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Sample of: Society's Monsters Prologue + Chapter 1

Prologue - The End of Innocence (and I don’t mean someone’s virginity)
            Ok…so how the fuck do I begin this?
            “Try telling us some exposition first!” says someone somewhere.
            Good idea! My name Michael and I was born in a family that doesn’t care about me. I’m just some tool that they want to use end their life and give them the life they can’t afford. They say I should become a doctor to do that, but I don’t want to do that, I don’t even know what I want to be yet and it doesn’t help that they try to guild me into being a doctor.
            “Don’t you want to make sure your family stays alive? Don’t you want to make us happy?” they say all the time in front of everyone.
            I respond with silence because I don’t want to say no out loud, but me being quiet gets everyone to hate me because they think I don’t appreciate the things my parents do for me. But what they don’t know is that all the gifts, all the hugs, kisses, and loving words are just things I have to pay them back for.
            “I give you all this so you have to give me double it later,” is what they’re really saying to me.
            I don’t have any friends to support or pick up for me. Hell, I can’t even do that for myself. Plus, I don’t even think it’s possible to make friends in this world. Damn it, I’ve got to get these depressing thoughts out of my head, otherwise I might try to kill myself again. I’ve actually made two friends or at least I think they are. Their names are Shawn and Michele and their stories are like mine.
            “Oh my God! First we hear his back story and now we’re going to hear two more?! Screw this!” someone says as they get up and leave.
            Well…I’ll try to keep this short, which is going to be easy since they didn’t give me a lot of details. Michele was sold to some mafia when she was four years old to pay her parent’s debt. She was raped and forced to be a prostitute for those who liked little girls. They would beat her till she bled and if she resisted or didn’t want to do anything the customers wanted, she would be maliciously tortured until she said she wanted to do her “job”. She went through all of this for years, until she snapped when she turned fourteen years old, which is how old all three of us are. It was an event where prostitute was going to be traded and once the thoughts of having to go through more what she was going through, she lost it and killed everyone in the building. She managed to do it by being stealthy and by tricking people with her looks before she killed them. Even after killing everyone there, she went outside to kill a family of three who had a little girl. She told me she did it because she was jealous of their happiness.
            Shawn was apparently born on the streets. All he remembers from his childhood, was that he was homeless with no one to care for him besides himself, which forced him to steal and sometimes eat things out of the garbage in order to survive. A gang who needed members eventually picked him up and even though they dragged him to join them, he didn’t mind because at least he had a roof over his head, food to eat, and women to please him. What he liked and eventually became an expert at is using various guns. He liked the way they felt and he practiced using them until he became the gang’s expert gunslinger. Shawn would eventually get out of hand, since he was a shoot first and ask questions later kind of person when it came to dealing with people and because of this the gang he was in tried to kill him, but they failed leading to a massacre of the entire gang.
            All three of us have been gathered by the devil himself, Satan, to do his bidding in a group called Society’s Monsters. He found us on different occasions and gave us the opportunity to help ourselves and to change the world. He found Shawn and Michele after their back stories that I just told you, but for me, it was different. Satan had to a couple favors for me before I joined him, favors I have to pay him back for, but at least I actually want to pay him back. He killed my grandmother with cancer and killed three sisters, who I thought could be my friends, with disease carrying insects that killed them slowly, which was my idea that Satan wholeheartedly agreed with.
He brought the other two and myself to this gray, dark basement where he told us to wait here and to get to know each other. He also told us to not worry about the tingly feeling in our backs because that will come into play later. Now, after all of that exposition we can finally begin.
“Finally!” says someone.

Chapter 1 - The First One
            Satan appears out of the darkness of the room and says, “Hello, children. I trust that you have acquainted yourselves with each other and your weapons.”
            Oh yeah I forgot about the training we did, while down here. I should probably talk about that-
            “NOOOOOOOOO!” says someone.
            Ok, fine. Satan then continues by saying that.
            “You have been gathered here so you can help yourselves and change the world for the better. Your first target is a war veteran whose name is Joseph. He has taken advantage of the deal we had and is now controlling a city his with weapons and influence on the people. Kill him and his followers and return my power back to me. Understand?”
            “Yes, my master,” we say.
            “Good. Now show these mortals what true evil is like!”
            We leave the gray basement and go to a car with a driver who takes us to the city where our target is located. On the way there, the driver informs us about our target’s followers, their families, where they live, and what they do.
            “Wait, I thought we were going straight for the target,” I said.
            “No man, we have to know our target’s patterns, wear down their defenses, and when they’re weak, we go in for the kill,” says Shawn.
            “And speaking about killing,” says Michele, “We’ll have to teach you how to get used to it. Don’t worry,” she put her hand on my shoulder, “It won’t be too hard.”
            “Yeah, especially when the people we kill are just like we are, if not worse, people that don’t deserve their happiness that they didn’t work for. Trust me, we’ll make you into an agent of death in no time,” says Shawn.
            The two of them both have weird smiles on their face, as if to be welcoming, but what they said makes them look psychotic. It’s true I’m not used to killing like they are, but it’s something I have to do in order to change the world.
            “Ok, I trust you guys,” I say as I shake their hands with a smile on my face as well.
            We make it to the city and take our weapons and supplies out of the back of the car. I take my high caliber sniper rife, Michele takes her two pistols, Shawn takes his pump shotgun, and we all receive a wallet with two hundred fifty dollars in them. We also receive a note that says, If you need any additional supplies, then feel free to take them from the city.
            “Let’s get started,” Shawn says as he starts walking forward.
            “Come on. This will be fun!” says Michele as she takes my hand and leads me along with them.
            We follow our driver’s information and go to several houses that belong to our target’s followers and torture them to get the information to bring him down, but really, it is Shawn and Michele who do all of it while I “watch and learn”. Shawn has a brutal style of torture. He’ll cause his victims quick and immense pain with the removal of people’s eyes, teeth, fingers, and toes. He’ll even kill people close to the victim in front of them without a single thought. Michele is different because she takes her time when she tortures her victim. She’ll cut them slowly, carve into certain body parts, and take immense pleasure in sexually molesting them and causing them pain.
            “Man she’s into some kinky shit!” says someone.
            I know right? But now…it’s my turn to do the dirty work. They’ve been trying to get me to kill and torture people ever since we got here. They say that it’ll help me help myself and that I’m helping to improve the world by doing this. Finally, after all the peer pressure, they get me to do it. The person I’m killing is someone who has an eighteen-year-old daughter, who Michele has already softened up. Both of them are heavily injured and have already given us the information we need. All we need to do now is get rid of the trash. I approach them, grab the man by the collar, and slowly drag the knife across the man’s face making him scream and bleed.
            I then drop him and say, “I can’t do it!”
            Shawn walks up to me, slaps me in the face then says, “Yes, you can! Maybe you need a little more context to this situation,” he says, “This man has given guns to people so they can murder and control innocent people including children and newborn infants and his daughter, uses her beauty to trick people into thinking this is right.”
            “Really?” I say to the man.
            “Why? What is so wrong with that? It helps me support my family and friends and keeps us alive,” he says.
            Something about what he said makes me violent, so I grab him again and slowly began to dig and cut into his throat.
            “Do you think the safety of your loved ones is all that matters? Don’t you think that other people will suffer because of what you do? Don’t you think that they’re trying to accomplish the same goal as you?!”
            In my rage, I managed to cut all the way through his neck, which makes his head fall off. I then move on to his daughter who I kill by jamming my knife into her eye.
            “Great job Michael! You really know how to kill someone,” says Shawn.
            “Well I learned from the best,” I say to them with a smile and blood on my face.
            “Oh we’re just grunts like you are, nothing special. But thank you for the compliment,” Michele says while smiling back at me.
            “Ok, now we’re ready to face our target,” says Shawn.

            I’ve never been so ready to kill in my entire life. It’s exciting knowing what I’ll be doing will change the world and it’s even more exciting knowing that I’m doing it with two people that I can actually call my friends.

*This is probably going to be the next story I'll publish. I'd say it would be out around late May early June.

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