Friday, June 9, 2017

Two questions I answered on Goodreads

You seem to like mostly video games, movies, and comics more than actual reading books when I look at your Facebook and Twitter page. Are there any reading books that you like and/or recommend?
-Scary Stories Treasury - Schwartz
Silent Hill Betrayal - Shaun Jooste
Mere Christianity - C.S. Lewis
The Shack - Young
I recommend most of the Aliens books especially the ones by Steve Perry and Tim Lebbon.
Also the Bible believe it or not. I went into the book trying to find inconsistences and error, but it's honestly made me a more devote Christian than before. I'm reading the modern english version by J.B. Phillips, which I highly recommend.

Which video games have influenced your books?
-Resident evil, Silent hill, Dungeon keeper, Danganronpa, Dragon age origins, Elder scrolls, Castlevania, and Bloodborne just off the top of my head. Not all of these games influence all of my books, but you can tell which games influenced which books when you look at them.

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