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Sample of: Choice and Consequence of Redemption Prologue + Chapters 1, 2, 3

Prologue- The Making of a Killer
            We all have some kind of power in our life. Choice is one such form of power that we use everyday and it is a very important tool. Nick never had what so many take for granted whether it’d be what he was going to do for the day or what career to pursue.
            “Do what we say or you won’t be a part of this family,” the parents said, “Trust us, we know what’s best for you.”
            “You have to do what we say,” his friends would say, “This is way more fun to do than what you want to do.”
            Nick didn’t have the power to control his life through choice, but he did find another way. His parents were famous boxers and used their fists to get fame, money, and influence in the world, so Nick thought he could do the same thing, but his parents didn’t want him to become a boxer, because they wanted to be the famous ones in the family. He practiced and honed his own style of hand-to-hand boxing in secret and increased his strength through training and practice. He then finally got the power he wanted, but not in the way he imagined. Nick and his friends got into an argument with each other at Nick’s house, which erupted into a fight. All of the anger that Nick held in over the years was released and made him snap and kill the guy who started the argument. Nick used his newfound strength and ability to beat him so hard that the man’s face became unrecognizable. Fearing for their lives, the other two “friends” ran away instead of fighting Nick. Nick then ran after them and did the same thing to them before they were able to leave the house. Adrenaline and insanity was running through Nick as he finally felt like he had power in his life, the power to take the lives of others. Nick’s parents then came into the house wondering what was going on and since his “friend’s” faces were unrecognizable, he lied and said that these people tried to rob the house. Since events like these were common in their hometown of Hillside City, Nick’s parents were proud of him for the first time in his life and got rid of the bodies in order to not tarnish their reputation. Despite seeing the results of Nick’s strength and ability, his parents still did not want him to become a boxer. Having no choice, Nick agreed with them and became what they wanted him to be, a normal person with a desk job, but Nick does one thing that they will never know. Nick will go out once a week to fight people and kill them in order to feel the same power he felt that same day. He wears a mask when he goes out that he designed himself that he feels represents his real self and the self that others see to hide his identity.
Nick’s fists are red with blood every once a week and today’s the day they’re red once again.

Chapter 1 - A Relaxing Night

            Nick is always lucky when it comes to killing. Every seven out of ten people don’t have missing posters or police out to find out why they went “missing”. Maybe it’s because Nick kills all of their family and friends in one night or it’s because the former didn’t care about them. Nick likes the first reason more because there will be less police scouting the streets so Nick can do his thing without having to be too worried. Nick also has a thing for being extremely brutal to abusive parents and not killing children as he sees himself as these children. He likes to think that he’s doing a service to these kids even though he scars them for life. But that’s not the best part of what he does, it’s just the pure thrill of killing and having the power to control a life with his own two hands. These two hands brake bones, make people bleed, and cry for their life, which makes him feel powerful. After he gets his fill of killing, Nick will bury his victims in unmarked graves outside the city as burning them could spark attention.
            “You’re some monster aren’t you?” the other him says as Nick finishes burying this week’s bodies and cleans himself off.
            “Nah,” says Nick, “I’m just like the rest of the people in this city except for a few things.”
            “You’re right you are different except for a few things. You’re a sociopath,” remarked the other him.
            “I prefer the term puckish rogue,” Nick gets in his red car and drives off. “Besides, all the monsters I’ve seen in my head are ones with huge teeth, gigantic fists, or look like my parents.”
            “Speaking about parents, are you ever going to be one?”
            “How am I ever going to parent?” Nick says sarcastically.
            “You know what I mean.”
            “Psh, no!” Nick laughs at the idea.
            “But doesn’t your wife want kids?”
            “Oh, that’s right…”

Chapter 2 - A Mind Opposite of Mine
            “Hello! I’m home!” Nick says as he enters the house.
            “Nick!” Nick’s wife Allison jumps in Nick’s arms and gives him a ton of kisses, “I’m so glad you’re back home!”
            Allison, a woman who is the most unlikely girl to marry Nick, is one of the most if not THE happiest person in the city. She always sees the bright side of things and people and is seemingly never sad. She met Nick at work and they had conflicting conversations with Nick’s cynicism versus Allison’s upbeat attitude. Seeing this as a challenge, Allison always tried to be with Nick all the time to help him be more positive. Nick was feeling something during this and couldn’t tell if it was love because he had not experienced such feelings before so he asked her out and they were in a relationship for six months before getting married. But still till this day, Nick doesn’t know the feeling of love either because he doesn’t recognize it or he’s somehow null to the feeling because of his past.
            “Sooo did you do a lot with your friends?” Allison asks.
            “Yeah. LOTS,” Nick says as he walks into the kitchen and sits down.
            “I can see,” Allison begins to cook Nick’s breakfast, “You always come back with bruises.”
            “Hey, you know I like to be rough.”
            Allison smiles while blushing. “Yeah, its still a wonder why your parents won’t approve of you to do boxing. Why don’t we go see them and talk to them about it?”
            “Because they believe that I shouldn’t see them anymore because “I’m an adult”. Besides you know how they are, they never let me decide anything.”
            “Oh, that’s right,” Allison finishes making breakfast and serves it, “But at least you met me because of them.”
            “True,” he says as he sips his coffee.
            “You know we should listen to some music,” Allison gets up and turns on the radio.
            “Sure why not,” Nick says as he finishes his breakfast.
            The beginning notes of a song start to play, which excites Allison. It’s the song that they played at their marriage party as their slow dance song.
            “Oh my God!” says Allison, “This is our song! Come on let’s dance!”
            “Really?” says Nick.
            “Yes!” Allison takes Nick’s hands to make him stand up. “Now come on, let’s sing too!”
            As Nick and Allison slow dance, Allison says, “Come on, you know you’re having a little fun.” They both smile at each other and Nick says, “Yeah, I kinda am.” They then continue to sing.
            About halfway through the song, Nick then notices what time it is and says, “Oh shit, we got to go to work!”
            “That’s not part of the song,” Allison jokingly says.
            Nick sighs then says, “Come on, let’s finish the rest of the song later tonight.”
            Allison holds his hands tighter while moving closer to him then says, “Promise?”
            “I promise,” Nick says not knowing if he’ll remember.

Chapter 3-A Reason for Aggression
            Work for Nick is more than a headache, like is for everyone else, it’s an endurance test. Not only did he have to put up with annoying clients, he also has to worry about his stupid co-workers. Some of these people will always be talking and doing stupid shit like getting drunk at work, having sex in the back rooms, and sleeping there as if they were at home and because of all this, Nick has to finish the work that they have to do. Sure Nick gets paid more because of it, but it comes at the expense of Nick’s patience and a few extra bodies on his “special” days. The only comfort he gets is with Allison who works along side him and keeps him calm and helps him on certain projects. There are also three other girls who aren’t so bad, at least they get their work done. The only strange thing about them is their white hair and the look in their eyes that make it seem like they’ve seen some serious shit, so Nick usually says hello and makes small talk to them when he sees them. The best part of today is that Allison and Nick are going to be off for the rest of the week due to the company wising up and training some of the employees who don’t do shit, hopefully fire them, and try to fix certain company policies. Does it make sense to give your best workers a week’s paid vacation while you have your worst actually trying to do stuff? It doesn’t matter to Nick since no work equals totally fucking awesome in his mind especially since he’s getting paid for not being there. Later in the night before Nick goes to bed, Allison reminds him of something important.
            “We’ve gotta finish our song!” she shouts with her voice ringing throughout the house.
            “Ok, fine,” he says wanting to go to bed instead.
            He could’ve said no, but the last time he said no to something she wanted to do ended up in Allison jumping on the bed like a little kid and her constantly asking him like a child until he said yes. Besides he’s so used to doing things other people want, it’s almost like his second nature. So Nick walks downstairs, Allison puts the song on where they left off and they dance and sing the song together then finish the song with a kiss.
            “See? Wasn’t that worth it?” Allison says.
            “Yeah,” Nick says having enjoyed it, “it was fun.”
            “That’s good, but what I have planned for tomorrow will be even better.”
            “Oh really? What is it?” Nick asks with a bit of intrigue.

            “You’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see. Trust me, you’ll love it,” Allison says with a big smile on her face.

*I don't know why the font won't stay like the others in Chapter 1

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