Sunday, April 9, 2017

Things the Souls Series has in common with Berserk

  • people becoming beasts/demons because of a special item (blood vials/behelit) (Bloodborne)
  • Generally inspired old European design
  • Artorias of the abyss's over head leaping attack
  • Getting hit on the head with a book by an imposing enemy
  • Friendly blacksmith
  • Viper men
  • General fantasy enemies
  • Deadly enemies on a wheel (skeleton wheels)
  • An age of darkness
  • Some other armor designs and weapons are incredibly similar (Guts' greatsword)
  • Crazy kings
  • God may exist thinking
  • beasts/ evil spirits come out at night (Bloodborne)
  • End of the world
  • dark fantasy
  • doesn't think the church should have government-like power (as do many people, I, and Jesus Christ Himself think)
  • morals of man either being good or bad
  • horrors of humanity
  • anti religious people being the same as fanatic religious people
  • that never give up no matter how many time you get knocked down attitude

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