Thursday, January 19, 2017

List of favorite: YouTubers

  • Mr. Nightmare (real scary stories and events [also check out Rob Dyke] )
  • AniSins (sins anime)
  • Chris Stuckmann (reviews movies)
  • Daithi De Nogla ( comedic let's plays [also check out Vanoss and Big Jiggly Panda] )
  • LeeandLie (cover songs of anime)
  • BDobbinsFTW (analyzes of FPS games like COD and Battlfield)
  • RebelTaxi (reviews and analyzes animation and some video games and movies)
  • Game theory / Film theory (theorizes about details in games and movies sometimes anime and maybe they'll do cartoons)
  • Blaire White (politics and current events)
  • ReviewTechUSA (looks at tech but mostly video game news)
  • AlphaOmegaSin (talks about video games and video game companies)
  • Classic Game Room (reviews video games [very fun oriented view of video games] )
  • Darklordjadow1 (review video games [this would basically be me if I did YouTube videos] )
  • I Hate Everything (critical of movies, games, mars bars, etc.)
  • Nathan Sharp (covers songs of anime sometimes better than LeeandLie sometimes not)
  • Mysterious Mr. Enter (reviews cartoons and animated movies)
  • Stefan Molyneux (mostly long talks about politics, current events, religions, ideals, etc.)
  • Criken2 (plays video games [one of the first YouTubers I watched and still watch] )
  • XLH Gladiator (plays flashy video games)
  • E;R (critically looks at games, movies, cartoons, anime. Though he only has a few videos, they are long and highly detailed and funny. Also does short randomish videos.)
  • The Rageaholic (critically looks at video games, music (mostly metal), current events)
  • DXFan619 (analyzes anime and games and does let's plays)
  • Steven Crowder (talks about current events, politics, religion, ideals [is a fellow Christian] )
  • Sargon of Akkad (talks about current events, politics, and ideals)

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