Sunday, March 19, 2017

Stories in each series of mine

*These are basically the books/stories I plan to have as a series or at least 2 stories in a small series

Choice and Consequence (Biggest, inpspired by Silent Hill)
-Another Choice Another Consequence
-of Romance
-of Following Orders
-of Saving Lives
-of Redemption
-of Being a Dumbass
-of Losing Yourself
-of Caring for Another
-Short stories which will be extras in certain stories. These short stories are other stories I couldn't make a full story out of so I'll just make them short ones. The stories will follow people like artists musicians, movie actors, etc.

Society's Monsters (most personal to me besides Choice and Consequence)
-Society's Monsters
-Choice and Consequence crossover

Deception and Despair (inspired by Danganronpa)
-1 (Will have a sample of it later)

Trapped Body and Soul in a Video Game (inspried by Sword Art Online or more accurately the hate it inspired)
-Maybe will have a sequel depending on how well the first does. There doesn't need to be another one but I'd be interesting to see what I can do with an Alfheim arc inspired game and the consequences of the previous story.
-Have a Gun Gale one or have it as the 2nd one. Again this depends on how well the previous does.

Murder and other Things you Shouldn't do in Public (Choice and Consequence spinoff)
-Maybe another.

Cursed Tales of Fright (inspired by campfire horror stories and scary legends)
-First one
-Banished Tales and Legends

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