Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Why I'm Christian and believe in God

Believe it or not it's because of science. Now this'll borrow a bit from my questions for atheists post but not entirely. So if you think about it everything in nature works in a system and an intelligent system at that where everything has a purpose and works off of each other. You can say that this system is just random and has no intelligence to it but random is in itself a system that needs to follow a set of rules. You should also know that random like luck doesn't really exist as something may seem random or chance if you view it from a certain angle like flipping a coin. The way you flip a coin, the wind speed, and surface it bounces on ultimately decides what side it will land on. So now if you believe that nothing is up to chance and everything happens for a reason then you have to believe that there is something keeping the cogs of life going in this particular order and created it to act this certain way. That's how I came to truly believe God exists in a nutshell essentially.
There's also the question of the system of morality that always says certain things are good and others are bad with few in between or neutral choices. The main reason we should treat each other with love and compassion is because all humans have value in their life above every other lifeform. In Christianity, this is because humanity is made to love and made out of love. It is also God's most valuable creation as it shares His likeness. So if you take that away, what value does humanity have? Hell, what value does value have if it is just made up?
These reasons are why I'm Christian so if you have any questions or (legit) counter-arguments then leave it below.
Have a nice day.

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