Saturday, January 7, 2017

Five nights at freddy's: Too much and too little

It's safe to assume that everyone here has heard of FNaF so I don't think it needs a big and detailed intro so I'll keep it simple.
It's one of the hugest indie and horror games out there with five games, a book, and a movie coming out. What makes it unique is the animatronics and the point and click gameplay mechanics that slightly differ from game to game. I'd say the mystery filled story is another unique element, but mainstream stories have this element like CoD Zombies and the Souls series where you know basics of the world, but you don't have a good idea of the overall story, which gets people to keep talking about it, though it absolutely confuses people as well and makes you look like your just trying to complicate a jumbled story. Speaking about it, the story is why some people like Game Theory coming back to it so they can solve the big mystery in FNaF and though they have seemingly solved the mystery, there are still unanswered questions in the story. I can also say with confidence that people are still not satisfied and confused about the way the story turned out. Now this is because of the mysterious story that barely tells you any answers so we're always given a little bit while the rest is shown in events out of order to be interpreted in many different ways. Game Theory in one video states that no matter how many times he tries to account for the details in the story will be over-complicated at best and flawed at worst. The gameplay is also something to complain about as little changes don't change the fact that you're basically playing the same game again (look at Honest Game Trailers). This is the LITTLE part of the problem of FNaF too little. Too little gameplay changes and too little story details.
I think you know about the MUCH part of it. Too many games release already (The 1st one came out in August 8th 2014 and 4 games came out since then) and too much merchandising. You can't go anywhere without coming across a store like Gamestop, Hot topic, or stand that sells FNaF toys, shirts, keychains, etc. It's too MUCH.
Now after all that ranting, you'd think I hate the series and I really don't. I liked the first four games (Sister location jumped the shark though and World was average) and I got some of the little keychain collectibles back when I still could stand it. The Five Nights at Fuckboys RPGs are pretty good, but that's made by someone else and they aren't officially connected to the series, just parody games. NateWantstoBattle's, JT Machinima's, and The Living Tombstone's FNaF songs are pretty cool. I like how a Christian indie guy (Scott Cawthon) with nothing really to his name became this popular and helps me feel that I can do the same. I'm also making a story inspired by his, but not as confusing. Though you can see there are only a couple things that are actual parts of the series while the rest is because of it existing. I think the series is going to burn itself out since it shows no real signs of slowing down. That's pretty much all I have to say except RIP.

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