Friday, March 24, 2017

Pictures of the "Actual Readiing" Books I have

These are just pictures of the "actual reading" books I have. I wonder why some people call books like these "actual reading". Is it because they feel like comics are less somehow because they use a lot of pictures with dialogue? That's a stupid reason because comics are just a different way to tell a story. Some people don't like really wordy stories with my small reading audience being the proof of that. I'm sure that if I can reach out further I can find more people who would agree with me.
Also how is a certain form of entertainment like video games or movies less than another like books or theater. Yeah this is a minority opinion but I feel like it should be addressed because why not. Each form of entertainment makes up for its shortcomings (that other forms of entertainment excel at) with their own quirks like with; video games and their interactivity, movies with their visuals and acting, and comics with their combination of dialogue and movement that happens in their pictures.

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