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Trapped Body and Soul (in a video game) Part 4

Chapter 3 – Levels 7, 8, 9 – A Horrifying Turn of Events
            We only take a few hours to sleep then head out to the next floor. This one is full of zombies and horrifying monsters. After the in-game war, the violence and hate that it made gave birth to these monstrosities. The monsters are more aggressive and use surprise/jump scare tactics such as having their back turned to us only to have a monster pop out of their back and instantly attack us. These ones are distinguished by bubbling backs so it can be easy to counter the surprise attack if we keep a sharp eye out for the small details. The monsters also have grab attacks that go through our blocks, which are more or less rape attacks that do enough damage for us to be careful of them. There are even mimic (bullshit) chests that attack us when we open them and grow legs and teeth. They do however drop good items. On the other hand, it is funny to see Kerano get tentacle raped by a disgusting looking monster that wants to cuddle with him. I try to get Angel into one of these traps though I can’t manage to. I think she notices this and almost gets me raped by a slime girl. No thank you, I am not into fucking jelly. Kerano however gets grabbed instead of me. He’s such a great friend.
So after Kerano pretty much gets molested by every monster, we make it to the boss room. It’s a big monster with sharp tentacles-
“Ah damn it!” Kerano yells.
            -for a head, arms, and legs. It uses mostly grabs-
            “Fucking Hell!” Kerano yells again.
            -and stab attacks so it can use its deadly close range attacks…and to use tentacle rape attacks (not really rape but it looks like it along with the others).
            “I swear to God I’m going to fucking put the game creators into a virtual hentai game!”
            Speaking about them, they aren’t Japanese so I don’t know why there are so many tentacles on this floor. Maybe it’s for a laugh or they’re inspired by Japanese games.
            “Die! Die you fucking piece of shit!” Kerano yells as he goes full psycho on the boss.
Anyways it’s supposed to be a monster that is born from a mixture of love and hate which were emotions that were high during the war. Thankfully we can parry and/or counterattack its attacks with our own to make this a boss of constant attacks and aggression, perfect for Kerano’s pent up anger. We defeat it and Kerano shows both middle fingers for the Wall of Firsts picture and we do the same.
“That’s right! Fuck this fucking floor dude. Fuck it!” Kerano (you know what tone of voice by now).
After this fun filled floor, we rest, turn in quests, and sell items and equipment we don’t need as always. Before we head out, a group of people who are composed of different builds like the government soldiers approach us.
“Hey Kerano,” one of the guys say.
“Hey guys. Temere, Cazzuto, you know about my little group here don’t you?”
“You whore. You got all these people sucking your dick?” I say.
“Well I need more than you guys to satisfy me.”
“Ohhhhhhh,” his little posy says.
“Wow. Jokes from you?” Angel asks, “Do I need to kick you in the dick again?”
“Let him have his group Temere.”
“Thank you Cazzuto.”
“He needs more than his sword to compensate for his small dick.”
“Ohhhhh,” Angel and I say.
“Wow Kerano. These are the people you play the game with?” one of the girls ask. Man she’s pretty.
“Yeah. I know they can be the worst, but they have their moments that make them worth staying with.”
I give him a bro hug.
“Hey don’t shower me with all your affection Cazzuto. Temere might get jealous?”
“I saw you two last night.”
Angel starts blushing.
“Well we’ve only kind of started we aren’t actually a thing yet you know? You’ve actually got to meet someone irl to do that. Right Temere?”
“I uh, right.”
What? Did she really think that -
“Well whatever. You guys are cute together.”
He pats me on the back.
“Anyways what do you have to report?” he asks his group.
“We’re growing our guild and we’ve been grinding for the best equipment.”
“We’ve also got some new players just playing as blacksmiths and merchants to get us discounts on everything else.”
“A few of our higher-level players are completing floor 6 as we speak and should be catching up to your friends and you.”
Damn it.
“Good. Well continue with your work and good luck.”
“Yes sir!” they say as they salute then walk off.
“Wow Kerano. I didn’t know that you lead an army,” I say.
“I’m actually leading the largest guild in the game. I gathered them at the party and now we’re doing everything we can to beat the game.”
“There isn’t any other guild doing this?” Angel asks.
“Not anymore since we’ve convinced them to join ours to focus everything into one group. Everyone gets paid according to their skills and needs.”
“So you’re a communist group?”
“No not really. Anyways we should probably get going.”
“Yeah. Let’s go. We wouldn’t want your underlings to get ahead of us,” I say.
“Haha right. I’ve got to show them why I’m the boss.”
Wow Kerano. I’ve gotta say I’m impressed with your ability. I just hope your little group won’t get in the way of me winning the prize.
We teleport to the next floor and this one is a deserted town with close corridors and a gothic feel to it. The enemies here appear to be monsters created by science and the lore books and items we find supports this. What we find states that humans tried using science to evolve humanity past its current state to try to make itself on the level of or higher than God Himself, but it failed as the materials that exist can’t do that. They weren’t even to be like the angels or demons. So the people of this town were turned into horrible monsters scarier and uglier than anything I’ve seen on the previous floor. Some of them are insane and are crazy aggressive even when they take a lot of damage while others are scared and run away from us. Guess who drop good items and equipment? Right. The guys that become fucking Olympic sprinters when they see a sliver of you around the corner. Thankfully Angel uses her rushing ability and Kerano uses his sword slash to catch these guys. I’m starting to think I shouldn’t have gotten a simpler sword and shield build, but then again, I probably couldn’t have beaten Angel without it.
The boss room is in a cathedral and the boss herself is a nun who turns into a dragon. It is said that she fell in love with the devil and the dragon is his son. So in a way we just saw the most fucked up birth scene this side of the deep web. The dragon attempts to use the stone sword and shield of the cathedral to fight us like a demon solider, but it’s fairly easy to bring him to half health our teamwork. He then drops the weapons and acts like a pissed off dragon while breathing fire and charging all over the place. This is where one of my shield abilities Iron wall comes in as I use it when he charges at me to make him grind to a stop. Angel and Kerano attack him while I act as an impenetrable wall leading us to another glorious victory. We do our little victory photo then head back to town.
Full of energy and the adrenaline of winning, we head out to complete another floor before eating and sleeping. I don’t think we’ll want to eat or sleep after completing this floor since it looks like we’re in an area completely made of flesh. I turn down the sense of smell feature in the menu as do Kerano and Angel. The monsters are like aborted children and other things that are not appropriate for the general audience let’s just say. I also hate that the special items and equipment are hidden behind phallic looking areas that we have to open with our hands. Gesh. I don’t even want to know the lore for this place. Once we reach the end of the area, we slip off and fall onto solid darkness. The area itself then comes to life and is the boss. This monster is said to be of the devil’s first creations that perfectly shows the evils of mankind and man do I believe that! It’s incredibly huge and disgusting – How the fuck are we going to defeat it?! We try to bring it down by cutting its thin ankles and it does bring him down however this is only the first part of the boss fight. What I can only assume to be the butthole opens up and invites us in.
“Well you should be used to this Kerano. This is all you man!” I say to him.
“Uh uh Kaylen we’re fucking this butthole together!” he says.
Angel drags me into the butthole (something that would sound better in a different scenario) and we traverse its body while killing smaller creatures in it and destroying its internal organs. This makes the boss melt and gives us a dirty victory. People are really going to love the story as to why we look so disgusting in the Wall of Firsts picture.
We return to town all smelly, but victorious, but still smelly as the shitest of shits. I guess it’s good as time as any to take a bath. We go to the only place in-game to wash off which is a bathhouse/spa. Kerano got his group to get us discounts on special treatment thanks to their merchant status. He brings a few other people from our group to give us company and we get a good wash and massage that give us temporary stamina and health buffs.
A messenger comes up to us after the bath and reports to Kerano, “We found a special area on floor 8 that holds a powerful weapon. The problem is, is that the building that the weapon is held in is said to be difficult and when it kills you, you feel relive the pain of dying forever until a fellow player can you put you back together with a ritual.”
“Hmm I don’t think it would be wise to go after it then if it’s that much trouble,” Kerano the pussy says.
“Kerano,” I say, “We’ve been through many horrors and challenges today. I think we can handle a challenge two floors below us.”
“I don’t know Cazzuto. The consequences do seem severe if they’re true.”
“High risk, high reward. You know how it goes. You can even bring your gang with you if it makes you feel better. More people watching each other’s back means less chances of death right?”
“I guess you’re right. Let’s go for it then.”
I’ve heard about this weapon in the beta. It’s supposed to be a sword that can leech off the health of enemies and recover your lost health after you take damage. I can also use this opportunity to demoralize Kerano’s little group if the rumors of how the deaths are, are true. It can essentially gift me the victory at the top if everything works out.
Kerano gathers five of his best soldiers and we teleport to the eighth floor and go to the building that supposedly holds the weapon. It’s a…school. Ok. A pretty creepy and odd school at that too though I don’t see any enemies. We all separate and investigate the school in groups of two. Angel suddenly shrieks and clings to me.
“What is it cutie? Afraid of the dark?”
“No! I saw a ghost down that hallway! It was missing its eye and mouth.”
Oh shit son this place just got more interesting.
“Well don’t you worry now. I’ll protect the little princess.”
“Shut up.”
“And how does a ghost scary you and not what we saw during the last floor?”
“Because I didn’t expect it.”
“Oh alright.”
Liar. We walk through the hallways while hearing strange noises echo through the school. It gets louder and louder until we can finally recognize the sounds as screams of help. We run towards the source and several members of Kerano’s group of been brutally smashed, sliced, and disfigured by traps in the floors, ceiling, and walls.
I back up and look for where a trap might be around us and this wall looks weir-
“Watch out!” Angel says as she pulls me behind her and gets hit with the trap which slices her in twos.
Her face, body, arms, everything gets sliced into two pieces then they get spread around the school. Damn it! I didn’t want it to be this way. I turn around to see Kerano on his knees picking up the pieces of his comrades.
“Kaylen!” he says in a livid voice.
“Angel got-”
“Yes, I saw what happened. You go after her then come back and help me.”
“Got it.”
I go around the school picking up pieces of Angel’s body while avoiding bullshit traps set by these spirits. They’ve only started to come into effect as I’m assuming that the ghosts are programmed to lure in unsuspecting players in far enough then activate these traps. I can’t believe I’m even doing this. Sure I don’t need to carry her body parts as they’re claimed as special items, but still. Ok. I manage to get all of her body parts so now I need to do that ritual they were talking about. I search the school and find a library that tells me the ingredients and words needed to say to bring back everyone that died. They have to be in the school and hello there. I see the sword hidden behind a secret room covered by a chalk board. I open it and get the sword we’ve been searching for.
Kerano enters the room and asks me, “Did you find Angel’s body parts?”
“Yeah. I also got a list of items and words we need to have to resurrect everyone. I got the sword we were searching for as well.”
“What?! It’s only a single-handed sword?! Did you know about this?!”
“I uh, heard about it in the beta.”
“So you knew we were getting a weapon that only you could use.”
“Not really. Other people in your group can do it too and-”
“Whatever let’s just save our friends. Now tell me what we need.”
Kerano and I search the school and thankfully find all the items we need in the school. We resurrect everyone outside the school and they appear to think that they’re still feeling the pain they felt before. After a few minutes of trying to get them to calm down, we bring them to town where they can fully relax after we get a few casters to use a calming spell on them. Now they just appear to be dea- really tired now especially Angel who just leans her head against me.
“You too are on your own now,” says Kerano.
“What are you talking about Kerano? We’re supposed to be the leading group. Best friends too.”
I hold out my hand, but he smacks it away.
“You cost us the lives of my group and your girlfriend for your own gain. I told you I would do something like this you would never have a say in a major decision again. Well I’m going to clear the way with my own group. You can thank us later.”
“Are you really going to take that big prize at the top for yourselves?”
“I don’t give a fuck about that. Is that really what you’re worried about? The money?”
“Not really I just-”
“I don’t even want to hear your explanations anymore. Come on Angel.”
Kerano tries to pull Angel up, but she clings to me.
“Come on Angel. You only have one life left and this dickhead costed you the first two!”
He tries again and fails.
“You know what, you’re right Angel. Even though I hate you right now Kaylen, you need someone to protect you. Goodbye.”
Kerano and his groups leave us to go to another hotel to rest. Angel and I go to the same one we always go to, but she still won’t let go. I guess I got someone to sleep with me tonight. Weirdly enough the game allows us to sleep together as if the creators expected this which I don’t doubt. I actually prefer it to be this way and not for the obvious reason but for the fact that protected me and died in my place. I’ll repay what you did for me Angel. I swear it on my life.

* As always, The actual published version of the book will have pictures, thoughts when making this book, and other goodies. If you offer your thoughts that are helpful to the book, I will include your name in the back.

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