Monday, May 1, 2017

Experiment at college

So I printed one of pol's logos and decided to see what would happen if I put it somewhere in the art school at my college.
*printed at home

I put it somewhere where people would see it clearly (I made sure no one saw me) and after my first class I went to go see if it was still there and nothing happened to it. It was in the same place and in the same position even though there were people near it.

*placing it at the beginning of the day

After lunch and come back, it's the same and after my final class, again nothing happened. This was especially surprising since there were more people near it and had there things near it so they had to see it so there are only a few possible truths to this.

  1. The art students saw this and decided not to get triggered to not give the perpetrator a laugh.
  2. They waited for someone to claim the picture to jump on their throat.
  3. Most people there can take a joke.

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