Friday, April 14, 2017

Upcoming book giveaway

'Ello, everyone!
I'm just posting to tell you about my book giveaway which will be held on I'll be giving away 5 free physical copies of Trapped Body and Soul in a Video Game and the week after that I'll giveaway about 12 free ebook copies. Pretty cool right? So if you haven't bought it yet and need a good reason to then here's your chance! The giveaway starts next Tuesday so check on the amazon page to put in your chance for the book.
Also quick note, I haven't been posting since I was waiting for sao memory defrag screenshots to put up a playthrough here but the pictures haven't been saved yet to my google backup thing that save the pictures to post here on my computer. Finals are also this month and are a pain in the ass. So enough about me and have a great day!

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