Everything that's wrong in Sword Art Online and why (in no particular order)

- Useless side characters
Characters like Klein, Silica, Lizbeth, and Agil don't have any real impact on the plot and can totally be taken out and nothing will change. Case in point, the first issue of SAO concentrates on Kirito and Asuna with Klein and Agil playing small parts that don't amount to much and Lizbeth and Silica no where to be found.

- The first antagonist's confused motives
Kayaba who is the person who created SAO wanted a fantasy world with a floating castle that he wanted to have control over and...that's it. That's why he made SAO, but why did he make it death in the real world possible? I don't know and neither does he, he admits. Why don't the players who die just go into a coma instead of dying? Why did he have to indirectly kill them? No clue. Also, did no one on his team of developers see the mechanics in the Nerve Gear (the device the players use to play the game) is capable of trapping people in the game? Why didn't anyone on their side try to free people on their side or is Kayaba the only one who can do that for some reason?

- Why can't the government or anyone else get anyone out from the game?
Why is there seemingly no effort to pull the players out of the game? They can't even find Kayaba in this near future setting? You'd think he'd be on the top of the world's most wanted list with a nice price on his head for trapping so many people.

- All girls are interested in Kirito and only Kirito
Why? Just because he's one of the only nice guys in the story? This isn't some kind of romance series, it's supposed to be taken more seriously from what's shown to us, but this is something the story can do without and nothing will change.

- The Calibur and Mother's Rosario arc don't need to exist
The only thing that happens in Calibur is that the characters play the game and in Mother's Rosario, a useless character is introduce just to die of aids. That's it. None of it is important and could've been skipped over. Neither does Fairy dance or Gun Gale on another note.

- Accel world is why SAO should stop (like now)
Accel world happens in the future which is made with the help of our Lord and Savior Kirito's technical skills. He already has a motive for making it after the first arc that being making a fantasy-like world people can live in "inspired" by Kayaba. He already showed his amazing hacking skillz in this first arc and is said to be really good with tech as a kid so it's plausible that he can do this.

- Kirito's sister Leafa doesn't need to exist: as a lover option, as his sister, or as a character. Kirito could've asked anyone about the photo taken on the top of the tree and forged his own path there (God knows he could've with his pro skillz and chick magnet likeness).

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