leader.

She lead them to pillage and plunder many villages and other bandit bases to the point where her bandits became the strongest and most feared in the land. This group sucked in other bandits and other who wanted to be like them and now holds significant power in the land. Their tactics are brilliant, their ways brutal, their leader unstoppable. Donna is a woman unlike any other and is smart, strong, but lacks femininity. Few know her weakness for cats and even fewer know how to exploit it. Despite this, her and her forces are not to be underestimated as a woman with the strength and traits of the strongest men is a rare and deadly sight.

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