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Mistera (Free short story)

* = events happening
 Notice - This is a story written in its original video game format.

*Mistera wakes up in her house, but it’s different from what it usually is. It’s rusty and blood is soaked into its walls, floors, and ceiling though she either doesn’t seem to see this or notice any of it. Even as she ready for the day, she doesn’t seem to take note of the decapitated bodies in her closet. She opens the door and sees her partner waiting for her. He’s middle age like Mistera with brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a brown military jacket and black military pants and boots*
Henry – Mistera, you ready?
Mistera – I always am.
*Mistera smiles then the two get in Henry’s car and they drive off to their target for the day*

Chapter 1 – Mistera Innocenta
Mistera – What’s the target for today Henry?
Henry – A small no name gang is causing trouble in town and our job is take care of them.
Mistera – Another one of these gangs? We keep getting rid of them but they keep popping up.
Henry – It’s annoying I know but we have to take care of them.
Mistera – Arrest or elimination?
Henry – What you’re best at.
Mistera – Any secondary objectives?
Henry – Several people have been abducted and are being used as human punching bags for their stress relief.
Mistera – So this gang is one of the rare sick fuck ones eh? I’ll enjoy this one now knowing that detail.
Henry – Don’t underestimate them though.
Mistera – I won’t. You know me.
*They arrive at their destination and Mistera gets out of the car*
Henry – I know but I like reminding you so you don’t get yourself killed.
Mistera – You’re so sweet Henry. I’ll keep you updated about what’s happening.
Henry – All right.
*Henry drives away and leaves Mistera to her duty. For this mission, she is dressed in casual jeans, a white blouse, and combat boots. Her equipment consists of; two knives that were pasted down from her family, a silenced 9mm pistol, and a communication earpiece to keep in touch with Henry. She employs stealth as her main tactic to dispose of her targets. She’ll use vents, the shadows, hiding, climbing under and over objects to her advantage. A tactic few employ that she does, is the tactic of injuring lonesome targets so their friends will go to them so Mistera can get rid of them all at once. On occasion, she’ll use other weapons she finds like fire axes, shards of glass, crowbars, or whatever could kill someone if used correctly. All of her usual tricks work for this group, as it does for many others. Eventually she finds the people that were abducted.  Flashes of their torture and death play out in her mind before she informs Henry of them*
Mistera – I found the people that were abducted. They’re dead.
Henry – Damn it.
Mistera – The good news is that everyone who did this to them are dead.
Henry – That’s good but still. I’ll be over there in a second.
*Henry drives Mistera back home after the job is done*
Henry – Hey don’t feel bad about what happened today.
Mistera – I’m not. It happens every now and then and there’s nothing we can do about it.
Henry – I know this job makes you think that way but you have to strive to always think more positively.
*He drops her off at her house*
Mistera – Sure.
Henry – That’s how I think anyways. I’ll see you tomorrow like always.
Mistera – Good night.

Chapter 2 – Mistera Sanodimenta
*Henry knocks at Mistera’s door earlier than expected*
Mistera – Hey, you’re here earlier than expected.
Henry – Yeah, I couldn’t sleep last night. You make anything for breakfast?
Mistera – No and I’m not going to make it for you. You have to make it yourself lazy!
Henry – Haha. Ok, I’ll make some French toast then.
Mistera – I think I left some of the ingredients downstairs. I’ll get them. Make yourself comfortable.
*When Mistera goes downstairs, she hears the screams of people in the walls. Flashes of tortured people enter her head though she doesn’t get bothered by them. Henry also seems to have noticed the noises, but doesn’t say anything until Mistera comes back upstairs*
Henry – Did you hear something?
Mistera – It’s the neighbors. They can be really loud in the morning.
Henry – Oh. Well let’s get cooking. I’m starving.
*Henry starts to make breakfast while Mistera sets the table*
Mistera – What’s today’s target?
Henry – A group of revolutionaries are starting trouble around the docks. You already know what to do.
Mistera – Got it. So is breakfast ready yet?
Henry – Hold on, I’m not your damn housewife.
Mistera – Hahaha.
Henry – Besides there’s no rush. We’ll go there later in the afternoon.
Mistera – So what’s the point in being here so early?
Henry – Free food and company? You get paid more than I do anyways and I don’t feel like having takeout every other day.
Mistera – You say that every time you do this.
Henry – And you accept it.
Mistera – And I’ll accept it again…but you have to help me clean my house.
Henry – Damn it.
*Henry drives Mistera to the target location*
Henry – Good luck.
Mistera – Thanks.
*Mistera makes it to the docks and sees a few of the revolutionaries being killed by an unknown person who is wearing all black. They finish off two of the target by drowning them in the river before silently running away*
Mistera – Someone is here taking my job. They just ran off though.
*Police sirens are heard in the distance which alerts several of the revolutionaries*
Mistera – Damn it. I didn’t want backup!
Henry – I didn’t call for them! I’ll tell them to back off for now but stay around the area for that person you saw.
Mistera – Alright.
*The docks are filled with supply crates and various other boxes, which gives Mistera a lot of cover and the opportunity to use traps. She has her usual loadout and attire for this mission, but what she finds lying around is good enough for the job. After killing everyone, she catches the mysterious individual killing the police in the distance and chases after them. The chase ends in a nearby forest where Mistera loses sight of the person as if they disappeared without a trace*
Mistera – Shit Henry! I saw that person from before killing the nearby officers and lost them in the forest.
Henry – Fucking hell, I told them to be careful. It’s not your fault that happened. I’ll be there in a second to pick you up. I have to make a call to the police chief first.
Mistera – Right.

Chapter 3 – Mistera Angela
*Mistera dreams of someone strangling another to death and sadistically torturing another. She then wakes up to her phone ringing*
Mistera – What is it Henry?
Henry – Did I wake you up?
Mistera – Yeah, you kinda did.
Henry – Povera Mistera.
Mistera – Did you call for something important or just to bother me?
Henry – I hit a bit of traffic so I’m going to be late.
Mistera – Take your time…and Henry.
Henry – Yeah?
Mistera – Pick me up breakfast while you’re out.
Henry – Haha, ok. Fine.
*While Mistera goes through her usual routine, her house appears to have several oddities like from before with blood in certain places, screaming only heard in the basement, and squirming trash bags in the back. Nevertheless, Mistera is picked up by Henry*
Mistera – Where’s my breakfast?
Henry – We’re going to a nice restaurant for breakfast.
Mistera – Really? What about today’s mission?
Henry – It’s a few abandoned houses and we can’t exactly do this kind of job in the light.
Mistera – Sounds reasonable. So what restaurant are you taking me to?
Henry – One that has the best breakfast in the city.
Mistera – I’m holding you to that.
Henry – You won’t be disappointed.
*Henry drives Mistera to the restaurant and they get seats that he reserved ahead of time*
Henry – So tell me. Why do you always wear white? That’s always bothered me considering your job and skills.
Mistera – I like the color.
Henry – But doesn’t it stain easily and the stains that you get never come out.
Mistera – The material I’m wearing let’s that get washed out pretty quickly.
*The waiter gives the two their food*
Henry – Thank you.
Mistera – I didn’t even get a chance to order.
Henry – Don’t worry, I got the best stuff on the menu for us.
*Mistera sees the meat as human meat before putting it in her mouth*
Henry – Good?
Mistera – Yeah! *she says with a full mouth*
Henry – Haha.
*Henry begins to eat as well*
Henry – So how did you get this job anyways?
Mistera – Why do you want to know?
Henry – Because you’ve only now started opening up to me in the past few weeks out of the months we’ve been working together.
Mistera – Ok.
*A flash of murder scenes occurs in her mind*
Mistera – The top officers in the military took note of my skills and accomplishments and gave me this special job. Your turn now.
Henry – Three words. Awesome driving skills. I was able to drive a truckload of civilians out of a war infested country without any causalities several times.
Mistera – Impressive.
Henry – I know right? I got a bunch of medals and honor from my superiors.
*The two pass time together until night time. Henry is now driving Mistera to the target location*
Henry – We had a great time together didn’t we?
Mistera – Yeah just don’t expect any special favors though.
Henry – Damn! Haha, no I’m just kidding.
Mistera – What? Don’t think I’m worth it?
Henry – No…well maybe. You never know what someone with “special skills” like you could do with me.
Mistera – I could do a lot of things you might like.
Henry – Haha really? We’ll have to save that for another time.
*Henry drops her off*
Henry – You got the addresses, right?
Mistera – Yes mother.
Henry – Just checking.
*As Mistera goes through the houses, she gets glimpses of someone abducting and killing people in nearby houses. She also hears screams for help and for the attack to stop. When Mistera checks out the buildings she only finds stragglers who are picking over what’s in the house. She disposes of them and finds signs of struggle and bloody letters that quickly detail what happened. This is true for most of the houses she goes over, but doesn’t find anything interesting*
Mistera – I’m done here.
Henry – Good because I just picked us up dinner.
Mistera – Breakfast then dinner? You’re feeling generous today, aren’t you?
Henry – I guess so. Or maybe I’m trying to get that special favor. Whatever the case is, I hope you like it.
*As Mistera and Henry leave, the block of houses Mistera were at catch on fire with several bodies burning in them. Later in the night after dinner at Mistera’s house…*
Mistera – That was a great dinner. Thank you.
Henry – No problem. We should do this more often.
Mistera – We should. Maybe tomorrow after work?
Henry – About that, we actually don’t have any work tomorrow. Awesome eh?
Mistera – Very. So do you just want to go somewhere in the city tomorrow. Somewhere nice and quiet?
Henry – I’d love to. I’ll see you then.
*After Henry leaves Mistera’s house, she takes a shower, then remembers to water the flowers in her backyard. She hasn’t done it in a while and doesn’t mind since it isn’t too late, but when she gets outside, she is attacked by an injured man who she quickly kills by bashing his head against the wall*
Mistera – I can never get that much of a break, can I?

Chapter 4 – Mistera Nasconda Segreta
*In the morning, Mistera finds trails of blood in her house and hears whimpering in the basement. She then sees someone in the backyard looking at her who quickly runs away. Mistera quickly grabs her knives and calls Henry*
Mistera – I just caught someone stalking me from my backyard. They might be the same person from the docks.
Henry – Alright. Keep me updated.
*Mistera goes into the alleyway to chases the person until she comes to a secret door at the end of it. She discovers an underground storeroom of sorts with puzzles and riddles to unlock different sections of the lair. There are various rooms filled with weapons, military and political intel, and the dismembered bodies of several important people who have gone missing while visiting or living in the city*
Mistera – Get some people down where I am.
Henry – Activating your homing beacon now. What do you find?
Mistera – Tons of missing people, weapons, and classified information.
Henry – We definitely have someone interesting here. I’ll call some investigators to check out the area. I’ll come and pick you up at the nearest location.
*Mistera finds an exit to the building and comes out to where Henry is. Unfortunately, she didn’t change before chasing the person so she’s still in her nightgown*
Henry – Didn’t expect to see you like this today.
*She walks towards him but a guy steps in front of her*
Man – Ciao bella.
*Mistera knocks the man down and walks over him*
Henry – Damn.
*She gets in the car*
Mistera – Oh shut up.
Henry – Do you still want to stick the plans we had today? After you get changed of course.
Mistera – After this exciting start to my day, yes.
Henry – There’s also fireworks by the waterfront today. Want to see those later tonight?
Mistera – I’ve never seen fireworks.
Henry – Really? You’re the only person I’ve ever heard say that.
Mistera – Let’s go see them then.
Henry – Alright.
*Later that night, Henry and Mistera make it in time to see the fireworks go off. Mistera is in utter wonder at the sight of fireworks she’s never seen before. She looks around at the other people enjoy the sight and each other’s company, something that she’s not accustom to at all*
Henry – Cool, ain’t it?
Mistera – Yeah…
Henry – You’ve never actually seen fireworks, have you?
Mistera – I’m always too busy.
*Henry holds her from behind*
Mistera – You’re trying to be romantic, aren’t you?
Henry – Maybe.
*Henry and Mistera both laugh and enjoy their little moment together before Henry gets a call about the storeroom Mistera was at earlier and the two get in Henry’s car to go to it*
Henry – What a shitty way ruin the mood.
Mistera – It’s fine. I had a good time. Thanks for taking me out.
Henry – No problem. I’ll make up for the time we lost tonight.
Mistera – I’d like that.
*When the two get there, the building and the surrounding area is on fire*
Henry – What in hell happened here?
Policeman – The buildings exploded around the time the fireworks went off. It was probably used as a diversion while everything went up in smoke.
Henry – Damn it!
Mistera – I should’ve checked the building more thoroughly.
Policeman – You shouldn’t worry about it too much because before the explosion went off, we found the hideout of our culprit. They’re not too far away from the city.
Henry – Let’s get that bastard then.
Mistera – Fuck yes.

Chapter 5 – Mistera Non Si Trova
*Henry, Mistera, and a small SWAT team with backup on standby go to the culprit’s hideout and surround it*
Henry – The moment of truth.
Policeman*with mic – Come out with you hands up and surrender peacefully or we will be forced to use other means.
*After waiting and repeating their orders, the cop cars suddenly explode, killing everyone except for Mistera and Henry who are knocked out. Mistera wakes up first*
Mistera – That went as plan I guess eh Henry?
*Henry is still out. Mistera checks his vitals and he appears to be ok*
Mistera – Just lay here. I’ll be back.
*Mistera goes into the building and walks up to the third floor. There she finds the culprit who is ready for her. She runs at her with both knife and both collide. The mirror cracks*
Mistera – It’s time to finish my real job.
*Through her cameras she sees that backup has arrived and entered the building. An ambulance has also appeared and taken Henry away*
Mistera – Always good a time as any for practice.
*With her preset traps and equipment, she quickly gets rid of the backup with ease. She then takes her equipment, explosives, and various other clothes and puts them in the trunk of a car. After that, she burns down the house and drives away to her house. There are various other pieces of intel, orders, and items she takes before leaving and blowing up her own house, which destroys the neighboring houses. Wondering which hospital Henry’s at, she goes to the most likely one he’s at and asks for him there. She is told that he is at a different hospital then asks for a couple different people who are said to be here. The desk attendant confirms this and Mistera thanks them and walks off. She sneaks down to the power room and shuts it down. After which, she plants combustible gas in the vents various explosives throughout the hospital. Mistera quickly leaves and when she sees the power comes back on, she activates the explosives and blows up the hospital*

Chapter 6 – Mistera Ta Da Una Morte Lenta
*Mistera goes to the hospital Henry is supposed to be at and goes to his room*
Nurse – You have a visitor.
Henry – Really? Who is it?
Mistera – Hey there.
Henry – Oh my God, I’m I glad to see you! Where have you been?
Mistera – I’ve been chasing after our little terrorist. It shouldn’t be long before I catch him.
Henry – Good because we get a big reward if we get the guy dead or alive, but preferably dead if you ask me.
Mistera – Sounds great, but you should worry about resting. I can get this guy by myself.
Henry – I know, but I would love to see the face of the guy who got me here and blew up a hospital.
Mistera – I could chop it off and bring it to you.
Henry – Haha! Nah, it’s fine.
Mistera – Whatever you say. I offered.
Henry – You shouldn’t let me keep you from dealing justice. Go get him.
Mistera – Roger that general.
*The two share a laugh before Mistera leaves to go to her small home town. With various disguises, devices, weapons, “unknown” backup, and gear she destroys evidence of her existence there, everyone there, and the town itself leaving it in bloody ruin*

Chapter 7 – Mistera Mortala
*Her real final target is government building with her backup aiding her and refilling her supplies. The building itself is heavily guarded with several levels locked down with the unlocks for it on different levels. This is little to no trouble for Mistera and her group as they were the original designers and financers of this organization. On the top floor, she meets her last target*
Director – Mistera…and crew. What was this whole deal about if you were just going to destroy us?
Mistera – You read it in the deal and you broke it by trying to stop us.
Director – Yes, well I didn’t know it included killing over half a city’s worth of people! You can’t just “dispose” of people who disagree with you!
Mistera – It’s kept the peace for years, lead to scientific advances, and less conflict. Don’t fix what isn’t broken right?
Director – What about Henry? Why didn’t you get rid of him?
Mistera – He’s just a part of our plans whether he knows it or not.
Director – Is that all he is to you?
Mistera – No-Not really, but that doesn’t matter.
*Mistera and her crew shoot the director then level the building after escaping it via helicopters. A few days pass and Henry is out of the hospital. The two are now reassigned and are driving to their next job location*
Henry – I’m still surprised the culprit behind it all was the guy who gave us our paychecks.
Mistera – You never know people sometimes.
Henry – Well at least we’re going to the big apple New York City! It’s one of the biggest and most populated cities in the world I hear.
Mistera – This should be exciting.
Henry – They also have really good restaurants, places to hang out, and tourist attractions. I’ll take you to a club as soon as we get there.
Mistera – You know I’m better than you at dancing.
Henry – Abnormally good for someone who specializes in killing.
Mistera – Dancing with blades is not so different than dancing with people.
Henry – Well you’ll have to show me.

Mistera – Gladly.

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