Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Series or single games, seasons, or movies (maybe a couple other things) in as little words as possible

*Will be updated over time

Bloodborne - H.P. Soulscraft
Watamote - Try not to kill yourself
Dark souls - Berserk without seeing the speech bubbles and being put somewhere in the middle of the story
Fifty shades of grey - Twlight fanfic
Final fantasy - Infinite sci-fi fantasy
Choice and consequence (yes I'll be using my own too) - Silent hill
Sword art online - Harem Online
Silent hill - The devil in I
Resident evil - Conspiracies and Biohazards
Metal gear solid - Not really action, not really stealth. Not really serious, not really parody.
Thief - Thief
Saints row - GTA but better
Grand Theft Auto - South park
Trapped body and soul in a video game - Souls art online
Dynasty warriors - crowd control simulator
Five nights at Freddy's - Nightmare Chuck e Cheese
Devil may cry - Style, Sass, Sensational
Fatal frame - Ghost photography
Friday the 13th - Jason kills then gets killed though not really
Twisted metal - Destruction, plot twists, and a clown with his head on fire
Walking dead - people suck more than zombies
Danganronpa - having friends suck or (for fans) Junko Enoshima fooled you (again [that bitch])
Corpse party - bloody and gory school
Dance in the vampire bund - 2000s vampire story with loli
Mighty no. 9 - Not a good Mega man game
Accel world - SAO part 2
Duke nukem 3D - badass simulator
Doom - an exorcist's wet dream
Skillet, Demon Hunter, For Today, Red, Ashes Remain (Christian rock/metal bands) - Christianity for non-Christians
Far cry - Rambo
Far cry blood dragon - Rambo (played by Michael Biehn) in 80s cyber future
Future diary (Mirai Nikki) - Yandere and literal plot holes
The Suffering - Silent hill in prison
SJWs, BLM, Feminism - Literal cancer
Mega man - 2D Astro boy
Hitman - killer with OCD
Burnout - Destruction derby in a race
The Darkness (game) - FPS with demons as your 3rd and 4th weapon

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