Thursday, July 27, 2017

Winners of the Society's Monsters Reborn giveaway! Also updates

  • Catherine Christner
  • kimberly mclaughlin
  • Samantha Honaker
  • lori locklear
  • Susan Staffeld
  • Sharon Harms
  • tammy belcher
  • Hean
  • Sandy Reis
  • Terry Stewart
  • amanda klaahsen
  • Elizabeth Palazzo
  • Toni
  • amber cook
  • Wendy L Hines

  • alison paige
  • Lisa A Karafa
  • Susanne Follette
  • Tami Crooks
  • jody white
  • Jessica Puente
  • Maria Adolf
  • Carrie Lsncon
  • Thelma Henderson
  • Scott Blatz
  • Amanda Creech
  • Jessica valenzuela
  • Desaree Yarbrough
  • Angelia
  • Kim Jacobson

Congratulations to these people and thank you for participating!

I just got back from vacation and I'm almost done writing my next book So Good, but So Evil. I'll have the sample for it later and I'll have the extra story that goes with it out (Kyle the Cosmic Comic Hero) for download for free as an eBook.

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