Friday, January 6, 2017

Superior Spider-man: My favorite comic superhero

Superior Spider-man is Doc Octopus when he takes over the mind of The Amazing Spider-man and has the great idea to erase spider-man's legacy by being a better superhero than he was. He does this through anti-hero means by being brutal and unforgiving to the villains he faces and using his technical knowledge to monitor the city 24/7 for crime. Unlike spider-man, the main struggle he goes through is moving away from his super villain ideas so he can be a better person and this is more interesting than amazing's since (as a comparison) it's harder to shake off an addiction to drugs and alcohol if you relish in it all the time. This especially gets more interesting when he actually starts to care about other people and get a girlfriend named Anna Marie. He has to be able to get rid of all the evil in his heart while being good and can't have do both good things in the public eye and some evil in the background. I highly recommend these comics especially if you're not a comics fan as this is one of the ones that I actually bothered to get all of however, I must warn you that the ending to all of it sucks a hard one so go in with mild expectations.

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