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Sample of: Dreamless Prologue + Chapters 1 and 2

Prologue – A Painful Start
Have you ever had a dream? Most of us do. Some dream small while others dream beyond the logical limits. Adam here is one of those people and others mocked him for it. He dreams of being an archangel of sorts to the people he cares about. He vowed to protect them from anything that would harm them, even the devil himself. The problem was that no one cared about him. His family died after he was born and the other people in his life, well, let’s just say that a speck of dust meant more to them than Adam.
Right around the time Adam was about to take his own life, Eve appeared, seemingly from the highest place in Heaven, and gave Adam a reason to live. These two became as close as you can to a person, without fusing them together, and were very happy as a result. You see, Eve was always doing her best to keep everyone she knew happy, but because of this she never made herself happy and this is where Adam came in. He always reassured her that she was the most important person in his life by being with her that she was the most important person in his life by being with her, having fun conversations, buying things for her and even fighting for her when she needed it. Adam didn’t mind any of it.  He enjoyed it as a matter of fact. His dream had come true making him feel like he was on top of the world. Nothing could bring him down, not even a kick to his nuts. This was when everything fell apart. Eve was taken from him from the one thing he couldn’t fight, death itself. Mortals only have a short time to live before they are either taken to Heaven or Hell and the time they spend on earth should not be wasted, but unfortunate events like disease, accidents, or selfish individuals can make these shorts lives even shorter. Adam was devastated and fell head long back into sadness, but then he remembered a stairway that exists that connects the Heavens to earth. The only problem is an obstacle called, “The Passageway of the Seven Deadly Sins” exists solely to test whoever dares to attempt to walk up the stairs to Heaven to achieve their dream. Those who fail the test become Dreamless, people whose dreams are clouded by the evil that exists within them and must wander the forest for an eternity until or even if they fix themselves. Adam doesn’t care because he has a new dream now, to be with the one he loves so much, so he set out on his journey to accomplish his dream. An impossible dream that only someone with incredible strength and a clear mind can achieve.


Chapter 1 – Can there be another?
            Adam makes his way to the passageway and sees signs warning those of little wisdom and strength to turn back now or suffer becoming dreamless. Adam acknowledges this and continues into the passage, which leads him to a colorful forest. Reds, blues, pinks, and purples are among the many colors of the flowers and plant life. The water flows in small creeks that go through the forest and is so clear you can see the fish swimming in it. Birds, mammals and insects live in harmony with one helping the other to survive.
One of them notices him and transforms into a fairy that playfully asks him, “Who are you, handsome? Hehe.”
“Adam”, he says, “Who are you?”
“Evelyn, follow me Adam.”
“Were are we going?”
“To my house. You’ll like it there,” she says with a smile on her face.
Adam curiously follows her and thinks to himself, she seems nice. Maybe she’s one of the people who can prepare me for my journey. They arrive at her house, a large tree with weird fruit hanging on the branches. He enters the tree and looks around the house to see that it is decorated with colorful furniture and paintings.
“Sit down and relax,” Evelyn says.
Adam does as she says and she sits with him on a couch made of flowers. “What are you doing here around these parts?”
“I’m on a journey to meet my beloved Eve who died not too long ago.”
Evelyn smiles and says, “Aww poor Adam.”
She gets up and sits on his lap.
“Eve is gone. You have to let her go”, she says while caressing his face.
Adam had thought about being without her before, but the idea feels like it can burn his very soul.
 Evelyn then says, “Stay here with me. I can be your new Eve.”
She starts to kiss Adam, which gets him to think that maybe he should let her go. Evelyn is just as pretty and nice as Eve, but then it dawns on Adam.
A flashback appears in his mind to the moment he met Eve. Adam had a knife to his throat in a back alley with trash surrounding him because he felt like this is where he belonged. As Adam was about to cut his throat, Eve saw him, ran towards him and knocked the knife out of his hand.
“Adam!” Eve says as she hugs him, “You’re better than this! You’re not some piece of trash, I can show you how important you really are.”
 Flashes of memory remind Adam what he did for Eve and how they both needed each other and this gives Adam the strength to push Evelyn off him and then he says, “I’m sorry, but Eve is the only one for me. No one can replace her.”
He walks out of the house and once he does, his eyes open to what it really is. The colors dry up and turn into disgusting grays and browns along with the creeks that turn blood red with flesh and piranhas eating whatever come close to it. The weird fruit hanging from the branches are really people with something logged in their throats to keep them hanging. The wildlife turns cannibalistic, eating and mutilating each other seemingly for fun.
“Wow,” Adam thinks to himself, “That escalated way too quickly.”
“Congratulations Adam,” he quickly turns around to see Evelyn who sheds her skin to reveal her true succubus look. “You passed the first test. Most mortals don’t realize how important and unique each of them are, but you do. The next few tests won’t be as easy. Now if you’ll excuse me. I have another customer.”
She snaps her fingers which teleports Adam to the next forest. How convenient for him. It sure saves him a lot of filler walking through the dangerous forest.

Chapter 2 – Starving for a purpose
            A new forest presents itself to Adam. This one is greener with trees with bigger trunks and branches bloated to sizes that Adam had never seen before. Even the leaves are bigger which let only small rays of light pass through them. He eventually finds his way to a castle in the middle of the forest with someone who looks like a butler walking out of the castle and towards Adam.
The butler says to him, “Hello sir. Would you like to join us for supper? You seem to be absolutely famished.”
Adam thinks about it and realizes that he didn’t bring anything to drink or eat just in case he gets thirsty or hungry along the way.
‘I’m such a dumbass,’ he thinks to himself, ‘This is probably one of the reasons people don’t like me.’ So he says to the butler, “Sure, I’ll join you.”
“Very well then. Follow me.”
The butler leads Adam into the castle and as he enters it the gates close behind him. The inside of the castle is filled with different paintings of angels, demons, and many different forests. There’s a huge living room and library with equally huge doorways as their entrance. Instead of statues in places where you’d think there’d be, there are these bloated round objects with appendages sticking out of them. Some of these things are replaced by several people who move them somewhere unknown while several other people move another in its place. The butler opens a door for Adam that leads to a feast with chef putting food on the table for the people sitting there.
“Come,” the chef says, “Sit down and eat. There’s plenty for everyone!”
Adam sits and starts to eat and the food is delicious! Meats, vegetables, bread, and whatever the purple stuff is, is delicious and there is more coming.
“Everybody ready for seconds?” says the chef.
A thunderous roar of approval rings throughout the hall as seconds came wheeling through the kitchen doors. The food and drinks keep pouring into the room one round after the other. Seconds turn into thirds and thirds into fourths with Adam’s hunger and thirst never seeming to end, but then something starts to bother him. He stops eating and looks around the dinner table and remembers the kids at the orphanage he was raised at who would continuously eat and become fat blobs. This allows Adam to connect the dots and jump out of the chair and back into the chef who is right behind him and has a smile on his face.
“Congratulations,” he says, “You finally snapped out of your almost uncontrollable hunger. Some mortals think that the more they have the better that are. This applies to both food and your next challenge, but before you go, do you want to know the secret to my cooking?”
Adam nods his head and the chef hands him a pair of glasses to put on. With it, he sees that the food that he was eating was human flesh and the drinks were blood. Arms, heads, legs, and what looks to be someone’s genitals are among the many things the people are eating. This sure gives the insult “Eat a dick” a literal meaning, Adam thinks to himself.
“Follow me,” the chef says, “your journey continues this way.”

With no other place to go, Adam follows the chef to a door that the chef opens and holds for Adam as he goes through. The chef waves goodbye and wishes him luck as he closes the door behind Adam. Now with a full stomach, Adam continues on his journey and who will probably never be hungry again because of what he just witnessed and tasted.

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