Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Update and Free Will Experiment

Hello! If you didn't notice, I put Elephanty from C&C 1 as my background for my blog so it's not so bright and easier on the eyes.

After I get the review for my latest book, I'll put them on the back of my next book pictured above, which is a collection of the first five Choice and Consequence stories not including Saving Lives and Redemption. These two other stories will be included in the next collection which will have the last couple of Choice and Consequence stories plus the spin-offs. I'll be writing the 8th Choice and Consequence story in the meantime that parodies and criticizes things in my books for fun. I also changed my politics section to just recommending certain YouTubers who have the right information on current events.

Now you must be wondering about the Free Will Experiment I have cooked up. This is for those who don't believe that there's free will. The experiment goes like this.
Grab a knife and use the blunt/not sharp edge of it and slowly cut your own throat or the throat of someone close by to you, but they should not know why you are doing this.

Outcome 1 - You don't do it and prove that you can choose.
Outcome 2 - You pretend cut your or the other person's throat (somehow without them stopping you and asking you questions) and show how gullible you are and easy to manipulate.
Outcome 3 - You for some reason cut yourself with the sharp edge of the knife and show that you don't know how to use your free will.

Tell me what you think if you think this is interesting. I came up with it not too long ago and it might not be perfect but it sounds good at least in theory.

Improving Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

 This character was created solely to push Islam as a religion of peace even though it isn't. I haven't read these yet and I will review the second book later, but check out these books by Robert Spencer, who is an expert on Islam; The Truth about Muhammad and The Complete Infidel's guide to the Koran. All of these contain truths about Islam and the hateful ideology that it actually is. With that out of the way, we'll obviously take the Muslim part of this character as a defining trait or at least start her out as religiously neutral. We'll take both of these premises to try to make an interesting character that most people can like.

Religious origin 1 - Muslim Family
Kamala is a girl caught between Western values and Islamic ones. Her family pushes their faith onto her for "her own good", but because of the things she hears happening in the Middle East, she researches deeper into her faith, filters through the misinformation and facts and finds that her faith is rooted in a pedophile and warlord. Once she gets her powers, she goes over to the Islamic states and see's that she's correct as she witnesses the oppression and killing of non-Muslims such as Christians who are always under attack. She shows her family this and they either lose their faith or become one of her villains she has to face. From here, her faith switches to; Christian, Jew, or just spiritually neutral and later learns how to bridge gaps between the faiths while filtering out the bad ones.

Religious origin 2 - Neutral
Being brought up in a world where religion is being confused, misrepresented, and thought to be the source of violence and logical stagnation, Kamala get interested in faith. She does her own research, but she's still somewhat confused so when she gets her powers, so once she gets her power, she observes the actions of the people of every faith to see which is correct. She'll even get to talk to heroes who have faith like Captain America, Daredevil, and Ghost Rider and other heroes who have lost faith, but still have some sort of it like the Punisher. After doing all this, she does the same thing as the previous state in the end.

How she got her powers is the same and one of the reasons why she looks for a faith to believe in since the reason she got her powers is unexplained and is like a miracle to her. Her fan girl personality can stay the same and so can her outfit, however, she thinks about morality differently. Morality to her is objective since it has to be grounded in a solid foundation so that it can never change and because morals are discovered not made up. This would also be a reason for her to believe in a God.

As far as her heroics go, she tries to team up with her favorite heroes in at least her first arc while imitating them with her disguise power. This gets her into trouble with each heroes biggest villain(s) and she gets beaten every time. She later learns the value of being your own person and fighting her own unique villains to help in places that her favorite heroes cannot help in. This would be at least a little more than half of the series' content despite the religious themes that re integral to her character.

The reason she is a faith based character is to talk about real world religions (as was the original intention) while also delivering a fun and thoughtful comic book experience. Her series could do both and become a great comic book series because of it.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Review of Silk comics + Hawkeye Kate Bishop

4/5 for the entire series

Yeah, I didn't expect to like it this much either. The Silk series is about Silk aka Cindy Moon is another Spider-woman who has her own difficulties like being a unique hero, dealing with her job, and finding her family. Her unique spider powers are a less accurate spider sense, being able to spin clothes and webs from her fingertips, claws, being able to swing from webs, enhanced strength, and durability. Not exactly an exciting arsenal but she makes the most of it. As far as personality goes, I like how she plays both good and bad guy in vo1 1 and how she balances her normal life and her external goals. She really puts in the work to do what she wants and doesn't just win because she's the main character. Her two lesbian interracial friends are sort of just there to fill the SJW Marvel quota and Silk saying sexist at least once. Both friends don't really have any other personality other than "nice lesbian" and don't do anything plot-relevant other than cheerleader friends. They could've just been one boy and one girl or even gay guys and nothing would've changed. Cindy's family and ex/not so ex-boyfriend are pretty much the same except the ex-boyfriend at least gets ghost powers later like Gwenpool's friend. I do wish they gave Silk's dragon friend (whatever his name was) from vol 0 more showtime since he was like Silk in vol 1 where he had to do bad sometimes to support his daughter and because he was a single father. It is cool that they give J Jonah Jameson a nice personality when it comes to dealing with Silk instead of making him act the way he does with Peter Parker. They even show him dealing with his own struggle in the clone mini-arc when he gets his wife and daughter back.

The arcs that happen in this series don't really stand out except for vol 1, but they work in introducing Silk to the Marvel universe and showing off her skills and personality against decent challenges that are interesting enough. Below are the art styles in Silk.

*art styles in vol 0*

*art style changes to Tana Ford in the last issue in vol 0 and stays this way until vol 3*

*art style changes to Irene Strychalski in vol 3 who goes for a Gwenpool style*

*art style goes back to Tana Ford who goes back and forth in being mediocre to good in the last two issues*

In my opinion, the second switch in art style presented in a single issue in vol 0 is the best art style while Tana Ford's style is mediocre or decent enough, but at least she gets better in the end.
All in all, this is a good series that you should check out if you like fun comic stories and are looking for actually good comics in Marvel besides Gwenpool, Ghost Rider, Venom, or a few others that I previously mentioned in earlier posts.

Extra - Hawkeye Kate Bishop vol 1 - 2.5/5

Now we get to the less interesting book. This book has the same lesbian couple from Silk LITERALLY the same white girl and black girl and girl power. There might've been mentions of sexism, but I could've forgotten it or missed it when I was reading through the book faster because I got bored after the first couple issues. Oh yeah, and what's this with Kate Bishop being the best Hawkeye? It says it on the back of the book and Gwenpool says it in her vol 3. Kate Bishop was apparently in Hawkeye's comics, but I don't get how she could be cooler when his first comic vol is called My Life as a Weapon and her first comic is called Anchor Points. The OG Hawkeye was a villain first then became a hero which is more interesting than Kate who became a hero because she wanted to be a hero (at least to my knowledge). Don't pick this up unless you want to try SJW comics, but I recommend Silk instead or the other comics I've mentioned.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

New Book Out!

Choice and Consequence: Present and Past Nightmares is out as an eBook on Amazon for $0.99. The physical version will be out later for $5.99. Both editions contain edits and extras that should make it worth it! Check out the unedited version here on this blog if you wish to get a taste of the stories before you buy it.
I'm also putting together a collection of Choice and Consequence stories called Choice and Consequence: The Original Thrillers, which are the first five stories in this series that were originally imagined as video games. This collection contains all of the extras for each book except for the extra story that is included with Romance, Mistera, and the Short paper on the Human Mirror. You can see both of those on this blog for free.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Improving Miles Morales

Miles Morales, in my opinion, isn't that interesting of a character or a spider-man. To fix this, all we have to do is change his origin story and the rest will follow. Here's my idea of a revamped origin story.
Miles Morales is teenage criminal whose been put in jail multiple times by spider-man. He has a burning hatred for the hero since doing crimes is how Miles supports his poor family and himself. On one day that spider-man is facing multiple villains (could be the sinister six), Miles sees an opportunity to take revenge on him. As spider-man is dodging and evading so many attacks, Miles takes his gun at and gets that one lucky shot that spider-man doesn't see coming. Miles goes over to spider-man and gloats about his revenge and talks about how spider-man is a hypocrite for claiming to help others while severally damaging Miles' family. Spider-man then tells Miles that he's happy to finally help his family and dies. The villains congratulate Miles and reward him handsomely for his services. After using his rewards to get his family and him a nice house and gifts, they are robbed and his family is killed while he is out. Miles' actions has thrown the city of New York into chaos since its most famous defender is dead and now he sees why spider-man was so dedicated to stopping crime. Because of this, he decides it's his responsibility to fix things so he gets himself bitten by a radioactive spider and becomes spider-man.
He can have the same powers he does in the normal comics, but the struggles he goes through are different. Miles has to struggle with; coping with the loss of his family, getting to know other people, being responsible for the crimes he's committed, seeing the good in him as he tries to fix things, and trying not to kill.
This would make him the best spider-man since not only did he kill the original, but he also has the most to make up for, the most to learn (which can lead to a lot of moral lessons), and the greatest responsibility. In my opinion, this is a better and more interesting Miles Morales. I call this spider-man, Venom Stinger Spider-Man or Venom Spider in reference to one of his abilities (name could probably use work). Tell me what you think if you have any opinions about this and if you think this is interesting.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Almost done my newest book

The next Choice and Consequence book is almost done. You can read the unedited version of the two stories here on my blog. The paid version is edited and has tons of extras that should make it worth the price.
I also read the female Hawkeye's first volume so I'll review that along with the entire Silk comic series when I get the third volume in the mail.
I might even review comics like Zombie Tramp, Dollface, and other female character centered comics like Vampirella, Witchblade, and Lady Death.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Detailing the messed up parts of my books (Spoilers)

There are many defining "messed up" moments that happen in my books. Here are just a handful of them;

Trapped Body and Soul in a video game - Corpse party inspired part where people are cut up and continue to feel the pain of death after dying until they are revived.

Society's Monsters - Michael killing his whole family including his child.

Kyle the Cosmic Comic Hero - Kyle killing all of his past friends because they won't stop being villains.

Deception and Despair - The brutal executions of the teenage characters who killed their own friends.

C&C of Following Orders - The main character realizing she had sex with the corpse of her dead husband who she thought was alive.

They don't know - The reveal of the main child character's disfigured face.

These are just a few examples of the things that happen in my stories. If these events interest you, then you can find samples to my work on the side. I also have free short stories on the side as well if that peaks your interest.

Monday, September 11, 2017

A Single Choice, Deadly Consequences (Unedited)

Again, since my next story is shorter than I thought it would be, I put it here for free unedited. The paid version will include the edited versions of; Choice and Consequence of Following Orders, A Short Paper on the Human Mirror, and this story, maybe another if it doesn't hit around 80 pages. Enjoy!

Can killing be justified and if so, how?
1) It can’t be justified no matter what.
2) It can be if;
A) it’s in self-defense.
B) Who doesn’t deserve a second chance?

Death One
A child runs into a nearby bathroom and locks the door. He looks at his cuts and bruises until a security guard, who is wearing an Annie the Antelope mask, walks into the bathroom.
“What? I thought you liked playing hide and seek? I already found you once, so come out and okay fair…I promise I won’t hurt you this time.”
The guard starts pushing open doors until they find the one the child is in.
“Found you!”
Scared and terrified, the child quickly crawls under the other stalls, but the guard is one step ahead and stabs the child’s leg with the sharp end of a crowbar before he can get to the next stall.
“I never liked kids anyway.”
The psychotic guard kills the child by hitting him in the head with the crowbar, knocking part of his face off, then finishing him off by impaling him with the weapon.

Day One
It’s 1989 now and several people have just gotten off a boat as they are at the grand reopening of Annie’s Amusement park. It stills on a small island outside of Hillside City.
A woman with blond hair, brown eyes, and casual outfit, with a tank top white shirt, jeans, and black boots, walks up to a man and asks, “Hey, aren’t you a little too old to go to an amusement park?”
The man has dark brown hair, blue eyes, and wears a similar casual outfit as the woman, except manlier.
He turns around, gently smiles, and says, “There’s no such thing as too old for amusement parks, but that’s not the reason why I’m here.”
“Me too.”
A teenage boy, who has dark brown hair and brown eyes and similar clothes to the man’s, catches their conversation and enters it by saying, “And me too. You here for the security job too?”
“Yes, I am. I saw it shown in the newspaper and showed up for it. My name’s Phillip. What’s yours?”
“My name’s Melissa. It’s nice to meet you.”
“My name’s Jackson. Same to you.”
“This job is pretty popular right now ain’t it?”
“Yeah, we got free meals, a nice little apartment to stay in, and our nice paycheck on top of that,” Jackson explains.
“Well let’s get in there and get that job. They should have enough job slots for the three of us,” Phillip says, “Have you guys been here before?”
Jackson says, “My mom and I used to come here all the time.”
“Me too. My mom, dad, and I used to come here when it first started out. I also took my kid here, it’s kind of a family tradition,” Melissa says, “What about you Phil?”
“I used to work here a few years ago, but now I’m back.”
“Why’s did you switch jobs to begin with?”
“The animatronics. They…don’t seem right.”
“You afraid of them?” Jackson says as he jumps at Phillip to try to scare him, but it doesn’t work.
“Hahaha it’s ok. I think they’re weird too,” Melissa admits.
All three of them are interviewed, then told to wait outside.
Annie, the daughter of the park’s founder, comes out to tell them, “Congratulations! We have enough space to hire all of you!”
Phillip, Melissa, and Jackson are ecstatic to hear this.
Phillip thanks her then says, “That was fast.”
“That’s because we really need guards, especially after the incident that happened a few years ago.”
Jackson curiously asks, “Incident?”
“Yes, there were six or so kids who went missing here and never found, which is why we have given you weapons. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use them. Besides that, you only have to worry about the night which isn’t too bad because we’re on an island. So get to work. Your job starts now.”
Their first day of work goes smoothly as it should since today is only the opening day. After most of the crowd leaves, the three can go on the rides such as the Ferris wheel, roller coaster, and merry go round. Once everyone is gone, they eat dinner and watch the sunset.
While looking back at the stationary animatronics that are on their stage, Phillip says, “You don’t think these animatronics have a night mode, do you?”
Melissa imagines the animatronics walking around at night, shakes the thought off, then answers, “Probably not. Why would they?”
“I don’t know. I just don’t wanna see a friggin robotic animal walking outside my window.”
“Don’t worry about it,” Jackson reassures Phillip, “Even if they walk around, it’s not like they’re going to attack us…or are they?!”
“We’ll they better not or I’m taking the boat back home with Melissa without you.”
“What if the boat doesn’t work?”
“I’ll just swim all the way back home, I don’t care.”
Melissa laughs as she gets up.
“I’m going to bed boys.”
“I’m going to. We have a long day ahead of us.”
“Sleep tight, don’t let the bunny bite.”
“Shut up!”

Night One
The three go to bed and fall asleep. As two shadowy figures watch what they know is going to happen from the lighthouse. Moments later, Phillip and only Phillip is waken up by a noise outside. He gets up and goes into the camera room to see who or what made the noise. He flips through the feeds until he finds one that has Bobbi the Bunny looking directly in it. This Bobbi looks broken with his jaw missing, parts of his fur missing, and black tears running down his face.
“Oh shit!” Phillip says as he falls back.
Phillip quickly picks up the camera tablet again and sees that Bobbi is gone. This causes to frantically flip through the feeds until he sees that Bobbi has entered the building they’re in and is at Jackson’s door. Thinking quickly, Phillip runs to Melissa’s room to grab her gun.
“Melissa, come on! Jackson’s in trouble!” he quickly says as he runs out of the room.
She doesn’t wake up for some reason which leaves Phillip to deal with the threat alone, but once he gets there, he doesn’t find Bobbi there. Not in Jackson’s room and nowhere in the small building they’re in. Confused and still frightened out of his mind, Phillip quickly goes to check the cameras again and once he does, Bobbi jumps out at him. This wakes Phillip out of his dream with a Bobbi the Bunny mascot outfit thrown at him by Jackson. Both Jackson and Melissa laugh at the distraught Phillip.
“Haha. Funny guys,” Phillip says as he throws the outfits at the both of them.

Day Two
After eating breakfast and getting dressed, Jackson takes note of the purple security guard outfit that is framed by the entrance of the building.
He asks Phillip, “What’s this purple outfit for? Is it for the head of security?”
“Nope. It was the old security guard outfit when the park first opened. I guess we’re not wearing that particular color because the park wants to separate it from the past.”
“Well the past is in the past so don’t worry about it. I’m going to get to work,” Melissa says as she’s the first one out the door.
Jackson and Phillip get to work a little bit after Jackson teases him about the animatronics when they look at them. The only reason Phillip amuses Jackson is because he really wonders if last night really happened since it felt so real, but everything is still the same as it was before. While going through the park, Melissa finds different traps set throughout the park. Traps such as electrical traps, bear traps, and traps that trigger sharp objects to be released. She gets rid of them and wonders where they could’ve came from. After eating lunch with Phillip and Jackson, she asks Phillip if he knows about it. They look through the recorded footage and it appears that the traps appeared out of nowhere.

Interview – Phillip
Annie begins the interview by saying, “Tell me about yourself.”
“I’m a hard worker especially when it comes to difficult tasks. I was actually a manager at a car shop,” Phillip responds.
“You aren’t working there anymore?”
“Well…my wife and unborn child died in a car accident not too long ago. I fell into a deep depression and my job fired me because I hadn’t come into work for a while. I’m trying to work out of my depression and into a better life. I know that this is what my wife would want.”

Night Two
It’s currently night time and a noise is made from an unknown source as the two shadowy figures in the lighthouse watch below. Melissa is the only one to wake up and gets out of her bed to investigate it with her pistol and walkie talkie in hand.
“Hello? Jackson! Phil?” Melissa calls out.
She comes across Phillip asleep on a chair in the camera room.
“Phil!” Melissa says as she shakes him.
“AAAAAAH!” he screams as he falls out of the chair.
“Haha, sorry but what are you doing here?”
“I don’t know. I swear I fell asleep in my room. What are you doing here?”
“I heard a noise coming from somewhere.”
They hear the noise again and see Mike the Monkey standing still outside Jackson’s room facing the hallway.
“Maybe it’s Jackson,” Melissa says.
“I don’t know, but be careful.”
“I will.”
Melissa walks to the animatronic monkey who has moved closer to the security room in the time it took her to get to it. It stops in front of her and curiously looks at her.
“Jackson?” she asks, “Is that you in there?”
It nods its head.
She signs in relief before telling Phillip, “It’s ok. It’s only Jacky boy,” through the walkie talkie.
Phillip sighs louder in even greater relief then tells her, “That kid loves scaring the shit out of me. Tell him that-”
Phillip is mysteriously cut off so Melissa goes to see what happened to him. Once she gets there she sees that he’s been knocked out. Melissa gets closer to check on him but is quickly attacked by Jackie, the twin animatronic to Jack, from the ceiling. Her lower half and half of her body is cut off, which shows its internal systems that look more like human organs. Melissa shoots the animatronic several times to get it to stop going after her, but that doesn’t kill it as it fidgets on the ground to try to move and attack. Jackie’s brother, Jack, lunges out of the darkness and goes after Melissa now. This one in the same condition and his sister with half of him missing. Since Jack is bigger than Melissa, she dodges out of the way of his attacks and shoots him down. Melissa has run out of bullets and reloads her gun, but her reloading is interrupted by Mike the Monkey, who is broken like the other animatronics. He headbutts her, knocking her out.

School Recording – Lunchroom - One Incident
A child has just publicly pranked a bully who has been bullying him for a while. Unfortunately for the child, the bully is incredibly touchy so the bully unknowingly beats the boy to death. Phillip, as a young boy, tries to save his friend while the other children watch in terror. It’s only when the adults intervene does the beating stop. Though the bully is sent to a psychiatric doctor and said to be better, Phillip didn’t think so and held a grudge against him for the rest of their grade school life and until his day of revenge.

Day Three
Melissa jolts up from her bed and frantically looks around her room. It’s morning time now and nothing that happened last night as appeared to carry over, such as the clips of ammo and pistol on the table by Melissa being the same as they were before.
Phillip comes barging in and asks, “Are you okay?!”
“Yeah, yeah…I am,” Melissa says unsure if she really is.
Jackson overhears them and butts into their conversation, saying, “What are you two talking about?”
“The animatronics attacked us last night.”
“Really? Why aren’t the both of you dead then? You two don’t even have any marks on you.”
“I don’t know, but just check on those things for us and see what’s wrong with them,” Phillip says.
“I don’t know.”
“Jacky, please do this for us,” Melissa asks politely.
“Ok. Well I guess it wouldn’t hurt to check.”
“Thank you.”
“Thanks Jacky boy.”
Jackson goes over to the animatronics on their stage and inspects them. When he gets a good look at them, he finds an odd piece of metal that sticks out of every leg and arm of each animatronic. As soon as he fixes it, a wire comes out of the head. He fixes that part, but the arm goes back to having that metal stick out again. This happens for every animatronic so he just gives up and tries to think of something later.

One fateful day
While Phillip, at age eighteen, is driving through a rainy day with his pregnant wife, a car goes in the wrong lane and hits them dead on. His wife dies along with his unborn child. When he goes to see who’s responsible for this, he sees that the bully from his childhood is responsible. He gets angry and beats the man in front of his wife and child. The police eventually intervene and even though Phillip is able to sue the man for the physical damages, he couldn’t get him to pay for the mental damage of the loss of his grade school friend, wife, and unborn child. This was the time Phillip thought of a revenge scheme that would truly punish the man. He would even get back at the friends of the bully who did nothing while his friend was beaten.

Night 3
After a long day of hard work, they do their routine then go to bed. The two shadowy figures take their usual positions at the lighthouse to see what happens tonight. Later in the night, the camera in Jackson’s room flashes its light and wakes him up.
He grunts then says, “Can’t I get any sleep?”
Jackson gets up and goes to the camera room to see what’s going on. When he gets there, he sees Phillip flipping through the camera feeds as he seems to be looking for something.
“What the hell are you doing Phillip?”
“The animatronics are moving tonight and they took Melissa somewhere. I haven’t seen her since she went outside.”
“Dude, you seriously still think those things are alive?”
“Here, look.”
Phillip shows Jackson a camera feed that shows Annie the Antelope looking out at the city.
“Fine, I’ll go check it out.”
“Fix it better than you did last time.’
“Oh ha ha ha.”
Jackson goes out to check on the animatronic. He takes a crowbar and various other tools to fix Annie.
Phillip, through the walkie talkie, says, “Sneak up that thing. It attacks.”
“Oh please. It’s not going to do anything.”
Annie’s head turns a full one eighty once Jackson gets closer to her. It turns into a nightmare form of itself with its jaw and eye broken and its singing mic through its chest.
“Fuck my big mouth!”
Jackson quickly hits the animatronic with a crowbar in the head until it falls down and starts twitching. He fixes and moves parts of Annie around until it stops moving.
“Good job Jackson,” Phillip says over the walkie talkie.
“Yeah. Good job me.”
“I think I know where Melissa is. I think they took her into an animatronic fixing shack near the stage.”
There’s knocking at the doors by Phillip.
“I think I have company Jackson. I’ll have to go silent for a bit.”
“Good luck.”
Once Jackson makes it to the animatronic fixing shack, he finds a hidden basement has been revealed that wasn’t there before. He goes down the steps to find Melissa lying down on the floor, but once he tries to help her, a ghost-like purple man hits him over the head, knocking him out.

A Day for Revenge and Redemption
Phillip took a boat to Annie’s amusement park when it’s abandoned to do something to redeem himself for the actions he has done. The way he took revenge on the bully and his friends was extreme, to say the least. It may be coincidence or fate that one of the bully’s friends found out about what Phillip did and chased him to the island. There she fights him since she doesn’t have enough evidence to put him in jail and despite for thirst for revenge, they fight to a stalemate with both of them knocking each other out.

Day Four
As soon as he wakes up, Jackson runs into Melissa’s room to see if she’s there.
He yells, “Melissa!” as he barges into the room.
Melissa quickly wakes up, realizes where she is then says, “Jackson?”
“Oh thank God you’re ok!”
“You saw what happened last night?”
“What about Phil?”
“Oh shit, I almost forgot!”
He now rushes to Phillip’s room with Melissa. Together they barge into his room which wakes him up and makes him fall out of his bed.
“I’m good!” Phillip says on the floor.
Melissa, Jackson, and Phillip share a little laugh as Phillip gets up.
“We should probably go tell Annie about what’s happening since we’ve both experienced it,” Phillip suggests.
“You think she’ll believe us?” Melissa asks.
“I could show her the weird parts of the animatronics,” Jackson proposes.
“But she might ask what you said before and say why don’t we have any marks on us.”
“We’ll have to hope for the best then.”
Phillip knocks at the office door and says, “Annie? We need to talk to you about something important.”
They wait and few seconds and there’s no response. Phillip opens the door anyways and to their surprise, they find a rotting corpse of what appears to be Annie. The three of them are taken aback by this. They find a note by her desk that says the following; “I am so sorry I let my family’s business die so I pay my employees what I have left and take my life with it. Signed, Annie Annabelle.”
“She let her family business die?” Phillip says aloud.
“No she didn’t! There should be people coming in now,” Melissa says.
To their surprise again, they look at the window and see that the island has decayed with everything looking as if what they saw was an illusion and everything they imagined was a dream.
As they go outside and look around, Phillip says, “What the hell? Was everything we saw just a dream?”
“I don’t know. Everything feels…wrong. Like it only feels like it’s been a couple hours rather than a few days.”
Bobbie the Bunny and Annie the Antelope come out of nowhere and bite both Phillip and Melissa on the forehead. They remember everything now and their memories and feelings are tied together. They had just fought moments ago because she figured out that Phillip was the one who killed her child and the children of her friends. She found this out when he saw him walk out of the animatronic repair shack with bloody hands on the day her child went missing. Her child whose name is Jackson.
Melissa wants to beat Phillip to death, but she remembers they saw Jackson so he calls out for him and he appears before them as Peter the Puppet, an older doll animatronic they leave in the back for Halloween. Jackson has a Bobby the Bunny mask on top of his head with the appearance of the old timey style puppet.
“Avenge me mother” the puppet says, “avenge me.”
“Don’t listen to him Melissa!” Phillip says, “I know what’s it’s like to take revenge and I’m telling you it’s not worth it! I came here to bury the bodies of the children I killed to get some form of redemption. Please…forgive me.”
Melissa looks at Phillip’s sincere, upset face then says, “I…forgive you.”
“NO!” the puppet says as it attacks Phillip, but Melissa retrains it by its strings.
Phillip then takes the puppet and buries it under the ground and marks the grave for Jackson. The two then go to the spot where Phillip hid the bodies of the other kids, bury them, and mark their graves. As they look up, they see the shadowy figures in the lighthouse and see that they are themselves or another version of themselves. The figures fade away happy to know that they didn’t have to get involved.
Phillip talks to Melissa after, saying, “I’m sorry. Truly.”
“I understand how you feel,” she says, “I wanted to do something for you when Andrew was getting beat and I wanted to help you when your wife and kid died, but I couldn’t. I should be the one who should be apologizing."
“No, it’s not right. I promise you that I’ll make it up to you and your friends.”
From now on, Phillip makes friends with his past bully whose name is Leonardo and his friends. He does everything that a best friend would do for them and more. But on one morning when he goes to see Melissa at her house, he proposes to the woman whom he widowed and she says yes.
Revenge has multiple stories for just one word. It can tell a tale that infects others, brings people down, and can burn down cities, but love and forgiveness has many more stories to tell. It can tell tales that heals others, brings people together, builds civilizations, and much more. Make sure your life story is one of love, otherwise, it can and will burn down the lives of everyone around you.

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New YouTube channel to check out!

Part 1

Follow up

Check out Inspiring Philosophy's YouTube channel. He makes great arguments for the existence of God and how atheism is false.

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Grammar and Spelling Errors in Short Stories

While going through some of my older stories on my blog, I've seen that I've made some editing mistakes. Not exactly big ones, but mistakes none the less. This is probably because I wrote the short stories on the blog first before editing them. If you find them and tell me about them, I'll fix it and put your name in the book as a helper of sorts. This is also a reward on Patreon so if you want more than a mention then I'd suggest looking at the Patreon rewards I have set up.
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Couple of things I would like you to know.

  • It's kind of weird how the book that people liked the most on Smashwords is Man made gods (9 likes 13 downloads). This is probably because it's under religious themes and probably only religious people who agree with what I say read it.
  • Since I'm in college, I'll be posting less on my blog. I'll still try to put up comic reviews and such, but it'll be a bit less until this semester is over.
  • I'm steadily working on the next Choice and Consequence book that will definitely be coming out at least by the end of this month.
  • I do have ideas for more free books like one called Everyday Tragedy which is self explanatory about what it's about.
That's it for now so I'll try to post as much as possible. Thank you!

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All New Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes review

This new Ghost rider is pretty much the only good "diverse" member of the All New Marvel lineup and there's a few different reasons why.

  • There are multiple Ghost Riders already so another makes sense.
  • He doesn't always win and gets his ass kicked every now and then.
  • His ethnicity isn't one of the main focuses of the series.
  • No mentions of sexism, racism, or politics.
  • A white guy (his teacher) is a nice guy and one of his reasons to be good (even if he does seem to be or look like a stereotype).

The character of Robbie is relatable and good. His brother is everything to him and he does everything he can to be a good person.

This one page really got to me since his little brother didn't care if Robbie won the fight against the people who bullied him, he just cared that his brother stood up for him.

These other two pages from the last part of the second volume also showed how strong the bond is between these brothers.

The spirit that gives Robbie the Ghost Rider powers is not a spirit of vengeance this time and is a satanist who was his uncle. Eli (his uncle) wants Robbie to go around and kill people who are killers like Eli, but Robbie just scares them and beats them up to not be like his uncle. I'm not sure if Robbie will end up killing people later, but it definitely seems like a possibility.
The car that Robbie drives is pretty sweet and is what his uncle Eli possess. Robbie can phase through the car and can control it with his mind to use it as a weapon.
There are a few negatives with the series like how the art dips in quality starting in the second volume, but gets better by the tenth. In terms of the story, it's never really explained why Eli has powers on par with that of a spirit of vengeance. The only theory I can think of, is that Eli is doing Satan's bidding by killing people and sending them to Hell before they have a chance for redemption (more souls in Hell = less souls in Heaven), but this theory isn't exactly supported by anything in the story.
A side note. I read Ghost Racers, which is a story that happens in the Secret wars event. It's basically all kinds of Ghost Riders like Robbie, Johnny, Danny, and the Horse Ghost Rider (I forgot his name) racing while also attacking one another to claim victory. If they lose, then they are tortured and eventually killed if they don't win. This title is fun to read, but I think it focuses too much on Robbie and gives him too much credit. This comic is written by the same person who writes Robbie, but still.
All in all, I give this series a 4/5 for now. I hope the series continues, improves, and gets better as time goes on.

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Winners of the Choice and Consequence of Romance Giveaway

Thank you everyone who entered and here are the names of everyone who entered.

*names as given

  • Rebecca Proctor
  • julianna guzman
  • Kateri Fites
  • Marissa Arenas
  • Gerard Callahan
  • W. Nelson
  • cynthia
  • samantha james
  • Constance Bhardwaj
  • Ronda Rudnick
  • Melissa Roller
  • sandy cleghorn
  • Chanel Chamberlin
  • Aaron Beagle
  • amanda klaahsen
  • Cindy Wilson
  • Julie
  • dot
  • Charlene Kline
  • Joy Podgorski
  • Catherine Christner
  • Barbara Casey
  • Karen M. Hoefer

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Choice and Consequence of Following Orders (Unedited)

*Since this story is shorter than I thought it was going to be, I'm going to have the unedited version of it here for free.
*I'm waiting for the last person to claim their prize so I can post the names of the winners of the Choice and Consequence of Romance giveaway.

Objective 1 – Extraction and Acquisition
There are puppets are strung up in a dark factory. As one is released into action, another is set up to take its place. On some occasions, puppets will be released since they’re old or damaged from accidents or action. Others who disobey the puppet masters have their strings cut and disappear into obscurity. One puppet armed with a double barrel shotgun is sent out into the field with another loyal one follows behind wielding an M-16.
Abby enters the house from the back door and shoots several monsters with her double-barreled shotgun. These monsters appear to be maggots with a passing resemblance to birds with sharp arms, legs with metal claws and mouth. Her reaction has to be sharp as these creatures jump out of every corner of the house without warning, but since she got good training from her dad who was a hunter, there’s no real trouble. She reloads within seconds and only uses the butt of the gun when she needs to. After killing six of these things, there’s only one more room so she takes a second to ready her to breach it. Abby breaths in and out before knocking down the door and shooting the last few remaining maggot monsters. She lowers her gun and blinks a few times before she sees that she’s shot a small family.
A man behind her in military fatigues and body army says, “Good job Abby.”
“Good job?” she responds, “I just killed a family.”
“A family that supplied the enemy we’re fighting against with food, weapons, and ammo. They’re just maggots, you know that.”
A teenage girl and boy, who are wielding knives, leap out from the closet and try to attack the two, but the man quickly shoots both of them in the head with his rifle.
“Like I said. Maggots.”
“Whatever you say Jason.”
Both soldiers get in their Humvee and drive back to base. Once they get there, they see their fellow friends waiting inside the hanger bay. One of them, who is named Victor, limp runs to Abby and gives her a hug.
“You’re back!” Victor says with a big smile.
“Of course she would be,” the helicopter pilot Marissa says, “You married a killer remember?”
“Hey at least I got laid before you did and ever will,” Abby snaps back.
“Hahaha. She’s got you there,” a man in a stealth suit says.
“Hey John, you’re the stealthy-quiet one right? Why don’t you stay that way?”
“It’s my day off. Something you take too much of.”
“Alright, alright everyone let’s calm down,” Jason says.
“So how did your mission go?” Victor asks Abby.
“We killed everyone,” Jason says.
“You what?” John asks.
“Those were our orders.”
“Those were our commanders preferred orders. You didn’t have to kill them all, you could’ve just shut them down and made sure they weren’t going to supply the militia.”
“Killing them all and taking their stuff is a good way of doing that. Our commanders like it when we follow their orders to a T. Don’t forget who pays our bills.”
“We’re a mercenary group because of them and don’t forget who hasn’t sent us supplies in a while.”
“It would seem weird if they sent a random “mercenary” group weapons, ammo, and food. We get that on our own when we need it.”
“And we need it now.”
“I’ll go out again,” Abby volunteers.
“Are you sure?” Victor asks.
“I’m sure. Don’t worry about it.”
“She shouldn’t go alone since no one else is doing anything,” Jason states, “Pick who you want to take you to the nearest enemy supply base.”
Abby thinks about it for a bit before saying, “I’ll go with John.”
John smiles then says, “Good choice. Let’s go.”
John’s style of transportation is a motorcycle that’s customized to be silent and carry cargo on the side with another. The two arrive a little bit outside of the target so the enemy doesn’t seem them or appear on their radar if they have it. John finds a hidden tunnel and they go through it, assuming it will lead them underneath the base.
Since Abby is not too sure about this, she asks John, “Are you sure about this?”
“You picked me to help you right?” John asserts, “Don’t worry, I’m mostly used to hidden tunnels like this.”
“Mostly used to?”
“I’ve faced people like this before and you could be walking into a trap unless you see certain small hints that they can’t hide.”
“And are there any here?”
“None that I see.”
“That’s good to know.”
“When we get up there, try not to kill that many people. In and out as if we were a shadow. Here.”
John hands Abby a silenced tranquilizer pistol.
“Use this instead of your shotgun if you have to. Got it?”
“Yes sir.”
Abby and John go through the base while taking as many supplies as they can. The soldiers are nothing but faceless puppets with sharp fingers and sharp legs that are like swords. Though Abby acts like a shadow for the most part, she has to knock out a couple soldiers who get in her way. She later finds a locked door that she picks to find a woman inside it. The woman has brown hair and eyes and she’s wearing clothing associated with military forces except for her shirt design that says ‘Jim in Oz’.
“Wait! Don’t shoot!” the woman says.
“Who are you and what are you doing here?” Abby says with her gun pointed at the woman.
“My name is Nazanin and I’m part of a group in this country that is trying to take down the militia from the inside. You have to take me with you to your base so I can help you fight against them and help free my country from them.”
“I say we take her,” John says from behind Abby.
“Alright, but take some of the stuff that’s in this room. We need the supplies,” Abby says.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome,” John says.
“Who are you talking to?” Nazanin asks.
“My friend John. He hides in the shadows.”
“It’s not my fault my stealth suit actually works in the dark,” John says.
The three go back through the hidden tunnel and take their supplies back to base.
At the base, Jason walks up to them with his favorite mask to hide his identity and asks, “Who is she and what’s she doing on my base?”
“She’s help we rescued from the militia,” John snaps back.
Nazanin in somewhat in a state of shock says, “Oh…Oh. Who is-”
“You see Jason your stupid hockey horror mask is scaring her,” John says.
“That’s what it’s meant to do idiot.”
“No, it’s fine! I just wasn’t expecting…uh. I wasn’t expecting it.”
“You want me to explain why he wears it?” John asks, “Or is that classified info?”
“It’s fine if she knows,” Jason says.
Jason starts his story by saying, “My squad and I were stranded in a jungle that was said to have been infested with enemies and they had already run out of ammo. Everyone had given up hope, but I was the only one who took a machete and finished the rest of the mission by myself. I got the nickname Jason the Slasher and that’s why I wear the mask.”
“You see John? My story is pretty impressive.”
“Alright guys let’s just bring all of these supplies inside,” Abby orders, “Do you mind lending a hand Nazanin?”
“I’d be glad to help.”
After bringing in all of the supplies they found, Nazanin gets herself settled in the command room.
“Woah, woah what’s she doing?” Jason frantically asks.
“She’s going to help like she said,” John says.
“I am, but I’d like to know what foreign soldiers like you are doing in this country. I’ve noticed that you appear to be from America, but the nearest American bases is miles away from here.”
“I’ll explain,” Abby says.
“I don’t know about this,” Jason whispers to Abby.
“I’ll tell you everything I know and all you need to do is tell me your purpose here. Nothing more, nothing less.”
“Fine,” Jason says.
Abby tells Nazanin that, “We’re a small group of highly trained soldiers that operate off the books as a sort of mercenary group for our country. Our commanders instruct us to act as backup for allied countries so we can stay in their favor. As for our reason here, we’re here to get rid of the militia group here known as the Sine Nomine Victimarum who are said to be waging psychological warfare.”
“Psychological warfare? You mean fear mongering and using that against their enemies?” Nazanin asks.
“It’s not just that. They’ve shown they can make anyone into a sleeper cell agent for their own gains. I know it sounds far-fetched but it’s the truth.”
“I believe you. It was a rumor from where I live, but we didn’t have much evidence for it.”
“So are you going to help us?”
“Yes, I’ll mark several locations of interest that you and your people should look at it. Relay it to your commanders if you wish to double check it.”
Nazanin writes down the locations and their value and Abby relays the information to her squad’s commanders to cross check the information. As they’re waiting, Jason and John talk to each other about their plans while Abby shows Nazanin around the base.
While walking around, Nazanin asks Abby, “Jason seems like a loyal soldier. What’s his story?”
“He was raised in a military family and always did what they wanted him to do without question. A true model soldier they say,” Abby explains.
“What about John? Is he always against Jason?”
“Not always, but most of the time. The reason why he always wants to go against orders is because he was sent to blow up a building from the inside that was of particular interest. What he didn’t know at the time was that the building also had the enemy’s families in it so he blew up children and other innocent people along with the enemy.”
“Why did your commanders authorize that?”
“They didn’t know that either and didn’t want to think about that after the deed was done. I’m sure they felt guilty about it as well.”
“Did they do anything about it?”
“They just make double sure what targets they hit and how they do it.”
“That’s not really much.”
“It was a secret op for an allied government.”
“Your squad’s specialty, right? Is that what your squad is doing in this country?”
“Not exactly. Our country is on the edge of going into decline and the government here is offering payment and rewards for our help. Our military force fights against the militia on normal ops while we investigate the militia about these sleeper cell agents on the sidelines.”
“Got it. That’s a good distraction strategy they have. They also have a good deal with our country.”
Abby and Nazanin arrive at the helicopter hangar to see Marissa working on her helicopter.
“Hey Marissa!” Abby yells, “Say hello to our new guest!”
“Hey!” Marissa yells out, “I’d go over there to greet you, but I’m kind of busy with repairs.”
“I understand,” Nazanin says.
“You’ve been repairing that copter for a while now and you’re still not done?”
“Nope. That’s one of the great things about working off the books. You don’t get the parts you need or the right people to fix your copter.”
“Well you keep at it. We’ll see you around!”
“What to tell me about her?” Nazanin asks Abby as they walk away.
“Sure. She was born in a military family like Jason, but the special thing about her happened on one mission. She and a squad of fellow attack helicopter were attacking a location and they were all getting shot out of the sky. She was the only one left and destroyed the objective, but she was shot out of the sky at the last second. After the helicopter crashed, she had to help her injured squad walk all the way back to base which took a couple days.”
“She’s an amazing pilot and soldier.”
“I know, but she’s nothing compared to the man we’re seeing next.”
They come to Abby’s husband, Victor, who’s sitting in bed, resting his injured legs.
Abby explains that “This great man saved me from a landmine.”
“And she saved me from my injuries and a huge gunfight,” Victor says.
“He’s your husband?” Nazanin asks.
“That’s right. The rings gave it away didn’t they?”
“How did you two meet?”
“In basic training. We just bonded over the hardships we faced and got married after.”
“Thank you so much for being such a great husband. If you weren’t, then your wonderful wife wouldn’t have saved me.”
“It’s no problem.”
“You keep talking about your comrades and their amazing history. What about your own Abby?” Nazanin asks.
“I was raised in a military family like Jason’s. My dad was a veteran who became a hunter after he was done in the military and he taught me how to shoot a gun properly. My mom, on the other hand, told me how to respect others and how to be resilient. She was the medic for my dad’s squad. I always followed their wisdom and became a favorite soldier to our commanders.”
“So you’re more similar to Jason than I thought.”
“But she’s way better,” Victor adds.
Abby walks up to Victor while saying, “Maybe after this next mission, we should relax together and maybe…” She whispers seductive things into his ear.
“We should probably get back to Jason and John,” Nazanin interrupts, “They’ll probably have something for us by now.”
“Damn,” Abby says.
“Don’t worry about it, we’ll get plenty of time together after we’re doing this fight,” Victor reassures Abby.
“I hope so. You know I don’t like waiting.”
The couple laughs a bit before Abby and Nazanin head back to the command center.

Objective 2 – Infiltration and Execution
At the command room, Jason says, “Command has approved this mission to look through these locations. All of these places could possibly hold valuable information. I have to thank you Nazanin.”
“It’s no problem.”
“Though how did you get all of this info?”
“My group and I found it when we infiltrated the militia.”
“And they are where now?”
“They’re dead. The militia found us out after we found this critical information and killed everyone and was going to kill me next.”
“We’ll avenge your friends. Don’t worry, their sacrifice won’t be wasted,” John reassures Nazanin.
“Thank you. I needed to hear that.”
“So how are we going to handle this Jason?” Abby asks.
“You’re going to go out and search these locations with one of us while the rest stay here.”
“I’ll be here talking to your commanders about the information I know,” says Nazanin.
“Ok,” John says, “So who are you taking?”
“I’ll be taking Jason with me.”
“Alright! Let’s do this.” Jason excitingly says.
Abby makes sure she has enough shotgun ammo and tranquilizer rounds with her as she gets ready to go out again.
“Abby,” Nazanin says before she leaves, “Make sure you don’t hurt anybody. There are tons of innocent and good people in the places you will be going. There will be people there who will give you the information you need if you just ask.”
“Don’t worry. I’ll be careful.”
Jason and Abby head out to the location which is a small village. When she heads out, Abby leaves behind her shotgun but keeps her tranquilizer hidden.
“You sure about keeping this here? It could get ugly when they see you’re a foreigner,” Jason says.
“I’m sure. Just let me do the talking.”
“Alright. I hope you’re right.”
Abby walks into the village. She feels everyone here stare at her as if they’re waiting for her to do something so they can act on it. This feeling makes Abby a bit nervous when she knocks on the door of one of the houses.
Someone answers it and says in the native language, “Hello. Do you need something?”
Since Abby also knows the language, she speaks it and says, “Yes, I’m here to help you. The militia has been around here and I was wondering if-”
“Yes! We’ll help you!”
The village comes to life as if a wave of relief has come to them. People start walking out of their homes with gifts of food and water for Abby.
The villager continues by saying, “This God forsaken militia has taken people from our village to force them into fighting for them. They say they’re fighting against the corrupt government, but they themselves are corrupt. There’s a building in a city not too far from here that should hold the information you need and if you encounter our people, do not be afraid to put them down as they’re not the same people we remember.”
“Thank you so much for the information and your gifts. You’re too kind,” Abby says.
“No, thank you for helping us.”
Jason is extremely surprised by what is happening. Pleasantly surprised but surprised nonetheless. They go to the building the villagers told Abby about after dropping the gifts the villagers gave back to base.
Since the building is so small, Jason says, “We should spilt up in there. That way, it shouldn’t take too long to find what we need.”
“Sounds like a good plan. Let’s do it.”
 Both soldiers go through the building and find it strangely abandoned. That is until Abby enters a filing room and the door closes behind her. A gory fish looking puppet walks out of the shadows leading out smaller fish puppets with fish hooks on a leash.
It says, “Go away. There’s nothing for you here.”
“I heard something important I need is here and I’m not leaving without it,” Abby says as she raises her shotgun.
“So be it. Kill, my children!”
The children fish are let off their leash and go after Abby. She butts them with the back of her gun since she doesn’t want to kill them then shoots the adult fish puppet twice. Abby didn’t like the fact of the adult using his children as attack dogs. The kids then crowd around their father and cry over his death while fearing Abby. Her attention turns to a mirror in the room and she sees herself as a demon puppet with a shotgun as one arm and a machete for the other. Behind her, the door opens allowing Abby to escape. She quickly takes all the files she needs and meets Jason outside.
Jason looks over the files in the Humvee and says, “You did good Abby. I couldn’t find anything in the building besides dust.”
She stays silent.
“What’s wrong? Eh?”
He finds a picture of a happy family.
“Were these the people you took these files from?”
Abby looks at the picture and though she saw gory fish puppets, she recognizes them as the father and his children. She quickly sits back and looks out the window.
“It’s tragic I know,” Jason explains, “Good people will side themselves with others who they think are good but really aren’t. That happens in conflicts. You still did the right thing for the greater good.”
“I hope so,” Abby quietly says, “What do the files say?”
“They just confirm what I know about how trash this militia is. This is a recruitment center and if the people they take in don’t join them, then they beat them and repeatedly put them through psychological torture until they do. John will love to see this. All of these files will definitely take away any support they have left.”
“What about the other locations? Aren’t we still going to them?”
“Of course. It can only get better from here.”
On the way to the next location, Abby gets a radio call from one of her commanders that the next location they’re going to has just recently been under siege by friendly forces. He says that even though the fight is over, there still could some stragglers in the cracks.
When they arrive, Jason says, “I’m going to go help my fellow Marines clean up over here and catch up on old times if you don’t mind.”
“I don’t mind. Just say hi to your boyfriends to me will ya?” Abby jokes.
“Hahaha ok.”
The entire town they’re in is in ruin with very few undamaged buildings. There are blood and bullet everywhere with the bodies of militia soldiers being slowly cleaned up though there are some bodies that are in pieces from explosives. When Abby looks back at the Marines, she sees angelic puppets that sometimes reveal their black insides. Abby investigates some of the buildings and doesn’t find much except for guns and ammo. One destroyed building she eventually finds a bunch of files and USB drives by a dead body that is crushed by the debris. That body comes to life out of the debris, picks up the files, and hands them to Abby.
The crushed woman says in her native language, “Bring these to those who command you. These will show you what is going on, on our side of things. Tell me you will stop this fighting.”
Abby touches the woman’s shoulder and says, “I will.”
After giving Abby the files, the woman dies with a slight smile of hope on her face. Abby closes the woman’s eyes before getting back to Jason. They check what’s on the USB drives and find a video of a massacre that happened in a nearby town. In the news in the U.S., Abby and Jason heard this was the event that was caused because of the militia’s actions, but according to what the other files say, this massacre was what created the militia. There are other factors that made the militia come together and fight such as; high taxes, terrible economy, not many individual rights, and a persecution of certain religions and viewpoints.
“We need to find out more about this to see if this government we’re helping is truly being wronged and not corrupt,” Abby adamantly states.
“You’re right. The next location the files say we should go to corresponds with one of the locations Nazanin gave us. It should have the answers we need,” Jason says as he starts to drive there.
There’s a bit of an uneasy feeling in him as he feels like he could be wrong about hating the militia as much as he does. This next location is a government building further into the town. It’s guarded by its country’s soldiers who look like marionettes with faces that switch depending on who they’re talking to. Thankfully since this government is on good terms with theirs, Abby and Jason are given access to their files, but only a select number of them. The two sneak through the building while unlocking certain safes and file cabinets to find what they’re looking for. They eventually find what they are looking for. These files and data on CDs and USBs contain information that the government was responsible for the massacre and contains corruption in it.
“I can’t believe they played us like this,” Jason says, “Did the people at the top even know we were partnering ourselves with people like this?”
An explosion happens outside and Abby and Jason go to find that the building is under attack by forces that don’t appear to be militia. They, in fact, appear to be military forces from their side who have defected and chosen to side with the militia.
“Now’s a good a time as any to use your tranquilizer gun,” Jason says as they head down to meet the ex-marine.
“And now you’re telling me to use it?” Abby questions, “They’re fighting against a corrupt government on a side that isn’t exactly good themselves so who should I kill and who should I just knock out?”
“I…I-I don’t fucking know! Just pick an answer because I can’t figure out the right one right now!”
Once they arrive downstairs, they see that the ex-marines have just killed all of the guard downstairs. In the few seconds Abby has to decide, she decides to shoot her once fellow soldiers with the tranquilizer gun. One female soldier who has cut off puppet strings, wears tattered military fatigues and is wielding dual Uzis. She appears to have a devil puppet face stitched to her face though her appearance seems to be angelic.
The woman says with her guns pointed at Abby, “Stand down soldier. You’re fighting on the wrong side.”
“And you’re out of line for acting against orders,” Abby snaps back.
“All I’ve done in my life is follow orders. Trust me and stand down. I’m not going to let these people get taken advantage of anymore.”
Abby quickly raises her tranquilizer gun to quickly end the fight, but the female soldier reacts fast enough to avoid her shots. The two take cover and exchange fire while Jason doesn’t know exactly to do. He then decides to cover Abby by shooting around the ex-marine which give Abby confidence to close the gap between them and get a couple shots to take her down.
As the once fellow soldier falls asleep, she says, “Make sure the right thing gets done…even if you have to go against orders…”
“I will,” Abby promises.
After the fight, the ex-marine soldiers are taken into custody while Abby and Jason take what they have back to base and present it to everyone.
“Great! Whose side are we going to fight on now?!” John yells.
“We still fight for our country John! That’s what we signed up for!” Jason yells back.
“I signed up to fight for a country that was fighting for the right things not the wrong!”
“And we just so happened to be in the middle of a conflict where both sides have skeletons in their closet. What are you going to do about it?”
“I’m-going to have to think about it.”
“Well you better think fast because we have enough information to fuck up all sides of this conflict. The militia will be shown a violent terrorist group who erases people’s free will to fight a corrupt government that abuses its people. It also shows that our government and leaders didn’t ask questions when they were offered a relief in a time of need.”
“So who are you going to side with?”
“I already told you. I’m sticking to my guns.”
“You’re such a model soldier, aren’t you? More like a pet dog if you ask me.”
“What the fuck did you say to me?! You can join the militia for all I care and get yourself sent to prison for treason!”
“Hold up!” Nazanin interrupts, “You still haven’t seen the militia’s research center yet! That place could hold something that could give you the right answer as to who is the worst out of all three.”
“You have to give them one more chance Jason,” John says.
“I don’t know. What we have seems substantial enough. What do you think Abby?” Jason asks.
“We’ll go in a few hours. I need to rest.”
“Then that’s what we’ll do then. You’re lucky you have someone like Abby who’s neutral on everything John.”
“You’re lucky for the same reason Jason.”

Objective 3 – Elimination/Save/Obtain Information – Clarification Needed
After getting a few hours of sleep, eating, and drinking a bit, Abby gets ready to go out again. She stops by Victor’s room to hug and kiss him and so they can talk a bit before she leaves. The conversation is cut short since Jason and John are eager to know who the true enemy should be. Marissa, on the other hand, is still worried about fixing her helicopter and is more neutral on the issue and doesn’t care who she fights. John is the one who she chooses to support her since Jason wants to look through the information more closely while they’re gone.
Before they go, Nazanin goes to Abby and says, “When you go there and find researchers, drop my name and they should give you want you need.”
“Why? I thought your group was wiped out,” Abby says.
“A few of them contacted me while you were resting and said they were still at the research center.”
“You sure they haven’t been influenced by the militia?”
“I’m sure. They’re incredibly loyal soldiers and would’ve killed themselves if they got captured.”
“I hope you’re right.”
“I am. Trust me.”
Since John trusts Nazanin, he takes the direct approach to entering the research center. The researchers are a bit taken a bit by the appearance of them, but they give them what they need once Abby drops Nazanin’s name. They are also given an inhaler which snaps any person out of being under the militia’s control. The group looks over the information.
Jason slams the desk before saying, “I’m tired of looking through this shit again and again! There’s tons of misinformation by all sides because they either don’t have all the facts or they act in ignorance. We wasted our time checking these areas Nazanin told us to and we should’ve just been on the front lines destroying the militia.”
“Not exactly,” John says, “Look at this.”
John shows them a paper which says that they have a sleeper agent in their own group.
“One of us is fighting for them,” John continues to say, “This is probably why the researchers gave us this inhaler. To expose them us and show us how they knew we were watching them this entire time.”
There’s a deafening silence among them.
“I’ll take it first,” Abby volunteers.
“Yeah. We should get the obvious ones who are loyal to us out of the way first,” Jason says.
Abby uses the inhaler and all of the sudden, her fellow soldiers disappear. Though Nazanin is still with her. Confused and nervous, Abby runs around the base to see that every one of them is dead.
“Wha-What?” Abby says in shock.
Nazanin quickly hits Abby in the legs then cuffs her hand to a door handle.
“That’s right. You were the sleeper agent all along,” Nazanin says.
“A-And you were on their side as well?!”
“I’m their leader.”
“No one knows that the militia has a leader. They just know that they have leaders, but I’m the one pulling the strings behind the scenes.”
“How did you do this?!”
“We ambushed and kidnapped you on one of your solo missions. You were definitely resilient, but we broke your psyche and we ordered you to kill your squad then pick me up at my location.”
“I’m sorry about your squad and especially your husband. I hate to think what you did to him when you thought when he was alive and I’ll just stop right there to avoid getting sick.”
Abby recalls having sex with her husband not too long ago and it’s obvious to her what Nazanin is talking about exactly.
Nazanin continues by saying, “Now thanks to you, I have the information I need to expose both your government and the corrupt government my people live under. Let me tell you that you’re a real loyal soldier and child. I checked your history in the military records and it doesn’t look like you had much choice in your lifestyle, personality, and major decisions. Even your marriage to your husband seemed rigged as your commanders put you both together since your family were good friends with them. Make an actual decision in your life this time and help us. Again, I’m sorry about your friends and the people we had to force to join us they didn’t know any better. Think about it.”
Before Nazanin takes the intel and leaves, she throws Abby the key to the cuffs and the location of where she’s going on a piece of paper. The leader of the militia then drives away on John’s motorcycle, leaving Abby to her thoughts.
“What am I going to do?” Abby thinks to herself.
“Yes, what are we going to do,” an other her says from behind Abby.
“Who are you?”
“The other you. The way Nazanin and her group of misfits took you under their control is by using the human condition Speculum Humanae or the Human Mirror against you. You remember that condition, don’t you? It’s what makes you see monsters born of your personality or makes monsters out of the people you see. It also makes you see things such as your friends that you thought were still alive and instead just ghosts in your mind.”
“So me, what should we do?”
“If you do what Nazanin said, then the corrupt government will be punished and ours will probably get a slap on the wrist for not realizing what they were doing. Where we lose is that the horrible things that the militia have done will probably get swept under the rug and never be heard of. If we eliminate them, then the people underneath the corrupt government will suffer again and this whole thing will undoubtedly play out again. Which do you choose?”
“…Let’s go for a mix of the two.”
“Oh! The unseen third option! I like it!”
Abby heads out using Jason’s Humvee and goes out to where Nazanin is supposed to be. It’s the base Abby found Nazanin at before. Seeing her coming from a distance, Nazanin comes out to greet her with some backup just in case Abby does something else. This is exactly what Abby does as she uses a grenade launcher and launches several rounds of knockout gas at the base, covering it and knocking out everyone there.
“Thanks John,” Abby says out loud.
Before heading in, Abby puts on a gas mask and readies her tranquilizer rifle and pistol. She goes throughout the base and knocks out as many soldiers as possible. After which, she rounds them up and takes back all of the intel she found and bring them all to an ally base. There they get Nazanin to confess the things she’s done. The commanders and generals use the information Abby found and uses it to expose the corrupt government and goes against them. Unfortunately, they do not hand themselves over peacefully and had to be executed on sight, a battle that Abby has a part in. The U.S. is slightly reprimanded for not looking further into the conflict before deciding though not much comes from it. Abby’s friends are given a funeral and honored in the military for their service and dedication. Abby herself is awarded several medals and honors for her work, but she is also sent to a hospital for a few weeks to get rid of the lingering effects of the sleeper cell indoctrination.
Weeks later, she is given a clean bill of health and goes back to her house in Hillside City. She sits on the porch of her house and wonders what she should do next. She doesn’t exactly have a job and combat and following orders is all she’s really good at.
The chief of police comes up to her and offers, “I hear that you’re a great soldier. What do you think about joining us? We have enough space for another officer.”
Abby accepts this and becomes an officer for Hillside City. A great job for her as it employs her talents.
In conflict and wars, both sides think they’re fighting for the greater good. Soldiers will dedicate themselves to their countries and factions to help and be the defenders of what they hold dear. They don’t have much choice afterward especially when they are given orders. If you do this, you better hope that you’re fighting for the right cause, otherwise, you might be doing something that you will hate yourself for.