Friday, July 28, 2017

A Short Time in a Mad Man's Mind (Written Form)

* = Narration or events happening.
Unknown – Put your hand on this book and you’ll be in my next story.
Kat – Eh, ok.
Dylan – Alright, just don’t put me in anything weird, ok?
Hector – Sure, why not.
Isaiah – Fine. You should probably kill Hector first if this is a survival book.
William – Ok, but you better make me look good. Haha.
*Everyone who put their hand on the book get sucks into the book.
Everyone – WOAH!
Kat – Woah, what happened?
Dylan – I don’t know, but it looks like we’re in a completely white space.
Hector – Yeah, what lazy motherfucker leaves the background completely white?
Kat – Wait, did you notice that we’re drawn?
William – I did. Why don’t I look right and where’s my nose?!
Isaiah – Did your shape just change or did you just get uglier?
Dylan – No I didn’t, but your bitch ass did!
*Hector points his head out from the edge of the panel while pointing at something.
Hector – Uh, guys. Look over there.
Dylan – What is…
*Everyone looks at the towering person with a weird mask and only half of their body showing.
Dylan – Oh shit.
Unknown – Hai there!
Isaiah – Who the fuck are you?
Unknown – I will be the one overseeing you as you go through my tests.
Kat – And why should we do what you want?
*The unknown man spawns a man with a large white reaper cloak and an Italian doctor’s mask with his hand.
Unknown – Because if you don’t my friend here will make sure you regret doing that.
Unknown – So what will it be?
William – Naw. Thanks bitches, I’m out!
*William tries to run away but a hole appears out of nowhere and he falls down it.
Unknown – Not so fast fuckboy.
William – Dammit!
Hector – Yay! I’m not the first to die!
*The unknown man makes other holes appear where everyone else is standing.
Unknown – Don’t worry. You’ll die soon enough. You all will! Hahahahahaha!
Dylan – Damn it Hector! You had to say something!
Hector – I’m sorry!
*Hector falls on his face someone separated from everyone.
Hector – Ow…Where am I? And where is everyone?
*He finds a mysterious door.
Hector – What’s this big door doing here? I wonder where it leads too…
*The only thing in the room is another door.
Hector – What the? Another empty room with a door?
*The next room is the same except it has the words, “Keep ‘er going to find the exit” written on it with a smiley face and big arrow.
Hector – What the? Ok I guess…
*In the next room, there’s different writing on the wall that says, “This totally isn’t a trap” with a winky face continued with, “Trust me or this kitten” with a drawn kitty face and an arrow pointing to the black cat meowing.
Hector – What the?
*Going into the next room, Hector finds a mirror image of himself with what he says.
Hector – What the?
*The next room is covered with the question he keeps asking “What the?”. In the next room, Hector becomes the door and the cat from before enters from the opposite side meowing and walking in his body.
Hector – What the?
*The kitty cat walks through him and now he’s in a room that has the words, “Exit Yay!” written on it with an arrow pointing to the door and a smiling face.
Hector – Finally!
*And yet, the next room is the same as the others except it has the words, “Isn’t an exit” written with an arrow and an xD face.
Hector – Fuck this shit! I ain’t going through this anymore!
*The cloaked man walks through the empty space at the bottom of the comic and presses a red button on the bottom of the panel which blows up Hector then walks out the opposite side. Hector’s glasses fly away from the explosion as well as the “n’t” from the isn’t so the words now say, “Is an exit”. We now move to William.
William – Uck, I’ve been wandering this place for a while now and still haven’t found anything. Oh!
*William finds a woman in a white dress and one green and one brown eye.
William – Hey gurl, waz sup?
Woman – Oh nothing, just wandering around here.
William – We should stick together. You know, for safety.
*The woman now visibly has a knife behind her back.
Woman – Yes, we should stay close together.
*She then stabs him in the dick.
Woman – Really close.
*Note: The rest of the death scene was cut out because it was “too weird” and “fucked up” even for one of these books. I now fast forward you to the aftermath.
*Isaiah finds a door.
Isaiah – Finally! A way out of here!
*He goes through it and finds William cut up into pieces with guts and blood everywhere.
Isaiah – HOLY SHIT!
*Fearful, he exits the room and slams the door behind him.
Isaiah – Fuck that shit man!
*The cloaked man appears out of nowhere.
Cloak – You have to go there. The exit lies ahead.
Isaiah – You! Did you kill that person?! Was it one of my friends?!
Cloak – Maybe…What are you going to do about it-
Cloak – BITCH?
*Isaiah launches a punch at the man.
Isaiah – Fuck you asshole!
*The two collide punches, but the cloaked man’s punch blows off Isaiah’s arm. Isaiah screams in pain, but then looks up to see the man’s hand in front of his face.
Cloak – Act like a bitch…
*The cloak then blows off Isaiah’s head.
Cloak – Die like a bitch.
*Rejoining Dylan and Kat, who are together…
Dylan – Oh shit. I heard someone get fucked.
Kat – We should probably go check it out.
Disembodied voice – Not so fast.
Dylan – Who said that?
*Chains pop out of the ground and chain Dylan’s and Kat’s arms to the ground.
Dylan – What the hell?!
Kat – Uck! I can’t get free!
*The unknown man appears out of nowhere.
Unknown – That’s kind of the point of them.
Kat – You!
Unknown – Me!
Lynn – And me!
*A friend of theirs named Lynn is in a bird cage in the hand of the unknown man.
Dylan – Lynn?!
Kat – Let her go asshole!
Unknown – Stories like this aren’t complete without a tragic death. One of you will have to sacrifice yourself for the pretty princess in captivity.
Lynn - *gasp* I’m a pretty princess guys!
Dylan – I’ll be the one.
Kat – Dylan, no!
Dylan – Trust me. This is how it should be and hey, maybe my death won’t be that bad.
*The cloak blows through the side of the next panel and does a flying kick that breaks Dylan in half. He then exits by the other side of the panel. This sacrifice frees Lynn and Kat.
Lynn – Yay! I’m free!
Kat – Lynn! Are you okay?!
Lynn – Of I am. Why?
Kat – Because we’re going to make this guy pay for killing Dylan!
Lynn – But none of this is real!
Kat – What are you talking about? Of course this is real and we have to kill this guy!
Unknown – It’s a shame that you think that way.
*The cloak stomps through the top of the next panel and squishes Kat, killing her.
Lynn – Uh, this isn’t real…right?
Unknown – Of course not! So since you’re the last one here, you get an extra special prize!
*The cloak gives Lynn the black cat from before.
Lynn - *gasp* A kitty!
*Lynn hugs the kitty.
Lynn – Oh my God, he is so cute I could just explode!
*The cat meows before Lynn literally explodes from cuteness in a pink puff of smoke.
Unknown – Hahaha! They’re all dead! Hahahaha!
*The next page of panels reveal that the unknown man and cloak was Albert (author) and Kyle the Cosmic Comic Hero.
Albert – Man, I’m fucked up.
Kyle – What makes you say that?
Albert – I just wrote a comic about my college friends being killed and me laughing about it.
Kyle – Eh, that wasn’t so bad. I had fun.
Kyle – I’m going to get my reward by the next comic you write, right?
Albert – Definitely, why?
Kyle – Just asking. There’s no rush.
Kyle – I’ll be going back now. Bye!
Albert – See you next time!
Albert - *sighs* I need to get my head together.

  •  Thanks to; Hector Torres, Dylan-Michael Bechtal, Katerina Tice, Isaiah Baez, William Taz Colon, and Lynn Vo for being in this short story!

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