Tuesday, June 20, 2017

New albums from Rise Against and Demon Hunter

Though this album doesn't have as many heavy songs as previous Demon Hunter albums, this is still a great album.
All the songs are pretty good, but Jesus wept is the best one.

Eyes wide
See red
I’m why

So I don’t forget
I’m why
I’m why Jesus wept

This is about how people, pretty much anyone can be the person in this song. People ranging from Christians to Atheists etc.

This new album is ok. Not good not bad but ok. This is probably because this is more of an anti-Trump album that tries to stay unbiased but it tries to stretch itself both ways and as a result doesn't really have a real standing point.
The best song in the album is The Violence with these notable lyrics.

Are we not good enough?
Are we not brave enough?
Is the violence in our nature
Just the image of our maker?
Are we not good enough?
Are we not brave enough?
To become something greater
Than the violence in our nature?
Are we not good enough
Or is it all a dream?

This is about people blaming weak human nature and/or God about their own weakness.

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