Friday, December 29, 2017

New livestream on video games

Just did a livestream on religion in video games with Red Pill Religion and White Injun.

New giveaway and books that will be released

Gone Nuclear Giveaway

My newest giveaway is for my book inspired by the Fallout video games. There are 12 available and the giveaway is going for 12 days, so follow me on Twitter to be entered into the giveaway for a chance to get this book in eBook form!

These are the books I have in mind to write;
Choice and Consequence of Caring for Another
Choice and Consequence: The Final Half (Collection of the rest of the Choice and Consequence stories)
Choice and Consequence: Behind the Flesh (Behind the scenes commentary of the Choice and Consequence stories)
Society's Monsters: The Complete Dream (Collection of the Society's Monsters stories)
The Monster and His Mistress (Will include a prequel and sequel to the original)

Other books that are planned;
Trapped Body and Soul in a Video Game Sequel (After SAO Fatal Bullet comes out)
Best Intentions, Worst Results (Inspired by Bloodborne)
Tested Faith (Physical Collection of Scraping By, Best Intentions, Worst Results, and Man made gods)
Physical collection of The Monster and His Mistress that will have extras that the free version will not.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Corrections for stories

Hey everyone. If you're a normal customer for me or someone who knows me, then you know I make grammar mistakes on the stories I've written. This is because I don't have an editor and don't catch all the mistakes I've made the 2nd or even 4th time while looking over the stories. If you find any mistakes, then comment them below and I'll add your name to the re-published version of the story with it.

Thank you

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas and updates

Merry Christmas everyone! As far as writing goes, I'm probably going to do a full version of The Monster and His Mistress then do a paid version that has more than the free version. But first, I'll start writing the last Choice and Consequence story then publish a collection of the other half of the series. There will probably be more since I managed to publish about 20+ stories in a year. Also don't worry about getting free stories since I always manage to do that without planning.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! 😀🎅

If you're wondering what I've been doing, I've been taking a small Christmas break on writing. I'll be writing again soon, so check out my Twitter and Facebook for updates and other things as well.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Livestream with Red pill religion and Ghost of Buckley

With a second livestream today, I join @RedPillReligion and @wbuckley59 to response to Noel Plum's anti-theist video.

Coffee talk

Just had a great chat with @RedPillReligion @wbuckley59 @Lead1225

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Choice and Consequence of Losing Yourself (short story with Behind the scenes)

Prologue - Two Opposites brought Together
            Do you know who you are? I bet you think you do, but Sabrina, a blond prostitute who is in her late twenties, doesn’t. She doesn’t remember her parents, birthplace, childhood, nothing at all. All she knows is that she woke up one day in a Grimm Reaper gang hideout and was forced into prostitution or else she would be left homeless. The gang forced her to do what she was told without question.
Tyler, on the other hand, is someone completely different. He wishes he forgot his past because it tortures him every day. He didn’t have a father growing up, so all he had was his mother and the two of them were the best of friends. Tyler, at a very young age, would go out and work for money to help his mom and he would even clean the house including the clothes and take care of the yard. Whenever his mother was sick, he would skip school and spend the entire day taking care of her. On one day, everything changed for Tyler, as two cops had broken into their house believing his mother was a wanted, dangerous criminal. She looked like the person they were looking for, so they tried to arrest her, but when they misinterpreted her actions as one of aggression, they shot and killed her in supposed self-defense. Tyler was devastated and at that moment he vowed blood vengeance on both cops, who were never punished for their actions. He then founded The Grimm Reapers in order to fight against corrupt cops and when he found the cops that he was looking for, after years of searching for them, he killed them and their spouses in front of their children and left them by themselves with their dead parents. Not many people knew that Tyler did this, and the people that did, thought that justice had been served in the right way. The gang gained popularity because of their deeds and even though the gang was founded on an overall good goal, they later expanded their business with prostitution and drugs. Later, in the years, they would be getting more and more members who would join the gang because their parents were killed by cops who were taking vengeance on their parents who supported the Grimm Reaper. This is the event that made Tyler realize that he had just started a cycle of orphaned children, killing the murders of their parents and leaving more orphaned children with the same idea of revenge. He attempted to cut out his gang’s killings and other illegal practices to the best of his ability, but there will always be someone who disagrees with you. He then went back to his mother’s grave, dug it up, and took her skull to wear on his head as a sign of shame and to punish himself for what he has done.
These two people are being brought together to establish their gang’s influence in the town of Hillside City, a crazy place without any gangs in them because of their strong and brutal police force. Sabrina and Tyler won’t be ready for what’s going to happen.
They don’t even know each other too well, but then again…who really does know one another, let alone themselves?

Chapter 1-Setting the Scene
            The two get out of the truck and unpack the gang’s supplies with other gang members at an abandoned hotel that is in a low-class part of town.
Once they settle down, Tyler gathers the small group together and says to them, “Welcome to Hillside City boys and girls. It’s one of the most infamous cities in the world that’s full of dangerous and crazy people. So let’s take a walk around the city, get a feel of it, but don’t cause any trouble…yet. I don’t want to lose any of you and draw attention to us this early, especially with the lethal police force out there. One last thing I’d like to mention is that…Sabrina.”
“Yes?” she says
“You’re with me until I say you can leave. That includes sleeping in my room so get your stuff up there after we come back from our little walk.”
Tyler then walks away to talk to some of the gang members.
A female prostitute named Bailey whispers to Sabrina, “Oh, you’re lucky.”
Jay, a male gang member, walks over to Sabrina, and says, “Tyler doesn’t invite many girls to be with him. You should be very thankful for his decision since he pays you more than us.”
Sabrina is indeed thankful and lucky at the same time. Not only does she get paid more so she can buy expensive things, but she can also finally get some answers as to who she is. Her previous attempts at finding her past have ended in her being beaten and abused so hopefully, this doesn’t end the same way. She can seduce Tyler, get into his mind and feelings and get him to tell her, her whole backstory. Once she starts to bring her stuff upstairs and have Tyler in the room alone with her, she starts to work her magic on him.
“So, Tyler you want to have some alone time until we go out? You know…get to know me better inside and out?” she seductively says while being really close to him.
“Do you really want to do this?” Tyler asks.
Confused by what he said, Sabrina asks, “What do you mean?”
“I know that you don’t really know who you are and that you were forced into prostitution. That’s why I’m asking.”
Relieved to hear that he already knows her situation, and thinking about it now how could he not, she says, “Oh God no! No offense to you, of course.”
“None taken. I know there were gang members and prostitutes who joined against their will and I just needed another person to confirm it to fully convince me.”
“Does that mean that you know who I was before I was brought here?”
“Unfortunately, no. You’re the only case that I know of that doesn’t have any idea of your past or who you are.”
Sabrina’s excitement severely dies down and Tyler puts his hand on her shoulder to try to comfort her.
He then says, “Don’t worry. I’m sure we can find out. What most people don’t know is that we have a few safe houses here that have some lost files and information pertaining to our gang. Maybe we can find something in one of them that has something about you.”
“Ok,” she quietly says.
“Hey, do you still want to stick with me or would you rather be by yourself?”
Given her options, she tells him that she’ll stay with him.
“I think that will be better too. Even I don’t know too much about the crazies in our gang, something I should really be working on.”
For Sabrina’s comfort, Tyler has given her, her own bed so she doesn’t feel forced to sleep with him. Afterwards, the gang, Tyler and Sabrina then finally get ready to go out and see what the town has in store for them.

Chapter 2-Just like the Darkness
Tyler and Sabrina stick together while the rest of the gang is spread out throughout the rest of the city. The two walk through the more middle-class part of the city as they search for one of the gang’s abandoned safe houses.
“What will you do once you find out who you are?” says Tyler.
“I don’t know. It all depends on who I turn out to be.” Sabrina says.
“What if you don’t like who you are? What will you do?”
“I don’t know, can you stop asking these obvious questions that I’m already thinking of?”
“Hey!” he pushes her up against the wall, “Just because I’m helping you find out who you are, doesn’t mean that you can disrespect me! Remember that you’re still part of MY gang, even if its temporary, and I’m still the boss around here.”
Sabrina turns her head while still looking him dead in the eyes and says, “I’m sorry.”
Silence fills the air as both of them stare at each other for a few seconds.
Tyler calms down and says, “It’s ok. I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have snapped so easily.”
“It’s fine,” Sabrina says as she pushes herself off him, “How far are we from the safe houses?”
“Not too far from here,” Tyler says as he leads the way, “Come on, it’s this way.”
They find their way to a big abandoned office building and begin to search it for information. One of them searches the very top third floor while the other searches the floor below them.
“Jeez, there’s nothing here, but extra files,” Tyler says as he looks through them, “Might as well take them with me just in case the police find them.”
He looks out a nearby window and thinks to himself, “Wow this city looks like shit. How does a city with such low criminal activity stay this bad?”
Tyler then starts to hear loud banging noises coming from upstairs.
“Sabrina?” he yells, “You ok up there?”
He then hears her screaming.
He runs towards the stairs but is then stopped by a set of claws that stab through the ceiling that almost impale him.
Tyler tries running away from them, but the claws encircle him. Tyler then grabs a nearby desk and uses it as a shield to protect himself from the unrelenting attacks.
“Sabrina! Can you see what’s trying to kill me?”
“No! I can’t see shit!”
A claw then goes through the desk Tyler has, trapping him in place.
“I’m pinned down here! You have to try to find out where the claws are coming from cause I can’t hold out for long!”
“Ok, I’ll try!”
She grabs a nearby plank of wood and walks through the darkness. Claws then jut out of nowhere and cut Sabrina’s side. She turns around in reaction to it and doesn’t see the source of the attack. She walks into the direction where she thinks the attack came from and then gets cut from behind.
“This is fucking bullshit”, she thinks to herself as she stands her ground and waits for the next attack.
She hears the sound of something moving the air and turns around just in time to hit the oncoming claws.
“Gotcha ya”, Sabrina thinks as she moves forward following the retreating claws as she smacks away the attacks with the plank. She then sees some kind of monster in the darkness and rushes toward it while dodging its attacks and uppercuts it with the plank so hard that it breaks it the weapon. The creature is flipped on its side, but then quickly recovers as it screams and retreats into the darkness, finally giving the two a break. They meet up and notice that the places that was stabbed and clawed at by the monster has no marks on them at all now.
“Are we going crazy?” says Tyler.
“I don’t know,” says Sabrina, “But it sure does look like it. Did you find anything? Cause I didn’t.”
“Yeah, but not the ones we’re looking for. All I have is a list of people that would always see and work with each other. I could probably use it when we finally find the crazy ones in our gang so I can find who they work with.”
Feeling disappointed, Sabrina says, “Well I guess that’s good.”
“Hey,” he puts his hand on her shoulder, “We’ll find out who you were before and make those who did this to you pay for what they did. I promise.”
She smiles a little and thanks him. They then go back to the hotel and rest for the next day.

Chapter 3-Your Turn, My Turn
            As they sleep in the same room together, Sabrina notices that Tyler has trouble sleeping. He twists, turns, and mumbles to himself while he sleeps.
            “Maybe it’s because Tyler isn’t wearing his mom’s skull?” Sabrina thought to herself as she tries to fall asleep.
            Tyler then jolts up, sweating and heavy breathing. He notices that Sabrina isn’t in her bed and he gets out of bed to see if she’s still in the building. The hotel is oddly darker than it’s supposed to be at night while clanging noises are randomly echoed throughout the halls.
Tyler carefully wanders around, staying close to the walls while saying, “Sabrina? You there?”
The noises slowly grow louder and louder until they are directly on top of Tyler then suddenly stop. Tyler stops walking and doesn’t move a muscle with his heart beating rapidly and sweat pouring down his face. He looks around, constantly double-checking what’s behind him until a door opens in front of him. Shocked and in disbelief, Tyler watches as his mother walks out of the room with her body, naked and decayed.
“Mom?!” Tyler says as he slowly walks towards her.
Tyler’s mom uses both of her hands to tear open her own face to reveal the dark void in her head.
“Oh shit!” Tyler says as he sprints away, and the creature chases him.
He runs throughout the now maze-like hallways with no way out and nowhere to hide. Suddenly, he is pushed and pulled down certain paths until he is put into an empty room and the door behind him closes. Tyler nervously runs around the room hitting the walls and pulling at the door to get out until Sabrina turns him around.
“Are you okay Tyler? You’ve been running around like a madman,” says Sabrina.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” Tyler says while catching his breath, “Was that you who was pushing and pulling me around?”
“Yes. I didn’t want anyone seeing you like you were, plus you were already having nightmares. I got you some milk to help you sleep by the way.”
Tyler drinks it then says, “Thank you. I owe you one.”
“You don’t have to. It’s me who owes you one since you’re helping me find out my past,” she says while smiling at him.
Tyler then can’t help but crack a smile of his own back at her as he feels a bond form between them, a kind of bond that he hasn’t felt in years.
“Do you me to sleep with you?” she asks.
“What? Why are you asking?”
“Since you have trouble sleeping.”
“You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”
“No, it’s fine. I don’t really want to see you spazzing out and running around like a dumbass.”
“Hey!” Tyler says while lightly hitting her shoulder.
Sabrina laughs at him while Tyler smiles and shakes his head. The two go back to their room and Tyler almost instantly falls back to sleep. Feeling that it will help, Sabrina holds Tyler in bed, like a mother holding her child. The both of them sleep peacefully for the rest of the night.

Chapter 4-My Turn, Your Turn
Sabrina wakes up the next morning to see that Tyler has turned around and now both of them are holding each other. She also witnesses the brightest smile on Tyler’s face, a smile that no one really sees.
He wakes up and Sabrina says, “Good morning.”
Tyler says good morning to her and, “Was I like this the entire night?”
“No, I never see you with that type of smile with your skull of. You should do it more often,” she says as they get out of bed.
“No not that, you know what I mean.”
“I don’t know. I just woke up too.”
“So,” Tyler says as they get dressed, “Are we going out to search those safe houses again?”
“You don’t have to come with me. Just give me a map or directions to these safe houses while you take care of the gang here.”
“I already told people that I was going out to find the safe houses and I have people overlooking things while I’m gone. So don’t worry about it. Ok?”
They go out after eating breakfast and they travel deeper into the poor section of the city. Near the location of the safe house, they find a building that is taken over by a group of homeless people that walk up to them.
One of them says, “Hey, what’s people like you doing here?”
Tyler says, “We’re looking for someplace around here and we’d appreciate it if you’d leave us be.”
“Don’t tell us, but I’m guessing that you’re looking for a secret safe house that your gang owns.”
“How do you know about it?”
“We just happened to find it while searching the tunnels underneath the bridge months ago. It has all sorts of information about your gang and its inner workings.”
“Do you have the files with you now?”
“Yes, but you have to pay a price.”
Tyler hesitantly asks, “What’s the price?”
The some of the homeless people look at Sabrina.
“Oh hell no!” says Tyler.
“Tyler, it’s ok,” says Sabrina, “I’m used to this kind of stuff.”
“You heard the lady man and don’t think of interrupting us or else, we’ll kill her,” says one of them as they take Sabrina away.
Tyler is then left alone outside, trying to get his mind off of what they can be doing to her, to try to think that what she’s doing what she’s doing is worth the info, but he can’t get his mind off of thinking about her safety.
"These people are dirty", he thinks to himself, "They could be giving her diseases and doing disgusting things to her that she isn’t comfortable with, but then again, that’s the kind of people we did business with so Sabrina would be used to it. Then again, Sabrina was forced into prostitution so she shouldn’t be doing this anymore! Not while I’m here!"
Tyler then busts through the door while everyone is barely clothed.
“Tyler?!” Sabrina says in surprise as he mercilessly beats up the four homeless people, disarming them of their makeshift weapons and knocking them out, but leaving one conscious to question.
He grabs the person, lifts them up and says, “I’m not going to let you take advantage of her anymore you perverted freaks!”
“Chill man, just calm down! You want those files right?!” the person says.
“What I want is to beat the shit out of you since you’re more like sick monsters than people, but fine,” he lets the person go, “Give us what we came here for.”
“Heh,” the person nervously says, “The thing is, is that we uh…sold the files to the police.”
Tyler sighs and starts pacing back and forth.
The man then says, “And, uh… rumor has it that they also found another one of your safe houses because of the files we gave them and took everything in it.”
Tyler looks them in the eyes which makes the homeless man cower in the corner of the room.
“I-I-I’m sure that they’ll be more than happy to give the files to you, given the way your gang is changing.”
“Hmm, you might be right. Now get the fuck out of here before I lose my shit…and bring your friends with you!”
The homeless man drags his friends to the best of their ability out of the building.
“You ok?” asks Tyler.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” Sabrina says, “You didn’t have to do that you know. Letting myself get fucked by people like them to get information is a perk of being a female prostitute.”
“Not all the time. I don’t want you to do this to yourself anymore since I know that you didn’t actually want to do this.”
Sabrina puts her clothes on and says, “You’re right. It’s just that I’m so used to it to the point where it’s the only thing that I could think of doing to help us.”
“I understand. That’s why I’m changing things for you.”
Sabrina smiles at him and says, “Thank you.”
Tyler smiles back at her. They leave the area and as they go back to the hotel, Tyler laughs as he thinks of something.
“What is it?” Sabrina asks.
“Nothing, it's just a thought,” says Tyler.
“Well tell me what it is.”
“Ok, fine. What if you were a transsexual? Those people would’ve probably been like ‘Oh shit…well…this is awkward’. Hahaha.”
Sabrina imagines it and laughs a little, but then realizes something and says, “Wait, are you trying to say that I’m not as attractive if I have a dick?!”
“No…pfft, hahahaha.”
She hits him while laughing too then says, “Well I will have you know that if I had a dick then it would bigger than your caterpillar dick.”
He looks at her funny then says, “You sure that you’re a girl? Because what you just said sounds like something that a guy would say.”
“Yeah I’m sure, you wanna check and see?”
They both laugh and continue to crack dirty sex-related jokes at each other for the rest of the day.

Chapter 5-Familiar Faces
Tyler, who isn’t wearing his mom’s skull today, and Sabrina go to the police station and ask to see the chief of police. When they are asked who they are, Tyler says his name and that Harley should remember him because of the mayor. The attendant messages this to Harley who then responds by letting them come up. Once they enter the room, Tyler is completely surprised by who he sees.
“Leo?!” says Tyler.
Leo smiles and says, “Hello Tyler and…”
“Hi, I’m Sabrina. It’s nice to meet you.”
“Who are these people Leo?” asks Harley.
“Oh, you don’t know? They’re from the Grimm Reapers,” says Leo.
“The Grimm Reapers huh? That gang hasn’t been on my radar for a while. So what are you here for? You’re not going to find any corrupted cops here as long as I’m in charge,” says Harley.
“No, we’re not here for that. Sabrina here was forced into the gang by someone unknown to us and that same person or group of people made her lose her memory, so we’d like to see the records that you “found” in our safe houses to see if it has anything relating to her,” says Tyler.
“Hmm…interesting,” says Harley, “You can take a look at the files. Take them home too if you want, I don’t need them.”
Tyler and Sabrina smile as they try to contain their kidish joy.
“Oh and before you leave,” says Harley, “Can you tell me how you know Leo?”
“He was the one who inspired me to start a gang to begin with and I also did business with him,” says Tyler.
“Yep,” says Leo, “I remember those days when I was a gang leader…whew! Those crazy days.”
“Yeah, I bet it’s way more difficult being mayor than it is running a gang.”
“Heh, you don’t even the half of it, especially when it comes to this crazy city.”
“Well I wish you luck and hope to see you again soon,” says Tyler and him and Sabrina leave the office and the other two say goodbye too. Once they get outside the police station, Sabrina screams out in joy and hugs Tyler. She says thank you to him a ton of times while squeezing him with her hugs.
Tyler hugs her and says, “You’re welcome, haha, but don’t get too excited now. We still need to look to see if we have something about you.”
“Yeah, but since you did so much for me, I feel as if I need to do something for you. We should definitely go out and hang out someplace nice,” says Sabrina.
“But don’t you want to know who you were?”
“Honestly, I’m kind of afraid to find out, but I also want to be the person you know for a little so you don’t feel as if the me you know just ran out of the door on you.”
“Oh,” Tyler says as he starts to really think about what she said.
Sabrina takes his hand and runs off with him.
“Come on,” Sabrina joyfully says, “Let’s have some fun!”

Chapter 6-A Day With a Fading Personality
            The two travel down to a more pleasant part of the city and go to one of the malls. They shop around and sit down at a nice restaurant to have lunch.
            “It feels so weird being this long without my skull,” says Tyler.
            “But you already have one, haha,” says Sabrina.
            “You know what I mean.”
            “Don’t worry about it Tyler. You look much better without it on…and show your face sometimes.”
            She tries to take his hood off of his head.
            “Stop!” he says as he pulls away.
            Sabrina sighs and says, “You have to let it go someday.”
            “I can’t. My shame will haunt me till I’m dead.”
            “Oh stop being so mopey. You’ve done enough to redeem yourself,” Sabrina says as she holds his hand, “I’m sure that your mom is proud of you.”
            He stays quiet and thinks about what she said. After lunch, Sabrina pays for the meal and they continue to walk around.
            “You know, you didn’t need to keep paying for things. I mean you already bought this bag for me,” says Tyler.
            “Well you can’t just carry around those files,” says Sabrina.
            “Ok, but why did you get it in black and pink?!”
            “Cause I like it that way. Why?” she says as she smiles, “You wanna fight about it?”
            Tyler stays quiet for a few seconds then smiles and says, “You know, I hope that you were a horrible person before so I have an excuse to beat the shit out of you.”
            “Oh yeah?” she walks in front of him and gets up in his face, “Go ahead and hit me now if you’re man enough.”
            Tyler lightly smacks her across the face and they both laugh at each other as they play fight in public. Eventually, they stop fighting and continue to walk around with Sabrina holding onto Tyler’s arm and the both of them have bright smiles on their face. Tyler’s smile starts to fade as he starts to think of something.
            Sabrina notices this and says, “You ok?”
            “Yeah, it's just that…this is the most fun that I’ve had with someone in a while and…” Tyler tries to think of what to say.
            Sabrina holds him closer and says, “I know what you mean. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be around to visit you, but don’t expect me to sleep with you like I usually do.”
            They both laugh and continue to hang out with each other and enjoy each other’s company. Later in the night, they find a nice restaurant to eat dinner at that plays music. As the night goes on, a certain song starts to play that makes Sabrina take Tyler to the dance floor, which is a circle surrounded by the other tables and colorful lights.
            “Come on this is a great song!” says Sabrina.
            “Ok, but why do we need to slow dance to this?” says Tyler.
            “Just let me have my moment and relax!”
            The two hold each other as Sabrina starts to sing the lyrics of the song.

Love is all around you now, so take a hold
Hidden in our words it sometimes ain't enough
Don't suffocate day after day, it's building up
'Cause when you're feeling weak, you know I'm strong enough

Just one more day, one more day

Oh, let the world crash love can take it
Oh, let the world come crashing down
Oh, let the world crash love can take it
Love can take a little, love can give a little more

            Someone bumps into Tyler and says, “Sing with her.” He doesn’t, but Sabrina keeps singing.

Love is indestructible, so take a hold
Sometimes hard to find a reason good enough
I'll stand beside you never leave, through it all
And faith will bring a way to the impossible

            Sabrina sings the chorus again and someone else bumps into Tyler and also says, “Come on, sing with her.” Tyler tries to muster up the courage to sing with her while she keeps singing.

You can find me and you can find me
You can find me anywhere
Take a look over your shoulder
I'll be standing there, standing there

Love is all around you now, so take a hold
And faith will bring a way to the impossible

Just one more day, one more day
(You can find me, you can find me, you can find me anywhere)
Just one more day, one more day
(You can find me, you can find me, you can find me anywhere)

            Tyler finally gets the courage to sing with Sabrina much to her delight.

Oh, let the world crash love can take it
Oh, let the world come crashing down
Oh, let the world crash love can take it
Love can take a little, love can take a little
Love can take a little, love can give a little more

A little more
Take a little more
Take a little more
Love can take it
A little more

(A Little More-Skillet)

            They smile at each other, hug, and walk off the dance floor. Tyler then sees the couple, who are wearing purple and who told him to sing with Sabrina.
            “See? Told you, you should sing with her. Makes you feel good doesn’t it?” the man says.
“Yeah,” says Tyler, “Hey, aren’t you that famous boxer?”
“I wouldn’t say I’m famous, but-”
Tyler gets out a piece of paper and a pen, “Can you sign this for us? I’m a big fan.”
“Why does nobody ask for my autograph?” says the woman who is with the boxer.
“Because you’re a doctor.”
“A very good doctor!”
“I know,” he says as he kisses her.
The man signs the paper and the two couples say goodbye to each other then Tyler and Sabrina go back to the hotel to finally look at the files.

Chapter 7-An Unexpected Past
            As the two search for Sabrina’s file in the hotel’s reception area, while everyone is out, they talk about all the good time they had tonight. Sabrina finally finds it but is then put in disbelief.
            Tyler notices the stunned and shocked look on her face and says, “What? Is it that bad?” with a smile on his face.
            She stays silent and paces back and forth as she flips back and forth the pages of her file.
            His smile fades away as Tyler says, “Sabrina? Are you ok?”
            Sabrina still doesn’t say anything.
            “Sabrina?!” Tyler says, causing her to finally stop walking. She turns to look at him with death in her eyes.
            “Are you FUCKING kidding me?” she says.
            “What is it? Tell me what it says.”
            She stares at him for a few seconds then says, “You don’t know?”
            “No, I don’t know, I told you this before. So just tell me.”
            She slowly turns her head and finally reads the file.
            “Sabrina, formerly named Sabir, WAS a married black man in his mid-twenties with a wife and child and is now our first custom/ fully loyal prostitute.”
            Tyler is stunned by what she…or he just said then says, “Are you sure you have the right file?”
            Sabrina shows him the file that has a picture of her and what she previously looked like as a man.
            “Are you sure you never heard of this?” Sabrina states.
            “I-I’m positive. Read the rest…I wanna know what the rest of it says.”
            Sabrina continues to read, “After Sabir’s prolonged disappearance, his wife took her child and all of their possessions and drove them along with her off a cliff, ending in their deaths. We kidnapped Sabir and used large sums of money (that we’ve accumulated without Tyler’s knowledge) to hire professionals to change the man’s: skin color, body shape, voice, and sex. We also viciously beat the man and did whatever it took to make sure that he did not remember who he was. Then we made “her” do all sorts of nasty and “special” sexual things for our more unusual customers. The whole plan was successful and it ended up paying us back tenfold, but we probably won’t do this again since Tyler is pulling back on illegal activities and has his most trusted and powerful friends keeping tabs on everyone. Oh well, it was interesting and gave us enough money to waste till we die. JB
            Tyler sits there speechless as Sabrina begins to pace back and forth again with a thousand thoughts and a thousand feelings going through her.
            “I can’t believe I never heard of this,” says Tyler, “I’m sorry…I’m so very sorry!”
            Sabrina starts to leave the hotel, but Tyler quickly gets up, catches the door, and says, “Is there-I mean…what do you want to give you? I have to make this up to you and help you in some way.”
            She turns to him with an unnatural look in her eyes and says, “How can you help me when you can’t even help yourself?”
            The door shuts itself and disappears in front of Tyler.
            “Sabrina!” he hits the wall, “Sabrina!!!” he hits the wall again even harder.
Banging is heard on the other side of the wall, which gets Tyler to back away from it just in time as a hand reaches out to him. The monster that looks like his mom busts through the wall screaming its bloodcurdling scream and stands in front of him as if it's expecting something.
            Tyler then says, “So this is how it’s going to be huh? Fine!” he gets ready to face the greatest problem holding him back, “Let’s do this!”

Chapter 8-Removing Scars
            “I know what I have to do,” Tyler says as he sprints towards the stairs to get to his room while the monster chases him.
            He goes up flight after flight of stairs until the next set collapse, forcing him to run through the nearby hallway to get to the adjacent set of stairs. While going through the hallway he hears voices saying,
            “Your shame is eternal. Look what it has done to someone you hold dear.”
            Tyler yells, “That was the old me and I’m going to fix things!”
            He goes up a flight, but the stairs collapse again forcing him to go to the other side again. The voices taunt him again as they say,
            “Do you really think what you’re doing will stop the cycle of death and revenge that you have started?”
            Tyler then tells it, “I can’t bring those people back to life, but I can and will help the people I’ve hurt!”
            He goes up another flight, but the same thing happens yet again with the stairs. The voices tell Tyler,
            “The past will forever haunt you along with your choices and your consequences.”
            Tyler responds by saying, “I won’t let the past consume me anymore! This is the present, the here and now. This is the only time that matters!” He makes it up to the floor he needs to be at and concludes by saying, “I won’t live in the past anymore! The present is now my domain!”
            Tyler goes into his room and takes his mother’s skull and puts it into the monster’s void of a head, which gets its face to be put together. It fidgets, twists, and covers its face before finally stopping and looking at Tyler with its face back in one piece. It’s the same loving face that Tyler remembers his mother having.
            “Mom,” he says with a smile on his face and tears in his eyes as he hugs his mother and she hugs him back.
            He lets her go and she disappears into a bright light.
            Tyler wipes the tears from his eyes and says, “Ok Sabrina. I’m coming to help you.”

Chapter 9-Removing Doubts
            As Sabrina walks through the streets of Hillside City, thousands of thoughts and feelings race through her head to the point where she no longer knows where she is walking to. She walks in the middle of busy streets, bumps into random people, and walks into dead-end streets and alleyways. When she finally stops to think what she is doing, time seems to come to full stop. Everything and everyone stop moving and as soon as she recognizes this, the world starts twisting and her mind feels as if it's being pulled and stretched beyond its limits. She screams out in pain as the same happens to her body as she imagines the pain she went through when they changed her identity. The pain stops as soon as she sees the old way she looked who is staring her in her eyes. The image then shatters as the monster with claws breaks it then slithers around Sabrina, constricting her with its mouth and claw fingers. She tries to fight it, but can’t manage to break free. The monster bites down on Sabrina’s head, which causes her immense amounts of pain and makes her blind. She tries to rethink her previous thoughts, as she stands in place motionless.
            "My family’s dead. I don’t have anything to go back to…to tell me who I really was. What about whatever my previous life’s work was? Does it all mean nothing now? Do I still want to do whatever I was previously doing? What about my actions? Will they still affect me? Do I still act like my previous self and is it good or bad?"
            Then…the answer to all her questions comes to her as she puts everything into perspective and memories of her time with Tyler flash in her mind.
            She says to herself, "None of that matters. I’m a new person now with a new start and a new person to enjoy life with. I am who I make myself out to be and it doesn’t matter who I was because who I am now is all that matters."
The monster starts to break apart, piece-by-piece, as Sabrina continues on.
"I can be an even better person now! I can be whomever I want. My gender, race, and ethnicity shouldn’t hold me down and decide my personality for me. I decide what I do, who I am, and I’ll be the one to face the consequences of my choices. I’m not going to let this hold me down anymore!"
The monster shatters as light envelops Sabrina as she wakes up under a tree in a park. The morning sun gives her a warm feeling inside as Sabrina watches it and smiles as she embraces her new beginning.
“Sabrina!” a familiar voice says as she turns around and her smile brightens.

Chapter 10-New Beginnings
            Tyler and Sabrina hug each other with each of them having a new outlook on life.
            “Hey!” Sabrina says, “You don’t have your skull on!”
            “But I do have it on!” says Tyler.
            Sabrina laughs as she knows what he’s referring to.
            He then says, “I was thinking about everything and I’ve decided that I will return “my” skull to its rightful owner. I figured that I should help myself get rid of my own pain before I helped others with their owns pains and problems. So…do you need me to do anything for you? You know…because of what I’ve done.”
“Nah, I’m fine. I just needed some time to figure things out.”
            “So…what are you going to do now? Are you going to try to go back to your old life?”
            “I don’t know yet. I might go back to my original sex or stay the way I am. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses.”
            “What about staying with me? I mean staying with the gang?”
            “Of course, since I don’t have any other place to go.”
            “And what about…umm.”
            “Whatever relationship we were building up? We’ll see. Maybe the awkwardness of really being a guy will wear off. That or it’ll turn us both gay. Wait…since I’m a girl still, does that mean we’re both still straight?”
            Tyler shrugs and says, “I don’t know.”
            They laugh at the idea and go back to the hotel. Later in the weeks, Tyler’s gang gains support from the police force, which makes an official organization that goes through every police force in the country, seeking out corruption and brings them to justice. Investigators and detectives are trying to find out who kidnapped Sabrina, but they have yet to find them. It doesn’t matter to Sabrina and Tyler though since they have a new life in front of them along with its challenges, despairs, and sadness but also with its rewards, hopes, and joys.

Behind the Scenes

  • Some of the editing like center and indenting some of the text didn't work on this blog for some reason. Also when copy and pasting them over from the original document, the text got messed up. Just something to know when you're blogging.
  • The names Bailey and Jay are a reference to the transexual pornstar of the same name, Bailey Jay. This is supposed to be a hint that Sabrina isn't really a girl, but thinking back on it, it's a pretty obscure reference to be a hint.
  • The way Tyler wears his mother's skull and his design are inspired by Mr. Grimm from Twisted Metal Black. Grimm is even spelled the way it is as a reference.
  • The flaming skull in the Grimm Reaper logo is inspired by Ghost Rider, a Marvel comics character. I choose to do this, not only because Ghost Rider is one of my favorite characters, but because the Grimm Reapers dispense justice on corrupt cops.
  • I wrote this story around the time I wrote Choice and Consequence (Saving Lives and Redemption), so this was made quite a while ago. I released the other entries in this series first even though this one is independent of most of the stories. Also, this was planned to be the ninth entry. Some of the writing in this story shows how young of a writer I was at the time, but I still like the morals and themes the story has embedded in it. That's why it's for free here. I'll include it with the tenth and last entry as an extra story.

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Nerdstream with Red Pill Religion on the Punisher

Just did an awesome live stream with @RedPillReligion and Al Martin on the Punisher, one of my favorite Marvel characters!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

If you've ever wondered what goes through my head while making stories, then you should get The Stories a Monster Can Tell. A free book that contains allegories that should help you write and/or see the thoughts behind my stories. Included in this collection is the short story The Monster and His Mistress. A story about a reborn tyrant and his wife that go on an adventure for redemption while solving the problems of the world they live in.

A Simple Tale in a Paragraph and a Happy Ending (short story)

The City of Crimson is under siege from the neighboring City of Azure. Both sides have opposing views such as; one believes in military strength as opposed to increased education, more government control or more freedom of the market, helping other countries or help themselves first, and many others. Because of increased tensions, the two go to war to make sure the peace is kept in their country.  The people both sides said they’d protect die in the conflict and hypocrisy is at an all-time high. Some people fall to their vices and others attempt to be heroes but just end up leading people to their deaths. People take advantage of the chaos and get others to pray and worship false gods. They get them to commit sacrifices of flesh, lustful orgies, and expensive donations in a vain attempt to get God to fix things. All is lost as both cities kill each other, but there is still hope. A couple survives the civil war, but the husband lost his legs while his wife lost her arms. They are riding on horseback to spread the lesson of what happened here today to the first city they get to, which will hopefully spread all throughout the nation. Dozens of lives were lost, and all was gained was a lesson. A lesson that will hopefully save lives in the future. It is up to those who are alive to determine the fate of the next generation and the generation after.

The Monster and His Mistress (Part IV)

Part IV
“I’m sorry Mao, but I have to leave you.”
“What?! Why?!”
“You’re smart enough to figure that out on your own.”
A pillar of light takes Bella into Heaven, which leaves Mao completely alone.
“Why?!” Mao yells to the skies, “I’ve done everything that you’ve told me to! What else is there I can do besides fix the entire world?!”
Nothing and no one gives him an answer to his questions. He doesn’t know which direction to go and for what reason, so he just paces back and forth. Thinking that he’s still supposed to do something, he goes in a direction that feels like its pulling him its way. Along the way he finds a couple taking a morning walk. Jealous of them, he attempts to intervene in their walk, but is blocked off by an invisible barrier. Mao can only watch as the two enjoy each other’s company.
“There has to be a reason I’m seeing this. I have to be learning something!” Mao says to himself.
He quickly escapes the couple’s presence as it becomes unbearable and enters a village. Mao and Bella usually get into interesting situations in places like this, so Mao hopes something will happen as he sits down on the streets. There’s nothing about him that is different from a common beggar. Mao begs for something to happen to give him purpose. He hopes that someone will extend their hand to give him comfort and attention. As his frustration and depression increases, he feels the need to judge the people of the town for ignoring him. His abilities, however, are restrained for whatever test he’s going through, so he just sits in the dirt alone, angry, sad, and isolated from the one he loves. Eventually he passes out and awakens in a church.
The hooded pastor says to him, “It’s good to see that you’re awake my son. Eat and drink this so you can feel better.”
Mao eats a piece of bread and drinks a small cup of water that the pastor gives him.
“Why did you help me?”
“Because I try to help all of my children.”
“Well you didn’t help much.”
“What do you mean? You were hungry and thirsty, so I helped you there didn’t I?”
“That’s not the most important part.”
“Then what is?”
“My wife is gone.”
“Heaven took her.”
“That sadly happens to every husband unfortunately.”
“But she’s my moral compass, my source of happiness, and the person that kept me going.”
“God usually fills that role for most people.”
“Heh. That guy and I have a complicated relationship.”
“How so?”
“He’s the reason I’m still alive to make up for my past, let’s just say.”
“Shouldn’t that be a good thing?”
“Not when I don’t have my wife with me. She’s everything to me.”
“You shouldn’t deify her.”
“I understand that God is our source of morality and the main reason why she is the way she is, but…”
“But you make your wife the center of your world. Let me help you see how things really are.”
The hooded pastor helps Mao up and brings him to the front doors of the church. The village is bustling with happiness, goodwill, and love as if everyone’s worries and pains went away in an instant.
“This is the world I wanted to see every day,” Mao says as he watches everyone.
“How were you going to make it this way?” the pastor asks.
“Drag out the evil people and execute them one by one. Don’t ask how I know, but that doesn’t work.”
“Did your wife changes your ways?”
“She did. She showed me the beauty of the world and how to be a better man. I’d probably be in hell right now if it wasn’t for her.”
“But she wouldn’t be a good person without…”
“I know, I know she taught me that, but God shouldn’t diminish her importance.”
“He doesn’t. It’s you who diminishes His importance.”
“I’d like for Him to give me a reason to not do so.”
“Your wife. Your continued life for a chance at redemption. Any more that I need to mention?”
Mao doesn’t want to say anything else.
“Let me show you a world that you would’ve created.”
The pastor closes and opens the door to reveal a village burned to the ground with bodies gored all over the ground.
“How did you do that?!” Mao says out of astonishment.
“Does it look familiar?”
“Who are you?!”
The church doors close.
“You already know.”
“You?! I have a few things I have to get off my chest!”
“Then do that if you haven’t already.”
“Why did you take Bella away from me?!”
“As we were talking about, you deified her. I think it was time we fixed that.”
“What about my children?! Why did we send them to hell?!”
“Because of their deeds and refusal and accept my help. You were on a similar path to theirs until you changed.”
“And why was I able to change, but not my children?”
“They had your wife’s persistence.”
“…You got me there, but why keep me here on earth? Haven’t I done enough already?”
“Do you think you are just here for redemption? Did you not think that the acts you have done are not for some higher purpose or to answer prayers?”
“Enough of this!”
“Didn’t you say once you would fight me?”
“I did.”
“Since you can’t beat me in a game of intelligence, how about we go with strength? What weapon will you use? The strongest weapon you have is a blessing from me and doesn’t work on me. So what are you going to use? A sword crafted with human hands?”
“I’m defeated okay?! You got me from turn zero, so let your will be done on me! Strike me down and let my life be yours!”
Mao falls to his knees and closes his eyes as he waits for his execution. Instead, he is hugged and brought to his feet.
“Now you understand my son.”
Love and tranquility fills Mao as a light envelops him and he is teleported to a field with a small lake. There he finds Bella who was waiting for him. The two yell for each other then embrace with a kiss.
A light from Heaven says, “You have already achieved your redemption, but there is still much to do on earth. What do you want to do?”
“You know better than I do lord.”
Mao closes his eyes again and lets whatever happens, happen. He gets lifted up into the air with grace and elegance then dropped into the lake.
“Take a bath,” the light says before fading back into the sky.
Bella joins Mao for a bath. The two splash water at each other while enjoying their reunion together with Mao enjoying it the most. After being cleaned, they dry up in the sunlit field.
Bella turns to Mao and asks, “What do you want to do next my love?”
“We continue helping the world together,” Mao answers, “What better thing is there to do?”
“Enjoy each other’s company alone for a bit longer.”
“I like it, but you know we have forever together.”
“Of course. So, should we get moving?”

“Yes and let the lord’s will be done.”