Saturday, July 8, 2017

Thoughts on gay pride and the start of sjw "but muh feelings"

So this is just some theories and thoughts I have on the topic. My first hardest thought that most will disagree with is that I don't think that gay/lesbian feelings don't actually exist (meaning that you can't feel feelings of sexual attraction or lust for the same sex in other words). This sounds crazy in the modern day, but let me say these few theories that I have based on what I've heard so take them with a grain of salt.

1. Gay feelings started from being raped by the same sex

- This is based on a friend of mine bringing this up when they said people in this situation think that what they felt while being raped is actual love. I think Milo Yiannopoulos said something about this so it could be a factor in someone thinking if they're straight or gay. Side note my friend told me of a Swedish survey of gay people that had the overwhelming number of them saying that they were raped or molested. This survey was never officially released because of it's conclusions. I haven't found it and don't know where to look for it, but it's possible that the now SJW country is keeping it under wraps or just deleted it.

2. Gay feelings started from rejection or hatred of the opposite sex

- People could feel more attracted to the same sex because they keep getting rejected or just hate the opposite sex. This gives the impression to the person that a particular sex acts only a certain set of negative ways while the other has mostly positive especially if they keep hanging out with same sex friends.

3. Misreading your own feelings

- Feelings for a best friend and feelings for a lover are two separate, but similar feelings. People who are straight will usually say that they love their same sex friends as brothers, sisters, or family. This goes back to the second idea where you just haven't met the right person from the opposite sex.

4. Gay feelings started from pressure from others

- With being gay being popular these days, it's plausible that people become gay because it's the cool thing to be. Another reason is that you could say you feel a particular way about someone of the same sex and others might say you are gay. People might reject this at first, but peer pressure could drive them to be gay.

These are just a few ideas I had and I could totally be wrong about them, but the more and more gay people I hear about fitting into these ideas, the more and more I don't believe being gay is real.
Now, the start of sjw "muh feelings" arguement might've started with gay rights because being gay is based on feelings rather than facts. They also got a law allowing gay marriage again, based on their feelings and gay pride is one of the main pushing points of the far left, SJW agenda.
I just felt like this needed to be said and heard by a few people since it's been on my mind and nobody (I've heard of) has ever brought it up.

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