Monday, January 16, 2017

Sample of: Choice and Consequence of Saving Lives Prologue + Chapter 1

*I'll be posting small parts of my stories here for free, your enjoyment, and to give you a taste of them. Sometimes just one chapter or more depending how much content is in them.

Prologue-Wanting to make a difference
            Doctor Morgan didn’t want to become a doctor at first, believe it or not. She wanted to become a writer, a horror writer in particular. She would watch classic horror movies and read novels and comic books and take note of what scares people and what makes each special and unique. This all changed when she witnessed a serious accident happen in the middle of a busy road. She went over to look over the situation and saw a person who had visibly broken bones and was bleeding all over the place, so she called an ambulance and tried to help the person stay alive in the meantime.
“Please, help me. I don’t want to die,” the person said as they slowly died in Morgan’s arms. This was the event that made her want to become a doctor and as a doctor she was amazing. So amazing in fact that she was transferred to a big city, in need of people like her, called Hillside City. A place filled with weird and strange people that make it ripe for high hospital activity. It isn’t all that bad though. Certain events like when a man named Freddy and his wife had a child showed Morgan that her job was worth doing because of how happy and thankful they were towards her. The only happiness Morgan has is in her life is her best friend Matthew, who she met in college. These two are inseparable so much so that people joke about calling them M & M. Despite this, Morgan can never really feel any better because of the overwhelming stress of her job and the intensity of her nightmares.

Chapter 1-An Unordinary Patient
            “Another day, another headache” is the saying that Morgan goes by especially when she gets odd people coming for check-ups. Different personalities ranging from perverts to self-entitled pricks are just a few to mention, but today is something different, something…special. Morgan enters the room with the patient waiting with her head looking down at the floor.
“Hello, my name’s Morgan,” the girl says.
“Oh really? So is mine,” Morgan says.
“I know. That’s why I chose you. For both your name and your reputation.”
“Why thank you. So why are you here?”
“I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress and I think it’s affecting my health.”
“Well, stress does that to you. So what are you feeling exactly? Headaches, migraines, lack of appetite?”
“Tons of what you just said and sometimes, I have nightmares, which feel so real that I can’t tell if I’m dreaming or not.”
“How do you usually deal with it? Do you take medication, go to a psychiatrist?”
“No, I just…deal with it…most of the time. I do my job and power through the day, kinda like someone I know.”
“And who would that be?”
“Myself,” she says in a distorted voice.
The girl lifts her head up and her face is revealed to be Morgan herself with weird black blood shot eyes. Her clothes fall to pieces as if they were being cut revealing the black cut marks on her as she walks towards Morgan and the room suddenly gets dark.
“Welcome, to your mind,” the girl says as she fades away.
Morgan then slowly opens the door behind her and sees that the once crowded hallway is now empty and dimly lit.
“What the hell is going on?”
Morgan carefully walks through the hallway and calls out to anyone, but no one responds. She slowly opens another door and goes through it leading to the next hallway and down it she sees demented surgery patients with their internal organs hanging out that seem alive with mouths that have sharp teeth. She tries to go back, but the door gets chained shut with rusty chains. This gets the attention of the patients that start to chase Morgan down the hallway. Morgan tries to go through other doors to try to escape, but the same rusty chains from before block each and every single door she goes to. The patients then corner Morgan at the end of the hallway and starting to bite her and say things like;
“Why didn’t you save us?”
“Why did you let us die?”
“Why did you make us suffer?”
            They hold her down with their mouths as the other Morgan appears in front of her and grabs her face and says, “Let the nightmare begin.” She then tears off Morgan’s face, which wakes her up from her dream all sweaty and out of breath. Someone enters the room and asks, “Are you okay?”
“Yeah,” Morgan says as she takes a pill, “I’m fine.”

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