Saturday, January 28, 2017

Sample of: They Don't Know

Chapter 1-Stranded
It was a normal vacation in space for a family of six who were visiting various planets with their computer driven ship. The family consisted of one mom, dad, grandma, grandfather and two children of the young couple with one teenager and one twelve-year-old boy. They had decided to punch in their own coordinates for their next two destinations to reach a certain side of the planet faster instead of having to arrive and land in a specific area. It works the first time without any problems, but lightning didn’t strike twice for them and instead, struck them with a meteor field that was in their travel path that badly damages their ship and forces them to crash land on small moonlike planet in a deep and dark section of space, light years away from all civilization.
“Well at least the distress signals work”, says the grandfather named Luke as he presses the alarm button.
Isaac then smiles and says, “You see? There’s nothing to worry about as long I’m along with you.” Clark smiles back at his big brother and gives him a hug.
Relieved to see that the children are ok, the mother says, “Aww look at the brave young men.”
“That’s how you know we raised them right Miranda,” said John.
“Oh please”, said his mother named Ellen, “we raised you the same way and you can’t even fix this ship.”
“Well it’s not a basic thing that you learn in school”, said John.
“Why? Do you know how to fix it?”
“Yes!” Luke says with confidence, “We’ll fix it by tomorrow if help doesn’t come by then.”
“Can we help?” Clark asks.
“No, but when we get back home I can show you how to fix ships like these so you can be smarter than your parents!” says Ellen.
“Ok geniuses you can all show off later. Now come on, let’s rest up for tomorrow”, Miranda says, as she sets up the beds for her kids and stepparents with Clark’s favorite plushy on his.

Chapter 2-They thought they knew
The next day was here and no help came, so the grandparents suited up in their space suits to try to fix it from the outside.
“Are you going to be okay?” said Clark.
Luke puts his hand on his grandson’s shoulder and laughs, “Haha! Of course! Your grandmother and I are experts at this kind of stuff!”
“Don’t worry. We’ll have this thing going in no time!” Ellen says as they both go in the air decompression chamber and out into space.
The parents and older brother are talking to each other on the opposite side of the ship, as Clark is busy playing with his favorite toy. He then waves at his grandparents as they walk past the glass and towards the front of the ship. The next ten or so minutes were filled with dead silence as they waited for the ship to be fixed, but all that happened were the lights that were flickering all of the sudden.
“Did they fix the ship yet?” Clark asks.
“I don’t know. I’ll go check on them and see if they need anything”, John said as he got in his space suit and went out into space.
Still worrying about his grandparents, Clark asks “Are you sure they know how to fix the ship?”
His mother smiles and says, “Of course they know. Even though they’ve worked with older ships, I’m sure they can figure it out.”
The lights stop flickering and five minutes later, John comes back in and Clark rushes to him and asks, “Are they ok?”
“They are. It’s just that they need more time, ok? Now go back to playing with your toy. Mom, your brother, and I need to decide what’s for lunch.”
Clark goes back to playing as he saw his family talking, presumably, about lunch. They all have a weird look on their faces with Clark’s brother having the weirdest look of them all. Maybe it’s because they had Clark’s favorite chicken cutlets for lunch, which his brother absolutely hated.
“Yeah that has to be it”, Clark says to himself.

*This'll be coupled with Dreamless when the physical version of Society's Monsters gets released.

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