Friday, January 6, 2017

My books : Other things ratio

Just a quick note of the reason why I talk more about other things than my books. It's because I try to not give away too much including extras of my books to not spoil everything in it and give away all the extra goodies that they have. I'm also waiting on my editor to get back to me with the new book that I will release, Choice and Consequence of "Normality". Once I get that back, I'll fix up my story and get back to you with a release date. This book will be advertised as being Silent-Hill like psychological horror (as previously stated in a previous blog post) that I am going to try to carry the spirit of the classic series forward in a new image (not the same, but different and similar enough).
The reason why I talk about other things so much is because there are so many other things to talk about so I try to talk as much as I can about as many different topics that I have a good amount of knowledge on. It's also nice to give certain attention to things that don't get what they deserve.
In conclusion, stay posted to get more details for my new books and don't forget to tell others and give your opinion as it will give me tremendous help.
Thank you!

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