Sunday, July 30, 2017

Stupid ideologies and short reasons why

Get ready for quick fire ranting on several ideologies (and maybe other things) and why I believe they're stupid. (Trigger warning) Ready...Go!

Leftism/Socialism - Constricts more freedoms than it gives since it has to use laws and the government it's so against.

Skeptic - It's a way of thinking of a topic or argument at first not a constant state of being.

Communism - Your starving countries and mass executions say it all.

Fascism - Nazis. That's all I can say. (Not many exist today if any at all so don't listen to the left)

Racial supremacy - KKK and Black Lives Matter are on the side of the same coin.
Modern day Feminism - Sex supremacy of the above.

Islam - More like the religion of extremism and reproducing so much that you overwhelm your enemies with pure numbers than the religion of peace.

Social justice warriors - Mix and match several of the above for a more lethal cancer under the disguise of being good people.

More than 2 sexes - There are only 2 *sexes*. No mayonnaise is not a gender.
*Don't use gender as much since it's term coined by a pedophile (John Money) who experimented on kids who later committed suicide.

Atheism - Willful ignorance at it's finest. For trying to disbelieve God you sure are very lazy about it and put a lot of faith into your sciences and the make believe parts of it.
*P.S. you make a religion of science and whatever else you believe in as your foundation i.e. you make yourself and humanity into gods.

Oh and by the way agnostics, make up your mind on whether you believe in God or not. You look indecisive and lazy if you don't pick a side.

Satanism - Why would you side with the devil who is said to be evil by pretty much everyone?

"Alt-right"/Extreme Conservatism - Nothing more than people who have become leftists except they don't hide the fact they want to control you through the government.

People with titles not being challenged unless you have the same title - A normal person can educate themselves to a great level of intelligence on a certain subject and be just as smart as professionals. These people should be allowed to challenge others so titles aren't used as a form of power. Examples are; scientists, priests, writers, artists, teachers, even parents.

Papal supremacy - God has power over the entire Church and human race not a selected person or even people. They should only be used as experts on the subject of faith, but they should also be able to be questioned. This applies to the previous one, just switch a few words.

Monarchists - I don't think another monarchy is going to happen again. Let it go.

Moral relativism - If you believe that certain morals are absolutes and humans have special value, then you believe that this line of thinking is stupid.

The End. I hope you had fun. Have a good day friends! :)

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