Saturday, June 24, 2017

Upcoming releases

The next book I going to release to Deception and Despair. The ebook version of it is already out here. Later next month I will release two free books. One is a collection of three Choice and Consequence short stories that I was going to turn into full stories but couldn't find a way to. The second one is a book called Mistera which is about a female government agent who kills groups of people the government doesn't approve of. This particular book will be in the format I originally wrote it in as a video game. This will have plenty of extras as well as the other two stories that I wanted in the Mistera trilogy but found to not be book worthy.
I'm really spoiling my fans and others aren't I? Also don't think I'm just shelling these out or rushing them. I've been writing stories since senior year in high school and haven't really been taking any long breaks because of all the material I think of. I'm just now publishing it all for the world to see and to publish my older and newer works to show what else I have to offer.

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