Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trapped Body and Soul part 2 (SAO / Trapped in a game inspired book)

Chapter 1 – Levels 1,2,3 - Fantasy only in appearance
            We teleport to the next floor after picking up new quests. You get the privilege to do so if you beat the boss and/or if you were in a party that did and it’s activated through the menu. This floor and the two floors above it I heard are supposed to be fantasy oriented and it looks to be that way with dragons in the sky and weird creatures that roam that landscape. Speaking about the sky, I can actually see the sky even though we’re in the mountain. It’s like there’s nothing there at all.
            “You ready?” I ask my friends.
            “Yeah,” Angel says.
            “Kaylen, how can you be this ready to face this game after what happened?” Kerano asks.
            “Standing around frozen in fear accomplishes nothing. Thinking about it too much accomplishes nothing. I’d rather do something to get us out of this situation than do either of those things that would just do more than nothing now that I think about it. It would make things worse.”
            There are also probably more people speed running the game now so I’ve got to get to the top to get the reward, but these two don’t need to know that motive.
            “You’re right, Kaylen. Sorry I was stuck on the situation.”
            “I understand.”
            “Where did you learn to be like this?” Angel asks.
            “I read old stories of survival-”
            “And played horror games. I could never get past the ones with cute scary things until I got this mindset.”
            “…Of course.”
            We go through the dungeon like valley, leveling up, picking up items, completing new quests, and picking up as many as secret items and equipment though most of it isn’t for my kind of build.
            “Let’s hurry this up. I want to have a feast of all kinds of chicken wings when I get back,” I say.
            “Oh come on Kaylen, you’re going to make me starve to death faster if you make me think of that,” says Kerano.
            “Damn it you’re going to kill us Kaylen! Now you owe me that feast when we get back,” says Angel.
            “That goes for me too!” Kerano bandwagons.
            “That’s if I tell you where I live.”
            “Nah I’m just kidding.”
            We make it to the boss room door.
            “I’ll give you guys anything if you keep helping me out,” I promise.
            “Anything?” Angel asks with a smile on her face.
            “Yeah I’ll even give you a lap dance if you want.”
            “I’ll pass being the one to receive it,” Kerano asks, “Though I will record it just to embarrass you.”
            “Me too.”
            You guys.
            The boss for this floor is a man bird demon that wields two swords. The game’s lore that we found states that it used to be another man who tried to escape this mountain by growing wings and this is what happened to him. He flies around the room at high speeds while slashing at us when he passes by that are hard to dodge and parry. The attacks also do piercing damage which the damage for is mediocre, though there is so much of it that it’s growing to be a real problem.
            “I can use my new sword slash ability that allows me to throw a slash at an enemy from a distance,” says Kerano.
            “Do it,” I say.
            Kerano’s sword lights up and he unleashes a horizontal sword slash that hits both of the boss’s wings and brings him down. The three of us hit him with everything we got until his wings grow back and flaps us away from him. He’s now more aggressive and Kerano can’t manage to hit him with his skill…I got an idea.
            “Angel! Kerano! Stand back and let me take his aggro!”
            They nod at me and go behind me. I activate my shield’s special ability when the boss heads for me. This stops him almost in front of me and so I leap to cover the distance and use a sword skill which makes me do a front flip vertical sword smash to bring him down. Kerano and Angel finish him when he reaches the ground. ‘VICTORY’ is again us for the taking. I high five them both at the same time.
            “That was amazing!” says Kerano.
            Angel agrees then says, “Yeah, I wouldn’t have beaten him if I went out on my own.”
            “So what do you say?” I ask.
            “…Thank you Kaylen.”
            Holy shit! She gives me a hug out of nowhere! Just in time for the picture too!
            “Wait what?!” she says in surprise.
            “Ha! What were you expecting? We were the first ones to beat this boss,” I say.
            “Can I get a hug too?” Kerano awkwardly asks.
            Angels tries to kick him in the nuts again, but the game won’t allow it.
            “I’ll take that as a no.”
            We return to town to rest and we find that people are eating at the in-game restaurants. When we talk fellow players about it, they say that they felt filled as if they were eating actual food. Before, food just gave to timed buffs, but now they trick your mind into feeling full? Alright then.
            “Let’s eat!” I say to my friends.
            “You’re buying right?” Angel asks.
            “Yeah. You sold most of your equipment since it isn’t for your build so I’m pretty sure that you have the most money,” says Kerano.
            “Do I really have to?”
            “Yes! And I want that feast now since you made me hungry thinking about it!” Angel says.
            “Yeah! You owe us one!” Kerano bandwagoning on Angel’s dick again.
            “Ugh. Fine.”
            They cheer and we go have a feast consisting of meats, fatty foods, and desserts.
            “Your in-game character could get fat from this you know,” I bluff.
            “No it can’t,” Angel says, “And if it can, you’ll have to carry me for the rest of the game.”
            “Like I’d carry your fat ass. Even if you still looked cute.”
            “My fat ass would still look cute. Right Kerano?”
            “No comment.”
            “See? He agrees with me.”
            “He’s just a good ass kisser. Me? I wouldn’t kiss your nasty ass.”
            Angel tries to kick me repeatedly underneath the table, but she forgets about the game rules.
            “You know I can’t be hurt right now, right?”
            “I know. I just get off on doing this.”
            “You’re into some weird shit.”
            “I was joking!”
            After dinner, we actually feel like we’re full. It’s probably a mind trick, but it’s weird cause the food tasted real. Anyway, we go up to the next floor, which is a sort of puzzle floor with rivers being blocked which blocks certain paths we need to go to. We direct and close off certain waterways to make path to where we need to go to. Once we make it to near the boss door, a group of three players approaches us. One dual wielding knight in edge lord dark purple armor, one who’s a mage maybe attack and debuff focused, and a thief looking guy with a small shield and a knife.
            The edge lord says, “We see that you’re the lead group beating the floors. How about you give someone else a try?”
            “Nah,” I say, “We’re going to the top as fast as we can before anyone dies.”
            “What about that reward at the top?”
            “It’s a nice bonus. And having our names on the Wall of First to let people know we were the ones to save them does sound like boner worthy material.”
            “He doesn’t speak for all of us,” says Kerano.
            “How about we duel to see who will fight the boss first?”
            “You got a deal edge lord. 3 v 3 or 1 v 1?”
            “It’ll be a team duel.”
            Three DPS builds versus what looks to be the same. This should be easy. We set the duel to half health and begin the duel. Angel rushes ahead as usual and goes for the thief, but he dodges her attacks. Kerano uses his sword slash ability at the mage to stop him from casting and almost brings him to half health. I go for the edge lord while using the same strategy I used against Angel which works perfectly on him to I easily defeat him. The thief gets distracted by this, leading to a double hit K.O. by Angel then it finishes with Kerano knocking back one of the mages spells back at him. ‘VICTORY to CAZZUTO SALVATORI’s group’.
            “Cazzuto Salvatori’s group?” Angel asks.
            “Yeah. You guys joined me so that’s the group name. We should probably rename it to something like…Swords of Darkness or…Blades of the Darkmoon? Knights of the Blood Oath…”
            “How about something original?” Kerano asks.
            “Nome gilda originale.”
            “Not literally asshole,” says Angel.
            We shake hands with the other group and make our way into the boss room. Her story is that she tried to seduce God and the angels to try to lower the mountain back down to the ground, but they didn’t take too kindly to this so they turned her into a snake. This one is mostly aggressive, focusing on one player at a time with unrelenting attacks with only two seconds to breath. Thankfully we get her to keep giving her aggro to someone else so the other two can do damage. Overall easy fight thanks to our numbers and skill.
As always, we rest at town and everything and go back out again. If the game is going to be like this, there’s going to be nothing to worry about. Hmmm we’ve almost spent about six hours here and we’ve only completed two floors out of fifteen not counting the third. I’m not sure about our or at least my survival odds so how about we speed things up. I mean we’re pretty tired right now though we aren’t actually physically doing anything. Kerano is going in and out (not a sex joke) and is trying to stay awake and Angel is trying to keep a straight face despite being the most tired out of us. We need to rest soon, but that’ll cost us time.
After we teleport to the next floor, which is a floor composed of lava and demons, I turn to my friends and say to them, “How about we skip some of the small stuff on this floor and go a little faster?”
“Why? We’ve been doing fine the way we’ve been doing it,” says Kerano.
“No, he’s right. By the time we beat the game it would’ve been close to three days. We still don’t know if our bodies will last until then,” says Angel.
“Right. We still need to rest for a few hours since we’re all pretty tired.”
“Oh that’s right. Why don’t we rest now?”
“I think we’re good enough to beat this boss. I mean we beat the other boss easily so let’s just do this one before we rest up.”
“You sure about that?”
“Yeah, besides the other floors are going to be differently themed so this one is like the others.”
Yes! Though the lava and enemy placement are kind of bullshit on this floor, we make it to the boss in no time. This boss is said to have tried making a deal with demons and the devil himself to lower the mountain, but it ended in the boss being turned into a huge demon and the rest of the demons and the devil being sent to Hell. The boss room is full of pools of lava and the boss throws up lava which creates more lava pools that take a while to disappear. It has a spear that it uses to try to push us in the lava with swipes and stabs. Damn, this boss fight is harder than I thought. Shit! I can barely get close to it as it spits lava close to it. This isn’t going to end wel – No! ... And it just fucking ended with our first life gone. We spawn back at our town and Kerano falls to his knees.
“Fuck!” Kerano yells.
Angel paces back and forth while angrily mumbling to herself.
“I’m sorry,” I say.
“Sorry?!” they both yell at me.
“You just cost us our first life Kaylen! We only have two more chances and we don’t even know if the next floors are going to be as bullshit as this one or if we’ll waste another on it,” says Kerano.
“Hey losing the first life usually means we should be more careful so let’s never rush through the game again.”
“And never listen to you,” says Angel.
“Don’t be so harsh on him Angel, he’s just an idiot, remember?”
“But,” Kerano says as he gets in my face, “If make us fuck up like this again, you aren’t going to have a say in major decisions.”
“I understand.”
Holy shit they’re pissed. I better be more careful to keep their trust to get through this game otherwise I won’t have any help getting to the top.
We go back to the floor and we be more careful this time while looking for better equipment or something to help us with the boss. There’s a little hidden space around the boss room with demons there that oversee the boss room that controls the lava pools. We kill them and use an item on the cauldrons which should get rid of the boss’s lava ability.
“It was only a few steps away from us! We could’ve saved one of our lives!” Kerano says.
“I’m sorry Kerano. I’ll make it up to you guys I swear! I’ll buy you guys breakfast, the hotel rooms, anything.”
“Will you stop calling me cutie?” says the cutie.
“Now that’s asking too much.”
“Haha. I don’t think I’ll ever understand you guys’ ability to crack jokes in a life or death situation like this.”
“I was going to say it’s what makes us special, but after hanging around Kaylen, I’m starting to think it’s a mental illness.”
“So you’re saying you’re retarded?”
“No! I didn’t say that!”
“Yes, you did.”

Angel pushes me and hangs me over the edge while holding my chest. Kerano lets me hang there for a little while having a laugh with her before making Angel pull me back so we can have another go at the boss. This time it’s way easier since there isn’t any lava and the boss doesn’t even have the ability to create lava pools now since we used the item on the cauldron which pours water on it. We defeat it in no time, do a quick pose for the Wall of Firsts, and head back to town to rest. I pay for the rooms as promised and go to sleep, hoping that tomorrow will be somehow be better than today.
* The rest of the story is going to be here for free as soon as I write it.
* The published version of the book will have pictures, thoughts when making this book, and other goodies.
* If you offer your thoughts that are helpful to the book, I will include your name in the back.

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