Saturday, August 5, 2017

Bunch of hot takes on atheism and agnosticism

Since I keep getting included in talks about my faith as a Christian out of nowhere on Twitter, I'll be talking about certain points that I want you to think about. Also since people who don't respect my faith talk to me most of the time, I will return the favor. Don't comment on here expecting a conversation or to find answers. Just read the books I linked and look into the statements I made. Anyways, let the triggering begin!

  • Why are you arguing with me anyways? You don't have any purpose to or anyone to impress so you're just arguing in vain. That's not very reasonable is it?
  • Science has not disproven God at all and has in fact agreeds with it most of the time. Amazing Truths: How Science and the Bible Agree book
  • Including unproven theories and explanations as your facts gives you no actual foundation to stand on therefore you're standing on thin air instead of a solid foundation.
  • I don't know is not an arguement or foundation.
  • Not looking into both sides is incredibly one sided of you which leaves you in an echo chamber.
  • You have to leave your bias at the door when looking into Christian and religious books and give them the time of day to try to convince you instead of thinking they're wrong at the start.
  • You actually do have a god atheists. It's called humanity and whatever you don't question whether it'd be science, other people, or yourself.
  • Believeing in God is only human nature. Oxford study
  • Morals are not subjective. If they are, then what are your motivations for saying that? Because you feel like it? Because you know so somehow? Is that good? If it is, then that's subjective isn't it? Morals are the foundation for you to argue for something.
  • Feels aren't agruements.
  • You have an ideology. Everyone does since it's your standards by which you agrue by.
  • Macro evoultion (ie bacteria to man this being the argument for intelligent life came from non intelligent) isn't a proven thing, it's a theory. Even when scientists try to make it a thing, it self defeats itself since you have intelligent life acting on non intelligent.
  • Science doesn't mold itself to you. It's just what we perceive.
  • Probability and luck don't acutally exist. It's just what we perceive again.
  • Faith doesn't mean it lacks evidence or ignores it. You have faith with little evidence that your friends and family won't betray you right?
Read the book I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist book for more info and credible evidence for God and faith.
Also just because I argue against atheism, it doesn't mean that I won't argue against religious people.
  • Christianity isn't a religion like Jesus Himself says. Religion is man made. What we are believeing is nothing more than simple and complex facts and truths. Trying to make it a religion is like trying to make science a religion. :^)
  • The Bible isn't the only way to believe in Christ and His teachings. It isn't required.
  • Jews, Christ is risen and is God! Amen.
  • Islam is a copy, paste, and rewrite of Christian and Jewish history.
  • Don't force people to believe in religion. Convince them of it. Only people can make themselves believe in something.
I must thank all of the atheists, agnostics, and people of faith on Twitter to look into my faith and to make this post. God bless you all!

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