Friday, January 6, 2017

Choice and Consequence and trying to channel Silent Hill

My main series, Choice and Consequence, is a series heavily inspired by Silent Hill. From the monsters that represent the main character's personality to the whole "showing a mirror on normal people to show the dark side they hide" theme. I made the series this way since Silent Hill is basically dead at this point (because Konami is full of idiots) and yes I know I can't perfectly replicate the real magic of the series, but I'm only taking what makes the series unique and using them to create my own psychological horror series to carry on the good the legendary series has revolutionized. The whole idea of making this started as a video game, but after realizing I can't get through college with a computer science degree because I'm terrible at math, I decided to go with my strengths and just write Choice and Consequence as books. Maybe later I can reach a deal with someone to help carry the nightmarish spirit of Silent Hill as video games as well. Check out the first Choice and Consequence story I have out to see how well I write Silent-Hill-like psychological horror.

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