Sunday, January 15, 2017

List of overrated: well...everything (updates over time)

Starts out short, but I'll find more later.


  • Sword art online (fun to hate)
  • Madoka magicaka
  • Naruto (it's okay)
  • Code geass
  • Attack on titan (too many disposable characters die and there are few that are alive that actually have character)
  • Dragon ball z (still enjoyable)
  • Neon genesis evanongelion
  • Pokemon (do people still watch this?)
  • Tokoyo ghoul

Games (mostly series unless noted which game in series):

  • Overwatch (still good game though just not much to the overall game)
  • The Witcher (doesn't seem too interesting)
  • Legend of zelda (3D ones [don't know why really])
  • Elder scrolls Skyrim (okay game doesn't feel too different from oblivion, feels likes something's missing)
  • Fallout 4 (skills don't really do much to affect gameplay, not much has changed or been added)
  • Destiny (good gameplay but lack luster story)
  • Halo (good gameplay and story but praise for it goes a little overboard)
  • Zero escape 2 (game takes only about an hour and a half to beat and the story is only complete once you get the other endings in a convoluted story)
  • Some Sonic games (ex: 3, colors, heroes [still fun])
  • Some Mario games (galaxy series and new ones since they're mostly the same. Good but still too similiar)
  • Lego games (good but you'll only like the ones that have to do with your favorite franchises like Jurassic park or Star wars)
  • Pokemon (still fun but not much changes over each game)
  • Fable (okay games)
  • Metal gear solid (okay, but inconsistent in story tone and gameplay)
  • Some Call of dutys (ex: ghosts, advanced warfare)
  • Some Battlefields (ex: hardline, 4)
  • Darks souls 2 and 3 (they didn't really change much, they're still good though)
  • Five nights at Freddy's (everything past 1)
  • Life is strange
  • Until dawn
  • Final fantasy 7 (still good), 8, 10 (meh), 13 (garbage)
  • Minecraft (was cool at first then got boring after a while)
  • Dishonered (op stealth guy who might as well use action)


  • Steven Universe
  • Bob's burgers
  • New Family guy episodes
  • New Spongebob
  • Maybe Adventure time
  • Legend of Korra


  • Avatar
  • Twilight (the books too)
  • 50 shades of grey (the books too)
  • Star was (rouge one and force awakens)
(The Big Bang theory is overrated too, but since I don't have more than one shows like this, it'll have its own place until I find another show like this)

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