Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Monster Musume: Some thoughts about what started the monster craze in the mainstream

Since I mentioned it, I'll talk about Monster Musume (OKADAYO) for a bit. It was one of the first ecchi series I've seen to have a best seller on the back of the book and get so much attention for what it did and what it did was make a comedy harem with monster girls. Now as far as people using monster girls (and even boys) as something hot to look at was pretty much always a thing in the rule 34/ hentai community. It even has a hentai video game series where a little boy versus these monster women and there's vore (I won't go into more detail because I don't even one to check it out further). But when Monster Musume came out, monster people came into mainstream attention and people ate it up.
I like the series not just for the girls, but it's also a fun series to read. The characters have pretty entertaining personalities including the main character Darling-kun (I can never remember his real name). There are also story details that add to the world like a Monster security force, details about each monster culture, and little things here and there that make the world more believable. All in all, I recommend the series if you like romantic comedy type stories with added details. (I haven't checked out 12 Beast yet, which is the author's other work, but I'll be sure to later and talk about it.)

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